University world ranking – 974.

National ranking – 21.

Total number of students – 26,436.

Total number of international students – 2,000.

Female: Male ratio – 59:41.

Student: Faculty staff ratio – 22:8.

Total number of faculty and staff members – 1,942.

Location and Transport to the School

Fu Jen Catholic University is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan (Republic of China). Anyone traveling to the school can take a bus, a taxi or use the MRT at the University Station.

About the School

Fu Jen Catholic University is a comprehensive and religious based university which was originally founded in Beijing in 1925 by Holy See. The university was later rebuilt in Taiwan in 1961 under the auspices of the Chinese Regional Bishop’s Conference, the Society of the Divine Word and the Society of Jesus. It currently has 11 colleges and has many collaborative institutions and exchange programs. It is also known as Xinzhuang University.

The Academic Reputation of the School.

The university recently won the International Quality Assurance Prize for universities and has a 100% pass rate in Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation. In 2011 it was ranked 146 among the Universities in Asia. It has partnerships with over 300 universities in the world. This promotes better international relations and academic co-operation. The university has five academic institutes: The Institute of Scholastic Philosophy, The Center for the Study of Science and Religion, The Institute Historiae Ecclesiae, John Paul II Institute for Research into Dialogue for Peace, and the Monumenta Serica Sinological Research Center. The university offers 47 master’s programs, 48 undergraduate programs, and 11 doctoral programs. It has established notable academic excellence in philosophy, sinology, mass communication, law, management, physical education, medicine, graphic design, engineering and applied science.

Employer Reputation

Fu Jen Catholic University is one of the best universities in Taiwan and has maintained a high reputation in most of its activities, including the rate at which students graduating from the school get employment. The university’s alumni are rated as the most popular employees in companies and organizations. This institution is known for producing well-disciplined and highly competent professionals in the job market. The School is regarded as a center of excellence in Taiwan.

Research Aspects

The University aims at giving its students a well-rounded education, maintaining both its academic and research performance. The programs offered by the school are research based. It has several research centers, which are well-equipped to engage students in their areas of interest. The University has won many awards for research, both locally and internationally. The school is known for its dedication and success in research that promotes innovation, development and academic achievement.

The Library

The school’s libraries are called Cardinal Shan Library, Msgr Fahy Library and the Stanislaus Kon-Po Tchong Library. The libraries have more than 1 million books, 6,000 journals, 40,000 e-journals, about 700 electronic databases and 300,000 digital books. They can seat more than 2,500; both students and faculty use the libraries for research purposes.

Faculty-Student Ratio

The University has 22,395 undergraduate students, 4,041 post-graduate students, and about 2,000 international students from more than 50 foreign countries. The female to male ratio is 59:41. It has 1,942 academic staff; a highly professional teaching team of professors and lecturers. The student to faculty ratio is 22:8, which is extremely low.

Extracurricular Activities

Fu Jen Catholic University offers a number of non-academic activities, including sports, clubs and societies. Some clubs available include the debating club, sports club etc. The university has a stadium, which is used for track and field, four tennis courts, eight basketball courts, eight volleyball courts, football and rugby fields and a skating rink. It has an auditorium with more than 4,000 seats. Also, it has the Chi-chein Sports Complex, which contains a swimming pool, a fitness center, a rehabilitation and aerobics facility and a gym.

Recent News

On 1st June 2016, students at the university went on a hunger strike to protest against conditions that govern supervision of female students in the female halls of residence. On 28th April 2016, some officials from the University – Prof Angela Yung-Chi, Ms Joyce Pei-Yi Chu and Dr. Jane Wu – visited the King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi to discuss information related to internalization and future commitment to forming a partnership between the two institutions.

Opportunities for International Students

Fu Jen Catholic University offers Mandarin and Taiwanese Courses for international students. They not only learn the languages, they also study the culture and history of Taiwan and China. Scholarships are offered by the university to the best students. The scholarships help students pay their tuition fees and, to some extent, accommodation.

Inconveniences of the School

Finding accommodation on campus is almost an impossible task for international students, especially because the school’s hostels are always full by the time the international students arrive. Another problem is the poor management of the halls of residence, as evidenced by the recent hunger strike.

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