We pretty much immediately have a ‘gut’ reaction when we meet someone for the first time, that tells us whether we like this person – whether, so to speak we see them as a friend or a foe. How does that instinct come up so quickly with such a damning or embracing reaction and where does it come from? Moreover, if we want to create a good first impression when going for a new job, how can we do ourselves a favor and zoom ‘friend’ into our interviewer’s consciousness?

Not to get too bogged down in technical mumbo-jumbo – it’s commonly understood that the brain has two hemispheres, the left dealing with logic, and the right with creativity. This is what we know as the cortex or new brain. But there’s also a third dimension, the hypothalamus or pre-historic brain (in fact, the brain stem) which is solely responsible for instincts. In ancient times, this was essential for making split-second life-saving decisions.

More recent research from Switzerland refers to the pre-historic brain as the ‘Gatekeeper’. Incapable of rational thinking, the Gatekeeper’s sole function is to decide instantly whether someone is a friend or a foe, and it judges purely on instinct. If the Gatekeeper is stressed by an approach, it switches on the fight or flight response, and immediately shuts down all other message receptors, making any further attempts at communication impossible. In today’s terms that translate into you never getting a second chance to make a first impression!

For communication to be effective, it’s essential to understand how this relates to modern life. Interviewees must learn to convey a ‘Language of Trust’, and that language isn’t just verbal, as the Gatekeeper doesn’t have the capacity to think. Your instinctive signals must deliver the message of a ‘friend’ in the first 10 to 20 seconds of meeting an interviewer.

This will come through in your body language, with movements, gestures, facial expressions and eye contact being open and relaxed. Your voice modulation and tone must be calm, and the speed of your speech controlled and gentle. Finally, don’t invade his or her personal space. The Gatekeeper’s decision will also be based on your appearance, clothes, smell, enthusiasm, and posture.

Your total focus initially is to get past the Gatekeeper. Then you can build and develop rapport, and open your interviewer’s message receptors. Once you’re through this initial first impression, you can move on with developing a relationship with your interviewer, for the gate will now be open to what you have to offer.

Let’s finally examine research on communication done at The Thomas Gordon Institute. They looked at the impact of voice, words, face and body, and how they all contributed to believability. After measuring the effectiveness of each component of communication, they came up with the following:

So in other words, how we deliver our words, our appearance and the gestures we make are more relevant than what we say. Don’t forget; the Gatekeeper can not use rational thought, just an instinctive reaction developed from pre-historic times. That gut-feeling is an ancient brain feeling. When you understand this, you can take control and make sure you get off to the very best start.

Credit Cards, Friend Or Foe

OK as has been said before, the Festive Season approaches, the time of year when we all end up being slightly silly at the Office Xmas Party and then wake up the following morning wishing the night before had never happened.

It is also the time of year when the majority of the Open Wallet Surgery in our lives takes place, and we end up funding next years Skiing trip for the majority of Credit Card Company executives the world over.

A Friend of Foe? We are not too sure about Credit Cards and their unique benefit / damage to our Society. Confident that we all like the convenience of not having to haul large bundles of cash around the place and yes it does make buying that last little special item at Christmas easier.

There is a story doing the rounds that are widely credited to Dr. Gregg Dimkoff of the Seldman Scholl of Business Studies at Grand Valley University, and it is about a TV Interview held by the TV Host Larry King where he allegedly talks to Satan on his TV/Radio Show. I stress the point here that this is a joke and that no one should be under any illusions of the great Beelzebub himself ever making a live appearance on prime time TV or Radio!

Anyway, King asks Satan to describe the foulest deed that he had either ever committed himself or had arranged to have carried out by one of his minions? Satan thinks about this and then points out that with so much chaos, death, and destruction was done in his name over the eons, it would be hard to try and single out one single item since there had been so much. King is, however, persistent stating that yes with so much evil around it must be hard, but there must be one mean thing that he was proud of. Satan thinks for a moment and then said well if you must push me there is one evil thing I am proud of; the day I invented Credit Cards.

Is Your Credit Card Your Friend Or Foe?

Having several credit cards allows one to buy products and services at will. Is it right or wrong?

There are many companies offering credit cards and loans online, but all may not fit everyone’s needs. A credit card is a significant financial tool that needs to be used wisely and cautiously. Do not cross your credit cards limits so much that you can only afford to pay the minimum payment amount or small amounts each month towards the reduction of your debt. That is the interest rate trap. Once you’re cornered on paying minimum amounts, you will most likely be stuck there for years if not for a lifetime.

However, having credit cards can be an active, productive personal finance tool and does not have to be detrimental to your credit status or your lifestyle. A few key points:

– Convenient to use and carry.
– Offers valuable customer protections.
– Use it with care and good judgment.
– To eliminate the interest charges, you should pay your monthly bill fully each month.

Having credit cards is a privilege and huge personal responsibility. You must utilize and manage your credit rating wisely and carefully at all times. The saying that if you can not afford to pay cash, then you can not afford a credit card is entirely accurate, and we should take care of this warning.

Using credit cards in a responsible manner makes them your friend and not your foe. Having credit cards in your name is not bad, just take care not to go into debt for more than you can repay. Crossing your credit limits will only damage your credit rating, and it will create larger credit problems for yourself into the future that may be difficult to handle.

Before buying a new credit card, you check other companies offers to see if you can save some money and get a good deal. Make sure that all the expenses and conditions related to the credit card offer are under your knowledge. These can make a real difference in how much in fees and interest charges you will possibly be paying each month.

Forex Software – Friend or Foe

Ever since man have started to evolve and create towns and civilizations, they have been trading with each other to get what they want or further their growth, in other words, people have been buying so that they can take a step towards achieving their goals.

People would trade with far away towns or cities to get what they need to make a huge profit. Today, this practice is still being done through the Foreign Exchange or Forex market, but it has some differences. Instead of trading food, materials or other essentials, Forex traders exchange currencies in an attempt to make money out of it.

The trading exchange has become very popular as this is the largest financial market in the whole world. But, the fact of the matter is that making money to achieve one’s financial goals through this market can be difficult. 9 out of 10 beginner traders lose their money on the first try, and about seven of them end up quitting the market. It can be difficult, but it is possible so to help others, those who have become successful try to share their knowledge through the Forex Software.

The Forex Software is a related computer program; it will become part of the user’s trading platform, and it will be able to trade on its own without any intervention from the user. In other words, it can automate the buying process for the trader which means all the work is done by the computer and not by the person.

A machine can work faster and more accurately than an average person plus it doesn’t get fatigued, it does not need to sleep, eat or drink either. This is a huge advantage because the Forex market is open 24 hours a day and five days a week which makes it tough to monitor. With this computer program, the trader will never be able to miss another huge opportunity to earn again because he or she is merely sleeping as the program will initiate the trade. All the user has to do then is to spend about 10 minutes every day to set up the program, and by the end of the day, he or she would have been able to earn already.

Today, Forex Software applications are found and offered everywhere. There are thousands of these programs all over the internet, and each of them promises that it can significantly increase the profitability of the user. But, there are those that simply offer empty promises and are just interested in taking their customer’s money. These are scams, and they should be avoided at all cost. To avoid these scams, traders should always read different review sites regarding these products first so they know which can be trusted.

Experts and other successful marketers, however, do not condone the use of the Forex Software, and they argue that learning about the Forex and trading the natural way is still the best choice. In that case, it would be a matter of perspective if the Forex Software is a friend or a foe to the trader.

Regulatory Compliance Services – Friend or Foe?

Regulatory compliance services are analogous to traffic laws. Everyone agrees that it’s important to have uniform standards for society to run smoothly, but deep down, we don’t want to believe that each rule applies to us. Regulatory compliance services aim to assist nearly every professional industry in the world including finance, legal, healthcare, and automotive. Even the U.S. government is supposed to maintain a healthy system of checks and balances with rules it imposes on itself. Furthermore, international organizations, like ISO (International Organization for Standardization), set worldwide industry-specific standards.

The overarching goal is to keep companies informed so that they can comply with new regulations. A grace period gives businesses time to make reasonable adjustments to become fully compliant. When, for whatever reason, a company does not comply with a given regulation, it may be fined millions or billions of dollars by the appropriate agency or organization.

While knowledge of the rules won’t necessarily keep people from breaking them, it is a crucial first step in the right direction. So how does a busy professional stay informed regarding recent regulations or legislation? One option is to hire an employee who is responsible for seeking out all relevant updates and hoping nothing gets missed. Another option is to acquire competent regulatory compliance services from an established provider.

When searching for appropriate regulatory compliance services, one should consider the following points:

– Do I need to focus on a particular industry, jurisdiction, or subject matter?
– How much do the regulatory compliance services cost?
– How often am I notified of new, pertinent regulations, or legislation?
– Can I use your regulatory compliance services to research previously-passed rules?
– Do you offer liability coverage in the event my company is exposed to non-compliance risk due to a defect in your regulatory compliance services?
– Do your services include previews of scheduled legislation for the future?

Whether your business is only affected by local, state, or federal rules, or your industry spans across the globe, a reliable regulatory compliance services firm should be able to pinpoint your specific needs and customize a package suited for you. Be able to identify risks before any possible exposure occurs, and keep your employees up to date on the ethical requirements of strict compliance. Look into a stable, reputable regulatory compliance services provider that will take care of risk management, so you can focus your efforts on running your company.