China is among the world’s largest countries with a population of over 1.35 billion citizens. Beijing is China’s capital city but the largest city in China is Shanghai. Mandarin is China’s official language. The currency in China is known as the Renminbi, but internationally, it is referred to as Yuan. China is a country that is very diverse in culture, customs, climate and geography due to its larger size. It is a country that has a very fast growing economy. China’s economy is what makes it largest importer and exporter of goods in the world. In China, there are restrictions on internet access, press freedom, and other issues because the country is headed by a Communist party. The restrictions have played a major role in China being authentic in their cultural ways and not being easily swayed by other cultural ways.

China is considered to be one of the countries that have the oldest type of civilization in the entire world. Historically, China was influenced by conservatism and Confucianism which are some of the things that have shaped China into what it is today. China is a place where an emphasis is placed on education, merits and achievements. The country is famous for its amazing cuisine which is available in all parts of the world.

Working in China

One way a professional gets to maximize on their career is by taking on jobs that are in different environments. Doing so enables you to challenge yourself and understand the various cultures in the world. China is one of the best places to work as a foreigner since there are numerous job opportunities and a fast growing economy that allows you to grow as well. You also get a chance to travel in the big country and experience some of China’s best landmarks and different cultures. A job in China is exciting because it comes with endless opportunities and amazing adventures. There are some part-time jobs that expats do in China that pay very well.

Modeling as a Part Time Job

First and foremost, you can do modeling in China as a part time job. In China, it is very easy for westerners to get commercials and modeling jobs because the standard of appearance in China is very different compared to many countries. You need to take advantage of this opportunity since there is a chance there will not be so many foreigners compared to Chinese, who want the job. You, therefore, stand a great chance of getting the job. While a modeling job in China might not require you to have a lot of experience in the business, you need to have some skills and experience to do any acting even if it is in commercials. It is, therefore, a great idea to practice and get the right amount of experience if this is a job you would like to try out during your stay in China. To make good money through acting or modeling in China. However, you need to make connections with the right agents to be able to land yourself a good deal.

The other part time job you can do while in China is transcription. Transcription involves listening to an audio of someone speaking and typing exactly what they are saying. It does not have many rules, but you will require having excellent language skills to be able to do it. This is a job that many expats have been able to make a lot of money through. It is, therefore, a great idea to try it. The great thing about transcription is that in most cases, you are not even required to go to an office; you can do it from the comfort of your home on your laptop. Transcription payment depends on the person you are working for. Research on the best companies to work for in transcription is, therefore, a great way to know who will work best for you.

English Recordings

China has an insatiable thirst when it comes to English learning tools. Many people have taken advantage of this and have made it a business by coming up with voice recordings. English speakers are sought after to make these records which when sold is very profitable for a company. You should, therefore, take advantage of what comes to you naturally by recording these voice overs and getting paid for it. In most cases, these companies will only go for someone who is fluent and has very good speaking skills. It is, therefore, a great idea to practice and train your voice before trying it out. The pay depends on the company that has hired you for the job and what project you are supposed to work on.

In China, you can also become a part-time consultant. Consultation is a very fun job because in most cases you name your price when it comes to payment. I should be however a reasonable price. You will need to be on the road from time to time to be a consultant and in most cases; you are required to have prior experience in consultation to get hired for the job. There is, however, individuals who are good at winging it and will, therefore, fake it until they can make it. If you are such a person, you will enjoy this job. The pay is good, and you get to learn tons of things and gain a lot of experience.


Freelance translation is another amazing job opportunity for expats in China. Translation jobs are great, but you need to know where to focus your attention to make good enough money. The reason why you need to know where to offer your services is that the Chinese have gotten very fluent in English since a large number of the population is going to the US universities to study in English. Foreigners on the other had had also gotten very great in speaking Chinese. You, therefore, need to place your focus on areas such as gaming, IP law or Energy. The great thing about these freelancing jobs is the fact that you have a choice in the number of hours you are willing to put in.
Living in China

When moving to China, it is very important to be prepared, know what to expect and be ready for everything that comes with living in a foreign country. Many expats are overwhelmed when it comes to living in a different country because they do not make all the necessary preparations. There are certain things you should do that will make your stay in China easier and less overwhelming.

Visa Application

The first thing you need to do when you plan on moving to China makes your visa application early in time. It is important to start the process early in time because it enables you to know what documents you are required to have an also gives you enough time to wait for the application to be processed and completed. There are several types of Visas you can get when you are looking to live in China. These depend on the duration of time you intend to stay in the country and for what purpose. You will, therefore, need to get information on what kinds of visa you require knowing which process to follow. Once you have your visa, everything else should be easy to do.

The other thing you need to do when you want to live in China is finding a place to stay. A lot of expats make the mistake of trying to find apartments when they arrive in China. It may make sense because by doing so you get to see the place in person, but it is not the best idea. You need to start looking for an apartment while still in your home country. This can be done with the help of friends already living in the country or through research on the internet. Doing this enables you to know the price range of different apartments which allows you to plan. Through research, you are also able to know the best neighborhoods for expats which are very important especially if you intend to move to China with your family. You get to know which neighborhoods have the best schools, recreational activities, and other child-friendly things.

Currency Exchange

Currency exchange is something else that expats have a problem with when they move to China. Most people assume that since a master card can be used in many places, it can also be used anywhere in China. In China, you can only use the master card in big places and some western shops that are there. When it comes to the small places, you will be required to provide the Chinese currency. It is, therefore, important to ensure you have all your currency exchanged before settling down. Currency exchange in China can be done at the airport which makes it easy for you to do so once you arrive.

The other thing that most expats have a problem with is getting used to the Chinese food. Food can be a problem for you especially if you are not used to Chinese cuisine. Upon arrival, many expats tend to suffer from traveler’s diarrhea especially when they eat the food that is sold in the street. If you are new in China, and you have never tried Chinese food, it is a great idea to stick to the foods you are used to. It is possible to do so by visiting some of the Western restaurants in China like Starbucks and McDonalds. There you will get some foods you are accustomed to. You can then try out different Chinese foods once in a while until you get used to it. Doing so enables you to have a sense of familiarity even when in a foreign country.

Phone Considerations

The phone is another thing that gives expats a lot of trouble when they first move to China. When you land in China, your phone will not work the same as it did in your country. You will need a new SIM card by a service provider in the country to be able to communicate. For this reason, you will need to visit the service provider as soon as you get to China to ensure your communication problems are solved. Normally, you are required to have your passport to be able to purchase the SIM cards. China is, however, a great place to get a new phone since there are numerous brands, and they tend to be very affordable in China compared to other parts of the world probably because China is one of the biggest manufacturers of electronic gadgets.

The other thing you need to do when you are living in China is to know your treatment options. Expats are more prone to falling sick since they are living in different environmental conditions and eating different foods that they are not used to. The great thing about China is that there are so many treatment options for foreigners and Chinese citizens. You have an option of trying the numerous herbal treatments in China and the famous techniques such as acupuncture. You also have the option to go for the Western kind of treatment at hospitals in China. Here, there are two options; cheap and expensive hospitals. The expensive ones tend to have fewer queues and have a good number of English speaking doctors compared to the cheap ones.


In conclusion, there are numerous opportunities for foreigners who want to live or work in China. The visa application and settling down process can be quite overwhelming for most expats. However, early preparations and adequate research will enable you to understand what China is like and what to expect when you get there. It is normal for the first days to be overwhelming since this is a foreign country that is very different in many ways from what you are used to in your home country. Once you get used to it, however, you will be able to enjoy the country and blend in easily.