One of the most frequently asked about sections in the resume or CV is the internship, especially for fresh graduates. Prior work experience certainly has a huge impact on employers and sometimes it can get you the position you want.

Numerous internship programs are available in your hometown but with the raging competition among ambitious graduates, you may want to step your game up. Having an international experience does not only showcase attractive skills such as flexibility and adaptability but also screams out extreme confidence and independence.

For western countries, Asia seems to be an unexplored territory with a very different culture that is amusing especially for the generation of curious youth. It is undeniable that one of the most intriguing countries in Asia is China, which has been continuously proving their leading performance in various aspects. With the robust growth in the of the Chinese economy, it has been one of the tempting countries to work and live in.

Contrary to the common notion that racism is widespread in Asian countries, China has shown its interest in foreigners working in their country and offers countless opportunities in several fields.

Why Should I Work in China?

It is understandable that deciding to pack up and leave to work in a different country is an enormous choice to make. Not to mention the different culture and lifestyle, it can be stressful for a young adult trying to sculpt the future ahead. You may have been asking yourself infinite times now, “Is it worth it?” Let me answer that for you. Yes! It is the most worth it decision you will ever make. Here are some of the reasons why China is a great place for foreigners to work in.

English, a Must Language

Of course, living in a country which speaks a different language as opposed to what you are accustomed can be extremely frustrating at times. Not being able to communicate with the people around you and using hand gestures to express yourself are some of the challenges you should expect. However, English is still considered to be the international language which makes it in demand especially in countries which do not speak native English.

Instead of thinking of the obstacles of not being able to understand Chinese, why not make use of your edge? Native English speakers are highly encouraged to teach English in China, especially now that it is already included in their basic education. Who knows? You can even earn extra money. Moreover, you can also teach your Chinese friends English, and they can teach you Chinese in return which is a win-win situation. Doesn’t this look appealing?

Outside-the-Box Thinking

Surrounding yourself with the same old things will eventually bore you out, right? This psychology also applies to work, especially when new ideas are required to be generated. Growing in a community that you are already adapted to makes the environment predictable, thus, causing boredom and loss of interest for the participants in the said community. That is exactly why you are seen to be a very valuable player in the game.

Different ways of living and interests lead to different approaches, which results in numerous angles of perspectives made available to the company. So if you think that being a foreigner is your weakness that will make you unwanted by your co-workers, then you are mistaken. Having different cultures and rational views are strong factors in contributing to new ideas to a company which is significant in providing a surprise factor to the market. Looking at things the other way around, you can also learn from their way of thinking and make it part of your next idea when you come home which will undoubtedly contribute to your success.

Expansion of Your Network

One of the vital factors in being known in your field is achieved by gaining connections and the only way to achieve this is to know people. If you contain yourself in a single place, probably a place where you grew up, your connections will be limited to your childhood friends and neighbors, or your classmates from school. Your involvement in university organizations and exposure to various community projects surely helps in expansion of your network. However, to have an edge over others, why not take your connections to the next level?

Stepping out of your comfort zone and working in other countries will not only win you some colleagues but also aid you in developing yourself. From lunch meetings to social gatherings, any event you attend is an avenue for you to get to know personalities which may help you in your future endeavors. Take note; you are also branding yourself to them, and if they like you, you may even get job offers when you finish your internship. Keep in mind that you are not the only one expanding your network by connecting yourself to them, they are also doing the same. Showing how much they value you is a strong sign that they are willing to keep you in their connections and in return, you should do the same.

Breaking Down Cultural Barriers

There is nothing wrong with accepting the fact that Western and Eastern cultures are highly different from one another. With the continuous advancement in technology, the barrier between these two cultures is slowly being broken down. Some effective means of making this breakage happen are movies and songs, which are considered to be the most efficient way in expressing details about our personal experiences. Nevertheless, the ways to finally demolish this wall are not limited to fashion and arts. In fact, education is also a potential method of connecting these two cultures.

Having to personally experience an Asian culture and lifestyle in China for quite some time will serve as a strong mark on your personality and will embody interesting stories to share. You can think of it this way. With you living in China, you are bringing your culture to China, and when you go home, you are bringing with you a piece of the country which shaped you for a period. Yes, you may only be able to influence a few people with your presence, but imagine if there are tons of foreigners entering China, and everyone is leaving their marks on the lives of the Chinese they met.

Can I have Free Internship in China?

With all the benefits that you can have if you participate in an internship program overseas, you might be worried about the expenses that are accompanied by your interest in such programs. Before you let your anxiety completely overwhelm you, here is good news for you. You can cut down the cost of your desired overseas internship to as much as – oh, it can be free! If you are wondering how to have free internship programs, here are some tips for you which can make your dream training come true.

Make Use of Connections

With the absence of your knowledge, your university may be affiliated with various universities around the globe. Chances are, it is also connected to a company or university in different countries which can make your internship in China within your reach. Memorandum of agreements between universities and companies are formed to ensure that the students will get the maximum working experience from affiliated companies that are approved by universities. Normally, benefits are arranged to the advantage of the student like free housing and meals.

China is aware that maintaining connections with various international universities will benefit their country in a lot of ways. Therefore, all it takes now is for you to explore the external connections of your university and look for your desired program. In addition to this, courses can even be credited if arrangements can easily be polished between the company and your university. By applying to internships overseas, you are not only gaining memorable experiences, but also credited subjects which are bonuses in your school transcript.

DIY: Do It Yourself

Sadly, not all universities are strongly connected to companies, which poses challenges for the student who is highly interested in international internship programs. Well, this does not mean that you should already bury your desire because there is a solution to this problem. With the vast scope and capabilities of technology, your internship program may only be one click away!

Online application for an internship, or even job opportunities can be performed which will completely waive the cost of your search. Instead of signing up for agencies which will look for opportunities on your behalf, you can just perform the task by yourself. Agencies charge fees for the search as well as other important matters such as plane ticket and visa. By signing up for free online portals, you can already see all the opportunities available for you when you finally decide to take your internship in China. No, the website is not in Chinese, so no need to worry about language barrier there. Is there anything better with getting your internship in China by just signing up for an account? And remember, it is for free!

Seek Scholarships

If you are a student with highly qualified credentials, then this will not be a problem at all. To completely cut the cost of living and other expenses for international internship programs, scholarship applications will surely be first in your list of actions to be taken. There are tons of scholarships available to students, especially for those who are academically strong. When applying for scholarships, you can search for locally offered scholarships in your university or government, or check international offerings.

Most probably, your country is already offering numerous scholarships for students that are interested in having their internship program in China. Also, the Chinese companies are aware of how difficult it is for foreigners to fund their expenses when they are not yet working. Thus, they are also offering some leverages which will make your stay suitable to your budget. Searching for scholarship internships in China is not hard. It will only require you internet connection and time.

Aside from academic performance and exposure to extra-curricular activities, one of the strong determinants of the strengths of a student is their work experience. For fresh graduates, work experience is completely based on their internship. With the continuous rise in the demand of excellent students, the current generation is taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to them.

International internships, specifically internships in China, clearly have a huge impact on employers considering the fast improvement in the economy and industry of China in previous decades. Nonetheless, the monetary challenge this opportunity poses to students is also undeniable.

Before, unfortunate students were forced to just put their dreams to trash and look for the internship programs that they can afford. But with the rising power and influence of technology, together with the eagerness of the youth to achieve their ambitions in life, these internship programs can now be available to anyone.

These opportunities which are available for the foreign students make China a place where one should not turn from. Several opportunities can be found in different sectors of China’s job sectors. It is one of the dynamic countries and industrialization is occurring rapidly. Please do not hesitate to be part of this. Here is your opportunity.

With the limitless opportunities for foreigners in China, it can be considered to be the best country for your international internship. Not only will you develop your independence and enhance your adaptability, but you will also learn inside and outside your office. Yes, it may cost you some money, but keep in mind that with perseverance, it can totally be free.

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