Do you want to live and work in a foreign nation? Have you ever dreamed about exploring Asia? Well, if the answer to these questions is yes, then it is high time you have made the leap to explore this rich culture and land. China has very many job opportunities. Thousands of job seekers keep relocation to this nation to look for greener pastures. One of the employment positions you can secure here is teaching English. This article has outlined good reasons why English teachers love China.

Supply versus demand.

Even individuals who do not understand the relationship between supply and demand know that China has a deficit of teachers. You should not look further than Chinese ESL market to find out how the old rule applies. There are more jobs for English teachers than the teachers in this nation. This gives you more reasons to relocate there. With more than 1.4 billion people, the imbalance is not likely to change soon. If you have been finding it hard to get a job in your home country, and you have, the right academic qualifications try your luck in China.

The growing middle class.

The nation of China has undergone some transformations in the recent past. The country has moved from an agricultural based economy to a manufacturing state. It is now considered to be the second largest economy in the entire world. With its newfound wealth, the population of the middle-class citizens is ever growing. These people are desperate to learn foreign languages such as English. This has made the demand for English teachers in schools such as Dave’s ESL China to be on the rise.

Good salaries.

Just like any other job opportunity, one has to look at the salary he or she will take home at the end of the month. There is no doubt that English teachers are among the well-paid professionals in this country. There are various institutions of learning looking for well-trained teachers. This has made them offer huge salaries to attract more and more teachers. With or without many years of experience, you can pocket as high as $20 per hour when working as a teacher in this part of the world. Experienced teachers are paid up to $40 per hour. To earn good salaries you can check with China ESL University among others institutions of learning. You only need to equip yourself with tips for teaching English to Chinese students, and you will be good to start making a fortune away from your motherland.

It is fun.

Teaching English at a Chinese university and institutions can be very fun especially when you are passionate about your job. While working there, you will teach children how to play beer pong, take students out for dinners at food clubs, host Halloween parties over the holiday and make extra income for being a tour guide during your free time.


Chinese teachers have a lot of freedom. However, we do not mean that you can do anything while in the classroom. As a foreign teacher, you will have freedom to do several things while working. You may need a textbook as well as a rough outline for the classes you will be teaching. After all, you are a professional in this field. As long as your students can speak good English and you are attending your classes as scheduled, you will have time to do everything that you fancy. You can even decide to consider the idea of teaching English to Chinese students online to make money from the comfort of your couch. There are very many Chinese schools that offer online courses. You can take advantage of this to teach in various schools so that you increase your income at the end of the month. Find guides on teaching English to Chinese students’ lesson plans and check online to secure a well-paying job.

Explore China

Exploration is yet another reason why thousands of people run for university teaching jobs China. Whether you want to walk along the beautiful beaches or adventure the lovely cities of China such as Beijing, working as a teacher leaves you with adequate time to do so. You can your different places during the vacation or at the end of the contract to see some of the fascinating things this nation has to offer to travelers from different parts of the globe.

Friendly people.

China has among the most friend people in the world. Besides the Chinese, you will also get an opportunity from different parts of the globe Germany, Canada, Australia as well as another English speaking.

Job security.

The imbalance of demand and supply in the country of China makes teaching one of the most secure jobs to go for. Try to walk around the streets of China and see how people speak English. You will confirm that they are not good at this language.

The Cost of Living.

The cost of living of this country makes it ideal for foreigners to settle without facing many financial hardships. There are very many places where you can live without spending a lot of money to sustain yourself. Many teachers from foreign nations have taken advantage of this to invest in their home countries before ending their contracts or seeking for other jobs elsewhere. If you are very smart in accounting for your expenses, then you can save a lot of money. As long as you avoid eating in the Western Restaurants, you can take home a lot of cash when you decide to leave the job because of one reason or the other. It is not mandatory to live like residents before you can save money while teaching in China. You can still live in a good apartment, shop in the foreign supermarkets and still save a reasonable amount of money to invest back home.

Cultural diversity.

China is enriched with different cultures. While there you will attend different ceremonies throughout the year. The cultural diversity enjoyed by this country will make to prefer working than elsewhere in the world. You will also have a taste of traditional foods from different communities.
In conclusion, relocating to look for a teaching Job in China is among the best decisions you can make in life. The higher demand, huge salaries, freedom, and job security are among the reasons why very many people have opted to shift to China to look for teaching jobs at different schools. To realize the great experience this country has to offer, simply learn, how to teach English to Chinese beginners and move there.