We all dream to become something bigger. We dream of something more for ourselves. And we try everything we can to get hold of those dreams. And usually, when we fail to achieve those dreams, we doubt ourselves, and we begin to have second thoughts of whether we should pursue our dreams or not. We might not want to try again for fear of failing again. However, the best time to try to achieve your dreams again is now. It may not be easy at first and you might encounter the same problems and obstacles again but now is always the right time to start trying again.

It can be tough trying to achieve your dreams. It will take a lot of your time to do so. In achieving your dreams, you have to exert all your effort and do everything you can to fulfill it. Having the determination and the courage to get hold of your dreams is very important as well. There will always be no easy way for you to achieve your dreams. Successful people never had it the easy way. Because great things are achieved the hard way. The determination and focus you have will bring you closer to your dreams and if you keep your eyes on your goals, everything that you’ve worked so hard for will eventually come to you in no time.

The road towards achieving your dreams can be a long one. That’s why it may take a lot of time. This is where you should be more patient and willing to wait. There will be a lot of twists and turns that you can expect, and obstacles will come your way every so often. Dead ends are unavoidable on your road towards your dreams. And there will come a time as well when you’ll become very impatient that you’ll become hopeless, and you would want to give up. But of course, the road towards your dreams is not just all sad and challenging expectations. There will also be times where you will feel so happy for achieving even the little goals you have set for yourself. As you become closer to your dreams, this happiness will increase more and more.

To successfully achieve your dreams, respect your goal. You have to always remember that reaching your goal is not very easy and that it will take a lot of hard work and perseverance within you to reach them. In going your way towards your goal, do the things you need to do with dignity. Always have respect for yourself. Respect for yourself will bring you more contentment and joy as you move closer to your goals.
The most important thing in achieving your goals is taking it one step at a time. Don’t give up in times of trouble. Once you realize all your dreams, all the hardships that you’ve gone through will be totally worth it.

Do not focus on the fear, but concentrate on the goal. This way the dream becomes more important to you than the fear. Spending your life in fear and worry is not part of the Master Plan.

Ask yourself this question: what do I want? Realizing my dreams, or getting stuck in my fears? Do I choose to follow my dream and harvest satisfaction, freedom, happiness and abundance?

Or do I lock myself up in my room with my good old irritation, lack of energy, fear, fatigue, and depression? The choice is yours.

As long as your dreams appeal more to you than your fears, you will find the energy and courage to move on.

Your dream is your calling, something you have to do to fulfill you. Commit yourself to it with your entire being. Express your faith in the Master Plan.

Say, I do not know how I will do it, but if I just believe in it and follow my dream, then the Universe will show me, step by step, how to proceed. Have faith, take action, and then watch what happens.

Your dream is linked to your mission here on earth, your unique calling in life. The seeds of your dream have been sown in your heart and mind, and it is your job to help them grow, to develop your talents.

Usually, your dream will involve being of service to others to make their lives easier, better, more joyful and more beautiful.

Choose to follow your dream. It is your responsibility. You must do it. It is part of the Plan of God, of the Universe. This is His way of helping this planet uplift its energy.

This is wonderful! By following your dream, not only do you please yourself, but you are also uplifting the whole of humanity!

If you ignore your dreams, do you realize how many people will be affected? It is God’s Plan and therefore it can never be selfish.

The more you pursue your dreams, the more exciting your life becomes! God is going to use you in ways you never imagined possible. And the only side effect is : feeling good! Feeling GOD is feeling GOOD.Here are a few ideas when you want to quit your job to follow your career.

1. Do you feel, you will earn significantly in future from a job?

The recession is out there to get all of us, employee or self-employed. If it lasts long, a fewer number of jobs may be created, and your mobility might be affected. On the other hand, since you have the required expertise, your salary may rise too. The decision is yours

2. Do you feel a job brings more learning than being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur requires different skills than a job. In a job you can survive with fewer skills while if you are an entrepreneur, you will have to learn everything under the sun. I have forgotten the count of things I have learned since I started on this journey. But if you feel you are happy with one or two skills, you will happier at job

3. Doesn’t obsolescence worry you?

If you are competent with one or two skills, you have a high risk of grounding at any point. With technological changes engulfing us rapidly, the skill that you have today might be gone by tomorrow. Of course, you can learn new skills using company’s money, but how many companies are spending these days.

An entrepreneur has the same problem, but since his mental makeup is to learn new things, he will make the change faster than an employee. This does not mean that employee is lesser than an entrepreneur. The employee would have a deeper understanding of the subject as he is required by the company to develop that. Entrepreneurs will learn only to the extent of survival.

4. Don’t you feel about more competition?

With time, you may gain in your skills but so others might as well. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have seen a salary drop in some of the complex technical fields because there was an oversupply. If someone can do 100% of your work in 30% of salary with some loss of quality, you will have a tough time.

It can happen with entrepreneurs too, when a big competitor strikes, they are forced to retreat but since they have survival skills they will create their own niche.

5. What happens if you don’t have a job tomorrow?

I would call it a rhetorical question, but it is not a distant reality. What is here today can be gone tomorrow. Do you then have skills to survive or will you start learning them from scratch?

6. Would you follow your dreams?

If you dream of being a digital entrepreneur, would you wait till retirement? I know that someone would say, you can do this as part time. But would you be able to devote sufficient time for the dream that you nurtured? If your job allows that it is fine otherwise take a call.