Internships are now much more than an optional resume addition; they are a very important aspect of finding a job after you leave college. Most entry-level job candidates with internship experience get preference in many workplaces of today’s immensely competitive world. For individuals who would like to take their internship abroad, China offers an excellent platform upon which concrete experience can be built. The country not only has a powerful global economy but it also allows you to get hands-on experience by working with the best.

When you do your internship in China, you do much more than simply bolster your resume. By being able to live and work in another country far from the western world, you come out as an open-minded person with a go-getter personality. You tell potential employers that you are not afraid of taking on new projects. Additionally, employers hope that you might bring in new ideas from abroad into their business. All these are the qualities that recruiters look for when hiring. Read now how you can secure an internship in any one of the countless opportunities that the great nation of China has to offer.

Looking for Chinese Internships

Just like in any other guanxi society, the people you know, your relationships, networks, and connections play a big a role when it comes to internship placements in China. Nevertheless, even those folks whose connections do not cross seas and oceans into China, getting an internship in the country is still very possible. Three big allies can be worked to your advantage when you are looking for an internship abroad. These include your school, the internet and local companies whose operations take place in China

Your college should be the first ally you contact when you begin looking for internship opportunities in China. Enquire from your college administrators about any help that they can offer you towards your ambitions. You can as well talk to your Chinese teacher, advisor or head of your unit department. Try to exploit any networks, connection or knowledge that they have regarding Chinese internships. Your school may also have links or deal with Chinese companies that welcome foreign interns. If there’s a Career Center in your college, visit it and find out if there’s anything that the school can do for you. There also are third-party internship providers such as The Hutong School that work with universities to offer internship opportunities abroad. If your college happens to be in partnership with such providers, you might even get credit for interning in China.

Through the internet, you can have access to multiple sites where internship opportunities are listed. Some of these sites even go as far as guiding students on how to apply for various opportunities. You can also read reviews abut internship opportunities in different Chinese cities. Reviews are important in helping you decide whether a particular company is a scam or not.

Local companies with operation in the People’s Republic of China present one with an opportunity to apply directly to these companies for an internship abroad. If you know that a particular company is prospering in China, visit their headquarters in your country and talk to them about internship conditions in China. It is better to talk to then in person especially if you already have a dream company you would like to intern in.

Choosing Your Line of Work

Going willy-nilly into an internship will not benefit you as it should. For an internship in China to help you, you have to be specific about your goals. You, therefore, ought to outline your current skill set honestly and very clearly. You also must identify the skills you hope the internship will help you acquire. This, therefore, calls for through research into multiple prospects and then picking one that you feel is best for you.

You should try to find out how the industry is viewed both at home and abroad. Make an assessment of how this field is faring globally; analyze both its history and try to predict what the future looks like for it. You must also try to see what the company you want to intern in lacks, and be ready to prove that you can bring in new ideas from your academic path or previous work experience. On top of all things, you ought to express interest in the Chinese culture so that you can benefit from cross-cultural encounters in the multicultural workplaces in China.

Sending Your Resume

It is advisable to always personalize your resume to match the company of your interest. Unique cover letters that are specific to certain companies will work better for you. You, of course, need to demonstrate a willingness to relocate to China the entire internship duration. Most employers prefer interns who demonstrate a longer time commitment say 3-4 months rather than just a few week stint.

By applying the tips above, you stand a very good chance to get an internship in China. You next must be ready to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with traveling to China. Nevertheless, you can expect a memorable experience in China.