Western has gone Asian and would like to find well-paying jobs in China. Trying to impress the company you are applying to is the first and crucial step so you might as well consider some of this Chinese interview etiquette you need to know. This article will also be teaching interview questions you have to take note before applying. Job interview in Chinese is less intimidating than you imagine if you come prepared.

Etiquette for Applicants

Believe it or not, all if the niceties you know about how to apply for a position is very much applicable to any Chinese company. Always invest in your physical appearance. It is true that first impressions will say it all about your personality. That is why dressing up for success can be something you also have to prepare and think about before an interview. When you speak of personal appearance, which includes your gestures, so ease your muscles and stop fidgeting. Be polite and talk about yourself without being too arrogant.

If it is a face-to-face interview, make sure that you are well-groomed and comfortable of the clothes you are wearing. Make sure you are prompt in time, and so it is advisory that you have to skip drinking the night before your interview. Chinese take promptness seriously and so always arrive ahead of time, maybe 10 minutes before the meeting. Turn off your cellphone to avoid distractions and be relaxed.

Come prepared and had a thorough research about the company you are applying. You have to be familiar with the position you are applying for most of the questions will be something to do with your skills and aptitude for the position. If the employer either gives you an offer or not, just become prepared of your answer or response to the offer. If the employer decided to let you know several days, just be polite until the end of the interview.

Handshakes are not common in Asian companies so you might as well not consider initiating one unless you employer did the first move. If the company gave a business card, always show your great regard for it and receive it using your two hands. Try to look at it for a while before putting the card inside the pocket as this connotes respect to the employer. More than that, it also shows how interested you are in joining the company.

Do not sit until you are invited. Address your employer using the appropriate title. If the employer requires you to speak in English, then use the language. If he or she would like you to expound your statement in Chinese, do as they ask you to do. Do not interrupt the interviewer while talking, wait until he finishes the question then you may answer.

Actual Interview

Just before the interview, it pays to research on the most probable questions your employers will ask you. For example, prepare for your introductory speech as your prospect employer will naturally ask you about yourself. It contains information about you and what you do. Of course, you cannot skip mentioning your former job, however, do not speak ill about it. As advice, take a reference on the once written in your cover letter and job resume. As your employer will be reading your job resume, all you have to do is expound whatever that is written in it. Make use of a verbal statement that speaks highly of your achievements and contributions without being too conceited.

Bring your academic certificates and business cards during the interview as a proof of your educational attainment. If you have certificates of prior workshops and seminars you have attended that are related to the job you are applying, you may ring them as well as their reference for the history of your performance. Having a reference letter from a previous employer can also be helpful as their statements of your performance can be a reference to your personality and working ethics. Business cards should be printed front and back. The front side should be in Chinese and the back in English.

Be prepared for the questions your employer will throw to you. They would most likely ask about your hobbies, qualifications, skills, experiences, and the reason for applying in their company and your personal values as well. Personal questions are not highlighted in a job interview, but do prepare your answers just in case. If you are not comfortable answering a certain personal question, you may smile and politely decline from answering the question as it is not commonly discussed in your country.

Of course, the employer would be asking about your past experiences with other companies so better prepare some stories of success you had in the past. During the Chinese interview, always show enthusiasm about the Chinese culture, show respect by lowering your eyes, and modulating your voice in a calm and respectful tone. Do not speak aggressively or show affectionate postures and ways of talking. Be professional when talking and communicate with distance. Respect moments of silence and make sure to not the first to break it. Let the employer speak and wait for your cue to respond. When talking to a Chinese employer, make sure to take a nod as this gesture shows that you are intent listening and that you understand the discussion.


At the last of the interview, make sure to thank everyone and shake hands with them if offered. Also, send a thank you letter for the time they spent during the interview. This action solidifies your strong desire to join the company.

Every job interview is an opportunity to showcase your personality, skills, and expertise in the chosen field. It pays to be prepared in answering the interview questions and knowing the proper etiquette or conduct during the interview. Looking for a job in China can be a success if you heed the advice given. So take a step forward in your career and seize every opportunity that comes in your way.