How should you find a job vacancy? “Through search engines!” you may be tempted to shout. Not so fast! Just because you search a phrase like “top job websites” on Google and a list of top websites pops up, doesn’t mean that the list represents the actual top sites. Read on to learn how to find a job vacancy.

Looking for a job?

To have a feeling of what a top job website, for instance, looks like, click a link. First, notice the Alexa toolbar ranking of this site. If you have a Google toolbar, check the ranking of the site. The rank on Google attempts to show the importance of a particular web page. Note however that having a low or no ranking on Google toolbar doesn’t mean a website isn’t important. The true importance of a web page would better be determined by individual visitors.

Perhaps the easiest way of determining whether a site is in a top position or not is by using the Alexa ranking which places a website according to the amount of traffic it is receiving. Any site that is ranked from 1 to 200,000 is a top website in its niche. When a site is ranked for instance 900,001, it only means the traffic is in the 900,000th position. It doesn’t indicate the number of visitors. A site that is ranked 100,000 is far much better in traffic than the one ranked 500,000. Again look at this site and study the toolbars that appear above and below it. I’m sure you’ve now got an idea of what a top job website looks like.

Does the Site Provide You With the Right Career Opportunities for Your Needs?

Another way of determining whether a website is on the top position is by checking their value in Dollars. The value means how much money it could easily be sold for. You can click here to check the value of this site. Note however that toolbars like Alexa and Google etc. provide the basic information of which a site’s value is determined.

Finding a graduate job vacancy may at times be more difficult for new graduates, as there are several extenuating factors that will affect the rate of success for landing a new job. The employment rate in different fields and sectors of the economy can have an enormous effect on jobs prospects. The regions in which you search will also have an effect on the prospect of finding a job, but since you have already made an important career choice and worked hard to graduate, you may now be obligated to find a job.

Get a Job, even if it is not a dream job because Who Knows What it Could Lead to

Somewhere during the job search, the realization may begin to set in, and seekers may often find that the graduate job vacancy that was expected, may not materialize as easy as was first expected. If after extensive search activities, prospects of finding a graduate job vacancy have not improved, it may be time to consider some alternatives, or increase the number of options. Although it may be a bit more arduous, it can be beneficial, and it should not mean that you will give up on career aspirations entirely, but the more options you have available, your chances of success may increase proportionally.

Re-training in a different field may be another alternative to finding a graduate job vacancy. There are several areas, where training can be completed by self-learning, and there are now facilities available where training can be completed online, at little to no-cost. Several universities have placed their curriculum online, with total access available to the public. All that is required is the ability and the desire to learn, and of course, the time.

Say yes to career opportunities in the form of new responsibilities

If you can demonstrate your proficiency to prospective employers, you can increase your chances of success in any chosen field. A classic example is in the high-demand field of Information Technology area of computer programming, where much of the proficiency is developed by practice. You can demonstrate your dedication after gaining some form of employment by accepting the challenge of being formally educated.

The world as we know it has changed drastically over the last few decades. We are more involved with communications with other countries, and although there are dozens of languages spoken globally, the major language for communication is still English.

Career Opportunities You May Not have Thought of

As an alternative to finding graduate job vacancies, you can consider teaching English in foreign countries. Hundreds of people are doing it, and the experience can enrich your life as you learn and appreciate more of the culture of different regions of the world. The requirements are a certificate in Teaching English as Second Language or TESL certificate, which is readily obtainable at local colleges and or universities. The requirements for admission and the duration of the courses may differ by the region in which you live or study, but upon certification, you will be fully trained and qualified to teach English in other countries.

You will now be free to explore other opportunities where English teachers are wanted, and you may have the opportunity to choose from among the scores of available vacancies. In several of the countries, the governing bodies have established programs to encourage qualified English teachers to immigrate.

Alternatives can also include self-employment or turn a hobby into a business, although the option can be considered, it may not be suitable for everyone. But scores of people have made a successful transformation to entrepreneurship.