China, world’s largest economy regarding Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and second most important regarding Gross Domestic Product (GDP), The focal point of the globe for installing new production facility or to hire the think tanks. China’s growth rate is alarming for the other developed nations as China is leaving behind any country coming in its way of growth in the economy. Considering facts, GDP of China was just 216.81 billion USD as of 1978 and just after 37 years, in 2015 it was 10,983 trillion USD. Still nothing is stopping China to grow itself into a gigantic economy of the world.

Not just the strong economy, China also has a strong culture which roots back 206 BC. The area in which the Chinese culture is strong cover a large piece of geographical region, mainly in eastern Asia. It has varying customs and traditions in different parts of the country, and different provinces and cities, even small towns possessed its traditions but linked with the broader customs of the Chinese culture. Experiencing this rich and one of the oldest culture is one of the pluses after getting a job in China. One can never forget the time spent in those mountains, with dancing dragons and red lanterns.

All above facts do appeal to spend some time in the country. To do so, one tries to get a job in China, which can allow one to stay in the country with earning one’s living. This article is all about the techniques and ways one should opt to get a good job in China without wasting efforts and time.

Links and connection:
One of the best ways to find a job in China is by using your links and connections with the people already residing in the country and doing some job in a Chinese company. Referral based jobs are easy to get in China. In the case of poor existing connections, you can build your networks by using various platforms like “meetups” in New York City and using socializing websites to talk to new people.

Job portals:
In case you lack in connection building abilities, or you’re not having enough guanxi (connections), then you can try another easy way of getting a job in China. You can do this through job portals such as These websites post some jobs for employers in China.

Above mentioned ways were for the people residing outside China and want to get a job in China. For readers who are residing in China can also check the English magazines classified page. Jobs opening in these magazines are targeted at foreigners and are usually part-time jobs or contractual jobs.

Apart from social networking, searching jobs on the website and the magazines, a new trend can also be followed which is getting hype not only in China but covering the globe, This is the platform where employer meets the desired employee, where professionals share experiences of doing the things right and in less possible time. LinkedIn even grants access to those recruiting companies and HR with whom the applicant was not able to contact before LinkedIn. This platform allows the user to search area specific jobs. Premium account provides more facilities on this portal. Even if someone can’t afford the premium account, the numbers of facilities provided on free sign up are enough to score a job in China.

China is a place where one comes to make money. It is not like previous times when people use to travel to China, work there and spend most of their lives in China. As the world is moving at a faster pace than before so does the demands and likings of individuals are changing. Now people try and go to China for making money first and to enjoy the cultural and traditional aspect later.

This increasing shift towards China is attracting masses and reducing the opportunities. Considering the entire things one can still get a job in China if he/she follows the right path to search for the job and possesses the right skills required for the job.