Celebrities are a fascinating group of people, to say the least. They become mega popular for their work, whether that be in movies, plays or songs they’ve created, and people tend to hold them in some sort of awe. Celebrities are really just people like you and me, but because of their work and the way the media puts them in the spotlight, we think of them as superhuman beings that we could only dream of being like.

You know them well – Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Drake, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Selena Gomez, and the list goes on. These are some of the most popular celebrities in the world today, and all of them share one trait in common besides their enormous popularity – they’re American! This is because when we hear about celebrities most of the mainstream news tends to focus on American celebrities. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be more difficult for people in Western parts of the world to relate to celebrities who are from a distinctly different race or culture. So, with this in mind, today we will be looking at some of the most famous Chinese celebrities. We’ll look at who they are, how famous they’ve become, and why/how they got to the idolised position they are at today. Let’s get started.

Jay Chou

Chinese celebrities

To kick off our list, there is Jay Chou. Jay is an actor, singer and producer who was born and raised in Taiwan. If you regularly watch popular Hollywood films, then his name should be pretty familiar. That’s because Chou had a role in the 2011 reboot of The Green Hornet that also starred Seth Rogan, and most recently starred in the new release Now You See Me 2. When he is not pursuing his acting career, Chou does a bit of singing and producing as well. Back in 2000 he released his first album, titled Jay, under the supervision and support of the Alfa Music recording company. You also more than likely saw Chou’s name pop up in the headlines when he married actress and model Hannah Quinlivan a couple of years back in 2014 at a secret wedding held in England. In that same year, Jay Chou made a total of 101.5 million yuan, which is the equivalent of $16.35 million US dollars.

Jackie Chan

Chinese celebrities

When talking about famous Chinese male celebrities, we have to mention Jackie Chan! Chan was born on April 7, 1954 in Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. Although he started out as a professional martial artist, he went on to become an actor, movie director, stuntman and even a singer. Some of his most popular works include his involvement with the Rush Hour series, Jackie Chan Adventures, Police Story, and Project A. Although Jackie Chan is now at the age of 62, he is continues to produce new works of all kinds, and he recently released an autobiography that is titled Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older. Chan’s passion and drive to continue to do what he loves makes him one of the most inspirational Chinese celebrities of our time.

Fan Bingbing

So what about female Chinese celebrities? One of the most popular and famous today is easily the actress Fan Bingbing. She is most widely known for her acting prowess, but she has also had a successful career in both television production and pop singing. Fan is recognised for her work in The Empress of China TV series, and recently starred in the popular Marvel box office hit, X-Men: Days of Future Past. While there is no denying her acting career has brought her success and popularity, perhaps one of the most notable facts about Fan Bingbing are her net worth and celebrity status. The young female actress hit the top spot in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list three years running: in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Before this she was in the top 10 each and every year since 2006. As if that wasn’t enough, Fan Bingbing received an average yearly income of around 128 million yuan, the equivalent of $20.62 million US dollars.

Jet Li

Chinese celebrities

The final spot in our list of Chinese celebrities goes to none other than Jet Li. Jet Li (whose original name was Li Lianjie) is a retired Wushu champion and is currently an actor and film producer. Some of Li’s most notable works include Fearless, Fist of Legend, Hero, The One and Once Upon a Time in China. Just like Jackie Chan, Jet Li refuses to let his age stop him from consistently rolling out incredible movies. One of his most popular more contemporary works is the 2014 action flick The Expendables 3. While other actors and actresses, such as Jay Chou and Fan Bingbing progressed their careers at a young age, there’s something really inspiring about watching older actors like Chan or Li continue to perform and act with the same charisma and charm that have made them who they are since the beginning of their careers.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the lives of celebrities are fascinating to us. The respect and awe that we have for these people is amazing compared to all of the other non-famous people around us who may also have accomplished a lot. And even though they may be just like you and me at the end of the day, we still treat and respect them the way we would with royalty. However, when you look at just how successful the Chinese celebrities in this list are, it kind of makes sense.

Whether you’re talking about a younger actress like Fan Bingbing or an older, more seasoned, actor like Jackie Chan, their rise to stardom is absolutely astounding. It doesn’t seem to matter whether they act, sing, direct, produce, or whatever, they possess a real talent for this kind of work that is so enduring. While American celebrities tend to hog the spotlight in the mainstream media, it’s important to remember just how talented our own Chinese celebrities are as well. The talent that we’ve talked about in this list today is awesome, and we can’t wait to see which other great celebrities will rise out of China next.

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