Ever heard of the phrase behind every successful man is a great woman? Well, falling in love can sometimes bring great luck to life. Several people have fallen in love and lived to see the fruits of their relationship. A good relationship helps make you successful in life, your business and in your workplace. If you are single or in a relationship and things are not working, you need to contemplate. Various benefits come with a partner if you get committed to your relationship. Some people have grown to success after falling in love. Here is proof that falling in love can improve every aspect of one’s life.

Moving Up the Ladder

Top of my list is Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg. Yes, the Facebook co-founder. I mean who doesn’t know Mark? His better half a college sweetheart, Priscilla Chan may not be appearing in news and all the businesses that Mark attends to but plays a critical role in their marriage. Mark and Priscilla realized they could move up the ladder after they fell for each other in college. Their strong determination and passion for their work made Mark realize his dreams. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth is estimated to be over $35 billion. Together, these two make a powerful and charismatic couple. Perhaps Mark could not get this far is he had not fallen in love.

The Power of A Woman

falling in love

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell saw success multiply in their hands after falling in love. Powell is known to be one of the greatest technology pioneers who helped her husband in creating a better place and improving their business. Like Priscilla Chan, Powell’s job campaigns helped promote Steve extensively. Her educational and promotional support to Steve has made them billionaires. Love propagated their business success. Even after Jobs death, Powell spirit to work has not faded, and she would readily attribute this to the timeless inspiration she got from him.

Fueling Relationship With the Right Gas

Yes, after falling in love, things never went well for Lucy Southworth and Larry Page the co-founder of Google. Some difficulties almost made them divorce. However, the right fuel they have used in their relationship is what has brought them this far. The couple has an estimated net worth of $30 billion. Larry’s wife who is a graduate of Oxford University is also busy with school pursuing doctorate in biomedical informatics and helps the husband manage business during her free time.

The Glamorous and Charismatic Couple

Talk of Andrea Hission and Steve Wynn and anyone in Las Vegas will tell you of how successful they are. These two met decades ago and currently have an estimated worth of $2.9 billion. From grace to grass, that is how Andrea terms it. She remembers when her husband had little to spend for their vacation, and now they have more than they can chew. “Success is all about togetherness and being there for one another especially when things go as planned. We have failed and lost a lot of money in business, but that did not stop my husband and me from staying together. Today, I can smile because of the great success.” Wynn’s wealth was of the construction and development of some of the famous Las Vegas casinos such as the Mirage, Golden Nugget, the Bellagio and the new magnificent Wynn Las Vegas and Encore.

The Spark that Sparked Success

Falling in love sparked success in the lives of Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova and Roman Abramovich. Their story and different working grounds tell a lot about their relationship. Dasha is a Russian socialite and designer while Abramovich is the CEO of Millhouse Capital. Dasha gives support to her husband, and they have created a common ground where they come together to assist the society by promoting arts and attending cultural events.

Strong Believe In Equality and Success

falling in love

Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos are known for their passion for equal rights after falling in love decades ago. These two have shown great business success apart from campaigning to promote equal rights for same-sex couples. Jeff, who is the Amazon founder, has net worth of nearly $66 billion. In one of his interviews, Jeff was asked about his success, and this is what he had to say. “Money started flowing in after falling in love with Mackenzie. When one is in a relationship, the picture about life becomes clearer. One gets control, focus and becomes responsible. Some things started becoming clear to me that I was getting old.”

Prominent Roles, Prominent Couple

“Falling in love with Moonves is the best thing that happened in my life. I count our success because of the togetherness we have had for 47 years. “ Julie Chen who is a news anchor and producer from the early 1990’s is married to Les Moonves president of CBS. These two spouses have great wealth and flourishing businesses. Chen has had a long and illustrious news career, including prominent roles on CBS and The Talk among others.

Love Life, Love Others

Love life, love others is a quote by Susan Lieberman wife to Michael. These two people fell in love and became business partners who initiated the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. This organization helps disadvantaged children in the society and provides health care to underprivileged people worldwide. Michael founder and CEO of Dell computers is also one of the influential people in the community who has a heart of helping. This couple is successful and has an estimated wealth of $18.6 billion. Their story is a true testimony that when two people are bound together in love, they can build a business empire.

Well, you have love it is one of the best things that can also happen to you. All the challenges people face can be managed by two individuals who understand each other and know where they are headed. Through the above examples, we have seen commitment, patience, love and desire to be successful. I bet it becomes simpler to crack a nut when you have a companion than when one is alone. It won’t break a bone to give it a try; perhaps that is where your success lies.

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