Pinterest seems to be for the sole purpose of having fun, but you can also put it to work for a job search! Did you know if you are looking for a part-time or full-time job, you can use Pinterest to search for them?

In this article 25 recruitment experts explain how to use (or not use) Pinterest for a job search, and each has their own take on it.

Well, you must be thinking, why not stick to professional job search sites like Linkedin? Well because Pinterest can be even better, as it spreads your message faster. When friends pin your messages, it reaches their circle instantly, and there might just be someone there who is looking for someone with your skills.

Plus, with Linkedin or Twitter you can’t display your portfolio visually as you can on Pinterest. This is why it is a favorite place for designers, photographers and artists.

There are also many government people active on Pinterest. If someone like this sees your Pin, don’t rule out being contacted. Pinterest is also like an unofficial government job search portal.

Student job searches also have a high success rate on Pinterest because the audience is mainly young and often willing to help out.

Pinterest is based in San Francisco; it has followers all over the world and so a job search can reach international places. Just pin your interests, and you never know who may like you and share with their circle. Below are 25 valuable tips that experts have come up with about how you can do a job search on Pinterest.

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The First Five

1. According to expert, Jessica Merrell, creating boards with information that has stuff worth sharing is the number one strategy. She says that the most important board to focus on is the board about you. Jessica is a social media expert.

2. According to Dorlee M. Dorleen, a career development blogger, Pinterest is the best informal way to find out about a company you are interested in. It tells you a fair bit about the culture of the company too. Insights about any company can help you when you come to apply for a job with them.

3. Rosa Vargas, resume writing expert, warns job seekers to be selective about the content they pin as it is representative of them. According to her, you enforce your brand whenever you post anything.

4. Social media coach, Miriam Salpeter, reckons you should not underestimate Pinterest as it can quickly connect you to companies as well as potential colleagues. She also suggests using the information you find there when you apply for a job.

5. According to career expert and speaker, Sital Ruparelia, showcasing your portfolio of work achievements is the best way to attract prospective employers and to find a job. He suggests using vision boards with images and quotes to inspire your audience.

Six to Ten

6. Dawn Bugni, who is a pro resume writer, says ‘Pin wisely’, because there is no privacy, and everything can get back to you in the end. However, she suggests you follow and engage with the companies you are interested in, as this is one way of ending your job search quickly.

7. Julie Walraven, resume designer, recommends keeping the stuff that truly represents you online. Like Dawn, she says think before putting it up: ‘Would you honestly like it to be seen by your employer?’

8. Gayle Howard, who writes CVs for executives, advises that doing a job search on Pinterest and checking out a company’s resources is the clever way to land a job.

9. Jason Alba is an online job search organizer. He advises that a Pinterest job search is effective for professionals in certain fields, so you should aware about those fields on Pinterest to make searching easier.

10. Tory Johnson, founded an organization called Women for Hire. She believes you should really showcase your personality on the boards. For her, a job search is a personal exercise, and mutual connections can be formed due to mutual interests. She also suggests that you give a demo of your expertise in Pinterest’s social settings.

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Eleven to Fifteen

11. Hannah Morgan, aka ‘Career Sherpa’, says using Pinterest for jobs is effective if you Pin your brand in words as well as pictures. Including links to professional and (not too personal) interests is another strategy. For this, Hannah stresses the use of active keywords.

12. Chandlee Bryan is a job search coach who suggests writing an anecdotal resume that tells your career story.

13. According to pro blogger, Jason Seiden, presenting yourself as a professional as well as a real person is the best strategy. This can be easily done by mixing in some personality with your professional ambitions.

14. Business leader, Jennifer McClure, gives a simple yet important tip to help your job search: create a visual resume and share it via Pinterest.

15. Wendy Terwelp is a personal branding strategist. She gives us some important insights into recruiters. For example, 89% of recruiters hire through social media. Pinterest is a new avenue and it is growing fast. It could even have an impact on Google search results in future.

Sixteen to Twenty

16. Employment expert, Alison Doyle, suggests that you show off your taste in peer Pins and Pin infographics about your specialty. She also thinks creating base links to create articles is a good strategy.

17. According to online personal branding expert, Melissa Cooley, choosing things that reflect your professional point of view does the job. She suggests that using too many tools will mean your message is lost in clutter.

18. Susan Strayer is a recruiting consultant who says that job seekers can benefit from using Pinterest to learn more about brands they are interested in. She stresses that social media is a place where we showcase our team and personal brand personality.

19. Joshua Waldman wrote a book called Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies. He argues that publishing good stuff is the best and simplest way to attract recruiters.

20. Cyndy Trivella works in HR marketing and communications. She believes Pinterest provides a great opportunity for creative types to connect with like-minded people. And obviously, it is also a great platform to showcase their work.

Twenty-One to Twenty-Five

21. Performance consultant, Margo Rose, suggests that you should create an infographic resume and post it on Pinterest during your job search.

22. Mark Anthony Dyson, aka ‘The Voice of Job Seekers’, suggests that job seekers include a quote from a thought leader in their field to impress employers.

23. According to Neal Schaffer, who is a social media consultant, impressing a hiring manager is the go. You can do this by becoming a resource and Pinning what you regularly read about your industry.

24. Karen Siwak advises job-seekers that Pinterest is ideal for visual thinkers. Karen is a resume strategist.

25. Master resume writer, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, suggests that behaving organically and naturally, but strategically is essential if you want to find a job on the fun-filled Pinterest.

So will you think about using Pinterest for your job search?

The experts we drew upon are a very small number of Pinterest users. Judging by what they say, and the tips and advice they give, Pinterest is definitely a platform to use if you are looking for work and happen to be creative.

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