We offer our clients proud and amazing opportunities wherein they may Work in China, teaching English. Here is where your journey today begins. All our staff are enthusiastic and passionate on improving their resumes in this hostile job climate. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to experience living abroad. When you land such an opportunity on this part of the globe is when you will discover the relevance behind the slogan “All work no play – not in China!”

Teachers for Everybody

Not all teaching opportunities are for experienced educators teaching children. The following are some of the opportunities available to you.

Business English Teaching

Teaching English in China for private businesses requires an individual to possess a TEFL certification or ESL degree. This job designation is accompanied by a heavy workload.

Private Language Institutions

These institutions are scattered across China, some new, while others firmly established. Most instructors here teach classes which are conversation-oriented. Occasionally they teach writing too. The pupils here range from business people to eager students with varying skill levels. Most of these institutions have high turnover rates. The rate of pay for the job in China is decided by the institution as well as the hours one will be required to work (usually 20 to 30 hours within a week).

University Departments

Most Chinese Universities have an English or foreign language department. The requirements for you to be able to teach here vary mostly depending on the classes being taught. Having a doctorate or master’s degree qualifies you to teach as a foreign expert. Here you will be teaching highly advanced courses at a greater remuneration than a local teacher.

China Awaits Steps on Getting a Teaching Position Admission Process

China has a good working relationship with several reputable Chinese schools. Nevertheless, all teachers should meet the requirements set out by the Chinese State Administration, especially on Foreign Expert Affairs.

What It Takes To Become an English Teacher in China

There are low entry barriers and hurdles when it comes to teaching in China as compared to other countries. As long as you possess a BA degree and can prove that you are from a native English speaking home country, then you are eligible for teaching jobs in China. Remember that you will require a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate which can be organized for you to take so that your classroom transition happens as quickly as possible. Prior teaching experience is also required for you to be given the opportunity to teach adult English.

Legal Aspects of Being a Teacher in China

You must possess a valid passport valid for six months right before it expires, notification on your visa issued by your Chinese employer, a work permit for aliens acquired from the Chinese Labor Ministry, particularly for aliens. You will also need a completed Q1 visa form which comes with an extra passport photo and a health check obtained locally for drug use, TB, and HIV.

Employment visas

All legal companies operating in China should be able to provide teaching jobs accompanied by the right working papers. According to the foreign employment regulations in China, all teachers must acquire a Z working visa right before they arrive. Visas are a fundamental requirement before you check into the country and are obtained either at the consulates or embassies situated in your home country. This visa may take close to two months to process so begin advance preparations early.

Visa process/legal issues one can face

The Chinese authorities recently tightened regulations on visas, making it more difficult for you to acquire working visas. Usually, they require an individual to show two years of teaching before your application is given any consideration. We have an arrangement with the Chinese authorities which will guarantee you security on your visa.

Time Is Money

As long as you are up to the task, then this is your moment. The jobs at times may go for up to 20 hours in a single week but pay well, especially considering the low cost of living. Most students in this setting are eager to educate themselves further and toil even harder, which makes your teaching easier.

Do’s and Don’ts in Chinese Schools

While speaking in China, it’s advisable to speak positively about the place. Also, give your home country positive reviews. Remember different places have different cultural beliefs and practices, so do not be insensitive in your criticisms. The Chinese government has blocked out access to social media so speaking about Twitter or Facebook is not permitted. China does, however, have their social media platforms.

Beware Of Teaching Scams

It’s important when considering foreign teaching opportunities to take care you do not fall prey to non-existent internships or jobs in China. Be sure to do your research before accepting any offers.

All Work No Play – Not In China – Travel Ideas During Free Time

During your free time move around and explore China, breaking off the cultural barrier. China is a very large country experiencing different climate zones and a great rural-urban divide. Your experience while teaching will differ depending on where you will be practicing your teaching experience.