Essay Writing Techniques Every Fresher Needs to Know

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As a freshman in university, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Not only do you have to get in the swing of things, but you’re also left to figure out how things work, from schedules to exams, and much more. One essential part of most classes are essays, needed to demonstrate your knowledge on different topics. Not everyone is a fan of writing but, they can score high grades by following these tips that every first-year student needs to know. The next time you’ve got a writing assignment, try them out and see how your grade improves.

1. Brainstorming is Key

Experts from Essay writing claim that first and foremost freshers should take the time to brainstorm. Instead of pushing off your writing assignment, try and start thinking about what you want to write about from the get-go. Learning how to brainstorm is also useful, toying with ideas in your head or jotting them down on paper to see what great things come out. It’s good to let your imagination flow, getting a clear vision of how you would like your essay to go before ever planning it out.

2. Find Your Type

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Many freshers out there have amazing ideas and no problem expressing them but wind up getting a terrible grade for not using the proper format. We know it doesn’t seem fair, but professors give you an outline or a themed essay, and you must follow. When setting out to create your masterpiece of an essay, look at the type of essay you’re assigned and make sure that your outline pairs well with it. There are different elements in each essay type, all of which your professor will be on the lookout for.

3. Create an Outline

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When writing an essay, don’t skip the most critical step – creating an outline. It makes things run smoother while helping you get your ideas organized and ready for writing. A typical outline takes your idea and the essay’s theme into consideration, helping you plan and jot down ideas that you would like to include. Due to experts of Homework help, a typical outline consists of:
  • An introduction with a strong thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs stating your opinion, argument, or findings
  • A conclusion
  • Citations

4. Research and Cite

With everything planned out, researching your topic is easy. Try and add three points about your topic, creating one or two paragraphs for each point you’d like to make. In this part of the writing, freshers need to be cautious of sources, making sure that they are using only credible sources. One trick of the trade is to check out scholarly articles or visit the library and ask a librarian.

Students need to research their topic and acknowledge the places where they found their information. To do this most efficiently and correctly, freshers can use an online citation tool that uses the format requests (usually APA or MLA). You can type in information, save citations, and copy and paste all of them into your essay.

5. Get to Writing

When all planning and research is done, it’s time to get writing finally. If you’ve done all of the steps before, then this part is a piece of cake, with words flowing smoothly and ideas easy to come by. There is a tip from authors of Liuxuesavior Assignments. To get in the writing mood, you should find a nice, quiet area where you will not be disturbed and start writing. Don’t worry too much about every word; you can take some time after you reach your word count to check and tweak your work.

6. Check Yourself

Freshers should get used to checking their work and reading what they have written. It will help them make sure that everything makes sense and that they are making the point. Freshers should first read over their essay, pointing out any areas that need work. It will help target the sentences that need more attention and help make sure that the point they wanted to make is clear. After reading, freshers should run it through an online editor to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. At this point, it helps to pass it to a classmate, a friend, or even a parent, getting their opinion on it before it’s turned in.

These extra steps put the icing on the cake and guarantee that you jump a letter grade, so make sure not to procrastinate and get started early on.

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