One of the most in-demand teaching jobs in China right now is for that of English teachers. So many people in China are currently learning, or want to learn, English that there just aren’t enough English teachers to keep up demand. Because of the high demand, there are a lot of teaching jobs in China for foreigners.

Teaching in China

The easiest way for any Chinese-speaker to learn how to speak English is in a classroom. That is because the languages are so completely different. Sometimes English-speakers can pick up a book on learning French or German and learn it fairly quickly with the aid of a favorite television show or some commercials viewed online to help them learn the actual pronunciation. That is because these languages share a lot of common root words and grammar is similar sometimes.

That is not the case between English and Chinese, so someone who speaks English is needed to come to a classroom to speak English, and write the words, and show these Chinese citizens who want desperately to learn English just how to speak, read and write it themselves.

School Requirements for Teaching in China

Most public schools will require that you have a Bachelor’s degree to teach English in China. They also request that your native language is English and that your passport reflects this. Some schools (but not all) require a 120-hour course that shows you how to teach English as a second language. Most of the time this can be waived if you have valid, proven experience on your resume that you have already done this either in your home country with people who immigrated, or in another country to teach English, and now you want to do it in China. These are just what is asked for, however. There are still ways of teaching English in China if you don’t meet one or any of these criteria.

Maybe you don’t have the Bachelor’s degree requested. (This usually takes four years of full-time study in the US or Canada or 3 years in the UK or Australia.) If you have a certificate that shows you have classroom experience and a certificate that shows excellent English (beyond just being a native speaker), then you may be able to get a recruiting office to take you into consideration. Also, an Associate’s degree plus the 120-hour TEFL program is enough for many smaller classroom, entry level positions. Then, once in China, you can move your way up to more students, or older students who might have a tougher curriculum.

Navigating Chinese Law as an English Teacher in China

It can be a little tricky to get around the English native rule, but if you can prove through testing or an interview that you can speak, write, and read English very well, then you may be able to circumvent this rule. You may start out as a teacher’s assistant so they can see how you do with grading papers or how you do in the classroom, but you will have opportunities to shine. However, because you lack the native-English component, you will have to make sure that the other components that they are requesting are there.

China TEFL for English Teachers

If English is your native language, but you just lack expertise in the classroom, some recruiting agencies will pay for the 120-hour TEFL course for you to get you into the program and set up at one of their partner schools for the length you desire. Your way in, since that first contract would give you the experience you need to continue. If you want to try teaching English as a second language before you move all the way across the world, or to another country at least, you can try looking for an immigration center or refugee center near you and ask if they need someone to help teach English. Most likely they will welcome you with open arms as there is a need for this everywhere with people constantly on the move. Some already have a set curriculum in place that you will have to learn, and others don’t, but the internet can help with that. Start slow and for the first few classes, ask for an interpreter to be in the classroom to make sure your students understand how things will work.

China’s Country Preferences for English Teachers

Because it can be difficult for Ghanaians to speak audibly even when they’ve studied and spoken English for a very long time, many times they are not good candidates for English teachers in China for public or private schools. However! That does not mean that a Ghanaian would not be able to find steady work as a tutor after school for someone needing extra help with their English lessons, or for someone who could not afford the actual night classes put on in classrooms. Maybe someone can’t leave their house due to disability to get to the classroom? This teacher could come to them.

Teaching English in China Salary

The teaching employment in China rates for 2015 have skyrocketed, and it’s because over 300 million Chinese are learning English, with more that are wanting to every day. More and more people, as they enter school is going to need to learn, and if they are already past that and haven’t learned, they will need to as they enter certain job markets because China is indeed becoming a global superpower. They have more and more Multinational Corporations (or MNCs) and those MNCs need people working for them, especially in management, who can communicate with the management teams of other countries around the world. Most business around the globe these days is done in English. China, having the largest population of any other country on the planet, will need to keep pace with the number of people speaking English, and they are trying. We just have to get teaching employment in China even higher so that even more people are learning English.