China has become a point of interest to many scholars and students from all corners of the world. A booming economy and favorable policies are the major contributing factors. Another crucial aspect contributing to the influx of westerners is the welcoming nature of Chinese people. As the country becomes more exposed to the rest of the world, the residents are embracing changes.

Thirst for learning western languages, specifically English, has seen increased rate of summer camps across the country. These programs are important for the student as they have the chance to interact with foreign teachers. On the other hand, the programs have provided numerous opportunities to many teachers from English speaking countries.

English summer camps in China

The English summer camps are distributed across the country. Getting a chance to teach in these English summer programs is becoming competitive day by day. It is a privilege working in these camps because besides teaching, teachers can have their own time for adventure. Also, one is assured of a good salary, about $600 in just two weeks. The work here is intense as it aims at providing students with maximum information within a short time.

Benefits of working in English summer camps

Earn extra cash

When you are on vacation in China, it would be a splendid idea venturing into a summer camp program. Holiday entails spending, so to ensure you replenish your pockets, this program proves to be helpful. Although they are short lived, at the end of it all you will have accumulated a good amount of money.

It acts as a stepping stone for future work in China

If your future dream is to become an English teacher in China, the summer camps are ideal practicing grounds. The programs offer a landing point for the beginners. It is also possible to know whether the area is perfect for you to settle into for the future.

The camps help you to expose your career

Enrolling in English camps offers you a chance to prove your capabilities. You may find after working in these programs that the employers were satisfied by your performance. After the session is over, directors can opt to offer you a permanent job in a school.

They offer the best time to relax by interacting with students and Chinese teachers

Working for 12 hours is not a joke and the managers will always provide you time to relax. The time allocated enables the foreign teachers to interact with their colleagues from China and students. These interactions facilitate the exchange of ideas. Also, you can utilize your free time learning Chinese culture, such as martial arts.

Application process for English summer camps

Before you apply for a summer camp job, it is important to have all the necessary information to avoid frustration.


The Chinese law has made it mandatory that any person who is teaching English in the country must be a degree holder. The law came into the act at the beginning of 2016. However, it does not mean that if you have not done teaching at bachelor’s degree level, you can’t teach. If you have the English teaching certificates like TEFL, you have an opportunity to teach in the camps. Another requirement is that you must be from native English countries such as the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Visa requirements

If you want to venture into teaching in China, you must possess the right category of visa. For the foreigners, it is a must to have the Z-visa to be legally allowed to teach. The country of origin issues the visa, or you can convert it upon arrival in China. You can get a very tough penalty if you are found teaching with a tourist visa.

Where are the camps located?

When your application is successful, you have an opportunity to land in one of the famous regions in the country. Some of these places include Fujian, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Your placement there offers an excellent chance for adventuring, rather than when restricted to one point when on vacation.

Do the camps offer accommodation?

The question of housing can bother many people, bearing in mind the programs run for a short period. However, where to sleep should not be an issue. The host camp usually takes care of its English teachers by providing housing. In case accommodation is not provided, the camp will provide you enough funds for rent.

When and how to apply for summer English camps?

Getting a job in the English camp can be easy or difficult depending on how you will draft your CV. The more appealing it is, the higher the chance of landing the opportunity. It is very competitive to get a slot, as thousands are willing to work in China. The only assurance of grabbing the post is an enticing CV. The ideal time to apply is between May and June. Students usually enroll in summer camps in July to August during summer vacations.

Do camps offer food to the foreign teachers?

When you get into the camps, there is no need to worry. All your needs are catered. On the meal, the directors ensure that every teacher in the program is well fed. You are given breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free.

How much can one earn during the period in the camp?

Teaching in English summer camps guarantees you a high pay. To some instances, you can make up to $18 per hour. By the end of the camp, in just a few weeks you can accumulate over $1,000.

Is there an age limit?

Due to the privileges that foreigners enjoy teaching English in the programs, many people of various ages have the desire to land in China. However, to instruct in the camps, there is the recommended age. Mostly teachers who are between 18 to 35 years are preferred.


When you think of visiting China, it is prudent to utilize your time and experience wisely to earn extra cash. Besides making extra money, there are additional activities one can enroll in. For the newcomers in the teaching field, you stand a chance of gaining experience and hence settling for a permanent job in China. On the other hand for the already experienced, interaction with other teachers from various regions will further boost your experience.