There are many countries in the world where people from the west, such as the US, emigrate to find work, a different culture, new opportunities, and sometimes even a culture that is in their roots, but they’ve never experienced first-hand before. The top countries for this in the past used to be Germany and Singapore; however, China is growing so rapidly and is fast becoming a superpower in this globally connected world we live in therefore there are jobs available in China for foreigners. That means that more businesses are becoming Multinational Corporations (or MNCs, for short), and some are doing business completely outside of the country. Because so much Chinese just want to connect with family who has moved away from home, or want to be able to compete in the job market with those MNCs, it’s also important to be bilingual.

Therefore, many expats (short for expatriates, or people who have come to another country to live and work for an extended period, or for the rest of their lives, with or without giving up citizenship in their original country) are needed to help fill those roles. Engineering jobs in China for English speakers is a big one, so let’s start there.

Engineering Jobs in China for Foreigners

There are many types of engineering jobs, but they all boil down to one thing: if you are bilingual and will be able to communicate with other countries (most of which know English if they are in the west, or have English as a second language if they aren’t) then you are of value. Engineering skills themselves are valuable because it takes years of schooling and on-the-job training to be an expert in your field.

Civil engineering jobs in China are always in demand because the country has many very large cities that they need to keep structurally sound at all times, especially due to earthquakes. There are also rural parts of China, and they would be inaccessible without roads, nor would the residents of some towns receive any water at all if not for the work of civil engineers. If you are used to the way structures and cities are laid out in your city or country, you may have a little bit of a learning curve once you get to China, but it’s a bunny hill and the culture more than makes up for the time you’ll spend learning.

Mechanical engineering jobs in China for expats and other foreigners are in high demand right now, especially because China is changing its focus from one of relying exclusively on exporting goods to other countries – so their economy is based on the economy of other countries – but of one where they rely on their consumer purchasing power. This means they need higher quality goods, produced faster, and also cheaper. Mechanical engineers can make sure the machinery that makes these goods (especially food) does all those things and more. One of the trickiest parts of making a machine that works to make consumer goods is to make it multi-functional so that it’s worth the cost that the manufacturer will pay the engineer to design it and oversee the building of it in the factory. When a manufacturing machine can be used to make several different things, it also cuts down on repair costs, and it cuts down on the costs of the product being made. When you are trying to get the consumers in your country to buy your products and drive your economy, this is a valuable commodity, and sometimes mechanical engineers from other countries will come with skills that people in China won’t already have. New technology comes out in different places, and it largely spreads with the movement of people around the globe.

Sometimes companies, especially MNCs, will want to hire someone (or a team) from a specific country because that is where they are going to be doing business. That is why many of these MNCs have engineering jobs in China for Americans. America is China’s biggest importer, and even though China’s focus on the economy has changed, a country still has to have an outside source of income for the country to be considered a global force. Because China does so much business with the US, it is very handy to have people on staff who are familiar with the Chinese culture as well as American culture and speak both English and Chinese fluently. This way no mistakes are made in translations or by saying incorrect idioms. Also, the US staff can inform their employer about what kind of products, or services, would be needed in the US that they could provide.

That’s a lot of engineering jobs in China for English speakers, here are a couple of other opportunities you may see available in China for foreigners.

Teaching Jobs in China for Indians

It can be harder for people from India to find jobs teaching English in China, mostly because while their written English is usually perfect, they can speak with an accent that is hard for some first-time language learners to understand, and then those learners will pick up on that accent, and it’s hard to get rid of once you’ve learned it. However, if you are from India and you have learned English elsewhere, and your accent is mild, you may be considered. Also, some people hire private tutors for their children, as well as older adults, in their home, and native English speakers can be quite expensive for a job like this. So teaching jobs like tutoring and in-home English lessons can be perfect for non-native English speakers like those from India. If you hold a degree in English, or if you speak English and hold a degree in something you can teach at the college level, you may be able to do that, as many college level students already know how to speak English and would understand you, so you would just be teaching them the subject matter of your degree.

Hotel Jobs in China

Many people go to China to visit family, to see the culture, or just taste authentic Chinese cuisine! It’s another place you can mark off the map as a place you’ve been for some people, and the one and the only place you’ve ever, and will only ever, go in your lifetime for others. But because so many people visit China, especially the big cities like Shanghai or Hong Kong, there are a lot of hotels, and it’s important for those hotels to be staffed. People come from all over the world and having a bilingual staff is important as well. If you are looking for hotel jobs in China for foreigners, you are in luck, because there are a lot of them. In this industry there is a lot of room for advancement, especially into management, so make sure to work hard and you might just have your hotel one day!