Founding year: 1951

World University Rankings 2016: 500-600th

Asia University Rankings 2016: 83rd

BRICS & Emerging Economics 2016: 75th

Total number of students 29, 623

Number of international students: 3219

Total number of academic staff 2,118

Number of international staff 50

Number of undergraduate degrees awarded 3, 558

Number of master’s degrees awarded 3,966

Number of doctoral degrees awarded 418

The Faculty Student Ratio is 2:7

Female to Male Ratio is 63: 37


East China Normal University (ECNU) is a comprehensive public health university which takes pride in being one of the most prestigious universities in China. It is directly under the People’s Republic of China ministry of Education and it’s a key university listed under project 211’ and project 985’. ECNU is situated in Shanghai and was founded in 1951, a product of a merger between Kwang hua University ad Great China University. It is famous for its beautiful campus and it’s also referred to as Garden University. It has two campuses located in Putuo and Minhang District and covers a total area of 207 hectares.

ECNU was selected among the first 33 higher education institutions authorized to establish their graduate schools in June 1986 by the State Council. The university is now a renowned university nationally and it supervises and sponsors publication of over 20 periodicals and academic journals. ECNU rides on the steady and transformation of China and Shanghai’s modernized metropolis presents huge opportunities to the university.

It is no surprise that the university is steadily rising to become an internationally recognized high-level research university. ECNU adheres to its motto, Seek Truth, Foster Originality and Live up to the Name of a Teacher’. The University has achieved quite a lot in scientific research, international exchanges, community service and talent training. This has been quite instrumental in the Chinese basic education development, training of teachers as well as major advancements in science, society and economy. ECNU not only offers first-class disciplines but also has made major milestones in the development of a well-coordinated discipline that proves to be a secret to their success.

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

East China Normal University has such a strong facility making it a comprehensive and research University. Currently, ECNU has 3 faculties, a college of Marxism, 23 full-time school, 11 advanced research institutes, 2 colleges, a college of further education which has 58 departments that offer 79 undergraduate degree programs in education, humanities, engineering, science, management, economics, art, philosophy, law and Psychology. Additionally, it has 38 State Primary Disciplines’ master’s programs and 26 State Primary Disciplines’ doctoral programs.

First-Rate Faculty Team

It is made up of a faculty of more than 4,000, with 2,000 full-time teachers, 1,200 professors and associate professors included. Among its member, it has 14 who are Chinese Academy of Engineering or Chinese Academy of Sciences academicians while six members are academicians of both academies. State Council Academic Appraisal Committee has 11 members in ECNU while Ministry of Education sponsored Yangtze scholar Award Program has 8 lecture or hired professors. Still ECNU has 105 tenured professors, New-century project has 9 state level talents, 10 of the university members are winners of National Outstanding Youth award and ECNU’s Zijiang Scholar Award Program has 80 lecture and hired professors.

High Quality Cultivation of Talent

It has indicators which affirm that Eat China Normal University plays a major role in development of talent in China. Some of the indicators include high employment rates as well as a high degree of job satisfaction among both graduate and undergraduate level alumni. There is also a high pass rate for major professional qualification exams among East China Normal University students.

Continuous Increase in Scientific Research Capacity

Since its inception ECNU has placed much importance on both basic and applied science research. Its mission is to become a globally recognized high-level research university and that’s why so much is put in place to see that they achieve that in the coming few years. The research funding in ECNU has steadfastly rose to RMD 23.784 million from RMD 4.093million between 2001 and 2010. ECNU major milestones in research have been the construction of laboratories and research basis as well as increasing the number of Sci-tech awards, patents and academic citations. The university takes pride in having 4 engineering centers, 10 key labs, 2 state key labs, 6 leading Humanities and Social Sciences research stations as wee as 1 National field Observation and Research Station

National Leader in International Exchange and Cooperation

Holding internationalization quite highly, ECNU has a wide reputation and influence internationally. The University has a great understanding of the importance of exchange and cooperation with other international academic institutions and universities. Some of its strategic relationships with other global universities includes Tokyo University, Pennsylvania University, University of Melbourne and so many more. ECNU has gone further to signing collaboration agreements with over 150 research institutions and universities

Special Programs for International Students

ECNU hosts Study China Programme which is funded by the UK’s government where international students from institutions in the UK spend two months of summer studying Chinese culture and learning Mandarin in an effort to enhance relations with the UK institutions. Also in collaboration with Sinoway International Education, ECNU has from 2010 hosted American-style summer sessions. The university has garnered a great reputation in terms of credit transfers, student satisfaction and teaching quality. There are so many events and lectures which are provided to enrich the social and cultural experience of international relationship.

Extracurricular Activities

The international students are encouraged to join extracurricular activities with a very vibrant student association that goes beyond the academics into arts, recreation and sports. The students are involved in drama, choir, athletics, ball games and all other fun activities. The students are always involved in various competitions and there is also visiting China’s tourist attractions and holding parties over New Year, welcoming new students or just finding a reason to celebrate. The university has athletic facilities including outdoor basketball courts, outdoor courts, indoor basketball courts and also indoor badminton and table tennis courts.East China Normal University campus is so beautiful hence a tour around campus will be a good way to cool off after a busy day of lectures.


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