If you want to earn up to $3,000 or more, you need to strategize, and you also need to follow a set of rules. There are quite some obstacles and pitfalls that may prevent you from realizing your full potential. In this article, you’ll get to learn a few key things about getting the right job with the right pay.

There are various factors that will affect how much you can earn. The best way to look at these factors is to look at the various categories that these job opportunities fall under. One category is primary and secondary schools both private and public, universities, and cities you’ll be working in.


Both private universities pay just about the same amount of money. Teaching in universities is ideal for people who want to do something on the side. This could be a passion or an online business that you’ve been planning to start.

University teaching jobs are ideal for such people because you get a lot of free time. The beauty of it is that you are required to teach between 20 and 25 hours a week. What’s more, you do not have to stay on campus if you do not have lessons.

Primary and Secondary Schools

If you like working with kids, you could choose to work for a primary or secondary school in China. Teaching jobs in public and private schools also require the same number of hours as universities and other tertiary institutions.

The main benefit of this is that you get lots of free time on weekends and public holidays. It is also likely that you could get free housing for the duration of time that you are there. Since the cost of living in China is lower than in Europe and the US, you can save a lot of money especially if you don’t have to pay rent.

International Schools

You could also work for private institutes. There are expatriates and upper middle-class families that prefer to take their children to these schools. They take their children there so that they can get the kind of education that will make them eligible to study in international universities.

The hours are often longer. However, you can sometimes earn double of what you would expect from public universities and other primary and secondary schools in China. These job opportunities also come with a lot of benefits. For example, you can get free healthcare, free housing, paid vacations, etc.


To get the highest pay, you need to move to the right city. Big cities like Shanghai will likely have schools that are willing to pay more for a foreigner with the right qualifications. Smaller cities pay less, but in smaller cities, you are more likely to get some benefits such as free housing. Additionally, smaller cities have a lower cost of living.

Finding A Job

There are more teaching English teaching jobs available than any other jobs for foreigners. This is as a result of a ministry of education directive. The directive requires that schools employ only native English speakers to teach the language.

SAFEA (State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs) is the regulatory body that is responsible for recruitment of foreign teachers in schools. Schools must be licensed by SAFEA if they are ever to send you legally a work invitation. Schools that are not licensed by this body will often flout other rules, and they are also likely to exploit teachers, or fail to meet certain terms.

You can get a job through following two main routes. One is to contact an agency. It is important that you contact a reputable agency to avoid making costly mistakes. These unscrupulous agencies will either be frauds looking to take your money, or they may expose you to exploitation and other malpractices from the employer.

The other option is to find the job yourself. For some people, they may search online for a job. It is important to note that this is also susceptible to fraud. Other people opt to go to China to find the jobs themselves. Unfortunately, this can be quite an expensive affair. Moving to a foreign country without a job can be unnerving for many.


For a long time, schools in China did not require any special credentials for foreign English teachers. However, the requirements have changed. For example, it is not mandatory to have a bachelors degree. However, it will prevent you from taking advantage of certain job opportunities such as working in universities.

If you do not have a degree, you should consider getting a TEFL accreditation. This certification will help you get higher paying jobs such as those available in international schools. With the right strategies, you will be on your way to earning $3,000 for teaching English in a school in China.