Early childhood education is something you can travel profitably with if you have the qualifications. And in my opinion, the best kind of learning comes through travelling. And by travelling, I mean serious travelling abroad.

For early childhood education teachers, travel increases the excitement and the rewards. Many countries welcome you into jobs where you get to communicate with students of diverse backgrounds and share your distinctive knowledge with them.

Early Childhood Education Salaries

China is spending 4.15 percent of its GDP on empowering its education sector and the results have been huge. China recognises that early childhood education is foundational for every child. Children aged between three and five begin developing motor skills and interpersonal communication and teachers plays an important part in this by being vigilant and having the children do a variety of activities.

Early childhood education salaries are on the increase as the valuable input from teachers is recognised. The average salary ranges from $27,929 to as high as $80,000 depending on the salary band. Salaries also vary from company to company and location to location.

As an early childhood educator, you can indulge in a career where growth is guaranteed. It is becoming a highly paid profession, so you are able to enjoy a rewarding relationship with young ones and earn a great income too.

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Early Childhood Education Careers

Early childhood education shapes a child’s personal, social and emotional life. Psychologists agree that the early years of life become the guiding force for children throughout their lives.

There is no wonder then that careers in early childhood education are expanding by leaps and bounds. Teachers in the field are working as preschool teachers, day care directors, childcare centre directors, home-based service providers, family support specialists, consultants, researchers, elementary school teachers and children’s product sales reps.

As an early childhood educator, potential career paths do not stop with working for others. You can always set up your own academy or institute to train other educators and tutors. Of course you will need solid previous experience of working with kids first.

Early Childhood Education Job Description

Early childhood teachers must be good actors. By acting, I mean you will need to take on many different roles and characters every day. You will also face many new challenges on a regular basis that are not part of your job description. But good early childhood teachers are flexible and open; their priority is to ensure the safety of children in their care by guiding them in the right direction instead of simply instructing. Instead of providing set answers, a teacher empowers them to explore for themselves.

In this way, the job demands that the teacher nurtures children to become mentally, physically and emotionally strong. By instilling confidence in them, an early childhood teacher encourages children to develop critical thinking.

A teacher creates a space for students to express themselves. By devising and performing activities, the educator enables them to also learn about culture and value systems.

The job description for an early childhood educator cannot be summarised in a few bullet points. This is because the unique relationship between each teacher and each young student develops in terms of love, care, compassion and understanding.

Early Childhood Education Assistant Jobs

An early childhood assistant teacher is also referred to as paraprofessional or para-educator. An assistant is a qualified person who holds the diploma or an associate degree or specific certifications issued by the state.

Assistant teachers work under the supervision of a lead teacher. A typical job description would include: reinforcing lessons taught by the lead teacher, preparing activity materials and results, tracking attendance, maintaining files and helping students solve their smaller issues.

The assistant plays a critical role in the classroom because young ones require constant care and attention.

Early Childhood education jo

Early Childhood Education Jobs Overseas

The demand for early childhood education jobs is not limited to particular regions of the world. Many countries are aware of the significance of this role in educational setups and so your value as an educator increases overseas as well.

There is an abundance of opportunities available abroad for early childhood teachers to contributes to young people’s preschool development. Countries like China, Japan, Madagascar, Vietnam, Cairo, Accra and Malaysia all welcome talented and qualified early childhood teachers. There is a strong demand for candidates who can generate classroom environments best suited for preschool learners to grow.

Early Childhood Education Jobs in Canada

Being a preschool teacher is as exciting as it is rewarding. As an early childhood teacher, you can look for work opportunities in towns that you may not have heard of like Barrie, in Canada. With its dense population, the city welcomes qualified early childhood Western teachers to impart their knowledge to their many young people.

Educators in countries such as Canada are aware of the importance of early childhood education as it sets up a strong, positive learning experience that lasts forever. Barrie invites preschool teachers to work as early childhood educators, early childhood education workers, consultants or family support providers. Amazing salary packages and with bonuses are offered here.

Early Childhood Education Jobs Kitchener-Waterloo

Kitchener-Waterloo is an interesting destination to work and preschool teachers are considered the of life-long learning here. Similarly, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo is geared up to provide this type of valuable support to the education industry.

Job opportunities include day care directors, early childhood teachers/assistants, childhood product representatives and more.

Early Childhood Education Jobs in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is another attractive destination for early childhood teachers. The fast developing country welcomes qualified native English teachers from all over the world to work in, and experience, its diverse culture.

Being an early childhood educator in the UAE involves working in a multicultural environment. The profession is well rewarded in terms of pay in this country so any other benefits are a bonus.

The availability of early childhood education jobs shows there is a fast and growing demand for quality nurturing and teaching at preschool level. Demand comes from around the world. Qualified early childhood teachers like you can make your own mark!

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