You are looking for new opportunities to grow in your career. You are probably an administrator working in one of the managerial roles in the civil service. What prompts you to look for new opportunities is that you do not want to be stagnant in one role forever. To prove your seriousness about moving on to the next career opportunity, you have probably drafted a resignation letter, and just waiting to be dropped to your current HR manager. You have also informed your wife about your decision to call it quits.

job vacancies

As you intend to resign from your current position, you have probably gone through a number of online websites with advertisement about the currently available job vacancies. The biggest challenge that you face then is that the existing job opportunities are in one way or another not related to your career hence you seem not to find a vacancy that will aid in growing your career.

Avoiding the Rat Race

A majority of these opportunities are part-time summer job vacancies that favour the university and college students who are looking for experience to back up their academic qualifications. You do not want to be in a rat race with the students; all you are looking for is a full-time job opportunity that will enable you to utilise your already gained skills and experience. To add salt to the injury, you get into constant quarrels with your wife concerning your decision to quit your current job in search of new opportunities for growth. She advises that you should not quit your current job claiming that it is better to stick to it and receive the assured salary at the end of the month rather than staying around looking for a new job desperately like a headless chicken.

As a top civil servant, it will be very silly of you to quit a government job since the salary package is always assured at the end of the month, your kids medical cover is reliable, and pension contributions by the employer are above those of the private sector. You picture how your friends will think that your decision to call it quits is misinformed. But what keeps you sticking to your guns is probably the amount of incomparable experience you have accumulated over the years. Regarding academic qualifications, you have probably done an MBA, and this gives you the assurance and flexibility that you can work in any area because you have trained as an administrator.

By this time, you have made up your mind that there is no going back to the civil service despite websites such as advertising a large number of government job vacancies for US citizens and federal employees that you are qualified to work in. Another thing, you are interested in, is getting a career in the private sector because according to your research, you have found out that the salary package for qualified administrators is attractive and is tied to one’s output. Also, there is a high chance of you becoming a top executive as you continue to gain experience while working in your assigned roles.

job vacancies

It is a well-known fact that civil servants are usually committed to their work. Moreover, they are known to endure tough career times and adapt well to pressure. Their discipline and work ethic is what makes them be more employable. The fact that a majority of civil servants have to sign performance appraisal contracts from time to time makes them be competent in executing their roles.

As you continue with your search for new job vacancies, you come across a middle-level company looking for a top executive to help it grow into a top level company. Based on your administrative experience, you feel that your skills will help move this company to the desired top level, and so you give it a shot. You do not want to gamble with a start-up. However, a big salary package may be offered to you. You also do not want to gamble with it based on the existing huge opportunity to grow your career as an administrator the reason being that a large percentage of startups fail within the first 3-5 years of being established. You do not want to stand ‘accused’ for poor management of the already failed start-up.

Career Change

What’s more, you have always wanted to join the private sector because of the high chances of working around the world that are always on offer. You may want to explore new cultures as you travel around the world in your new administrative role. Large private companies have over the years continued to expand their businesses globally as they seek to attain the multinational corporation status. As an administrator in one of the growing companies, chances are high that as you might continue with your career, one day you will be assigned a role into a foreign country based on your rich incomparable experience. You realise that working for a mid-level company will present you with new challenges, unlike the routine tasks that are common in the civil service. These new challenges are thrilling and hence ignite the spark for growth that you have always been looking for.

You then attend the interview and after long periods of endurance, you land that dream job in the mid-level company. The salary package and other employee perks are more or less the same as those that you used to get as a civil servant. What motivates you to take up this role is the new challenges that it will present to you. It is probably your first time working in the private sector and also in the corporate world. Going through the company’s vision and mission, you can not help it but get motivated to stick to the company since they intend to expand their business globally.

Saying Goodbye

Parting shot, you need to have an exit strategy from your current employer supposing you are looking for new job opportunities. Before calling it quits, first, find a valid reason as to why you are exiting. It may be that you want to go the entrepreneurship way, or it may be that you are looking for new opportunities to grow your career. Also, consider the employee packages of the anticipated role. Moreover, you need to have enough savings to see you through the job searching period as it can be longer than expected. You do not want to experience a scenario where you call it quits only to stay home and starve as you look for the next job opportunity.

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