You Can Be on a Beach

The internet has opened up opportunities to such an extent, it is now possible to earn a living anywhere. The means of earning are no longer confined to the office. All you need is wifi, a computer and maybe a bit more technology, depending on the kind of job you’re doing, and you can earn. You can be on the beach, on a boat, on a mountain, in a cabin in the middle of nowhere and you can work, if you can connect to the internet that is.

Job Opportunities in the USA

Contrary to the notion that many people have about America not welcoming applicants from poor countries but prefer people who have financial stability, education and professional training, remember that America is the home of the rags to riches story. Americans are very practical and they seem to have an instinct for a potential money earner. If you’re able to make them money, they generally don’t care who you are or what you are or, in the 21st century, where you are.

Voice Actor

This may require a lot of practice, but once your skills are honed, you can earn $20 to $30 per minute of recording. Maybe you’re a natural, a born mimic, and you won’t need to practice at all. If you can impersonate well-known voices, you can make a fortune. Ad companies will want your services. If you just have a good radio voice and can’t impersonate anybody, you can equally make money.

Show Off Your Skills Playing a Video Game

Leisure time in this job is 100% if you like to play video games. You will be paid for playing the video game that you like, as you show off your skills on YouTube or live streaming. The drawback is that your earning will depend on the game’s popularity and games go in and out of fashion. The positive is that there are always going to be new video games and you’d get bored playing the same one for a 1000 hours anyway. Keep your finger on the pulse and know what games are popular or are about to become popular. Good timing could earn you $1000000.


Being a blogger is an excellent way for writers to earn good money. There are many good writers out there who have just never had the good fortune to get noticed by the right person or who have just been unable to tap into the zeitgeist. They’re frustrated, and to make ends meet, they have to do work which frustrates them even more. Writers write. Writers must write, as it is their calling and the opportunity to blog is something that’s relatively new. It may take a while until you get the attention of the public but absolutely anything can happen on the internet. Get your writing out there and suddenly you may find you have 1000000 followers. Then you need to learn how to get paid. A lot of people who have stuff on the net, don’t seem to be aware their site immediately becomes a money earner. Something like 45% of revenue generated by your site or blog, depending on where you put it, is yours. But you need to claim it. Youtube, for example, though it’s unlikely you’ll be blogging on youtube, are not going to contact you to tell you, ‘We owe you $500 for the 2000 views you’ve had’.

At least you’ll be creating, you’ll be writing, which, for a writer, will remove some of the frustration. Your work will be out there drawing in readers. The next step is to publicize your blog on social media. Some of the ways bloggers make money is through affiliated advertising, posts being sponsored, product sales, etc.


The majority of translators do their work while sitting at home, and most of the time under demanding deadlines. You may need a specialized degree to get into this field, but, of course, the most vital qualification for translators is being fluent in two languages. According to statistics, 20% of translators became self-employed in 2013. Most of them work for big companies that specifically have a lot of dealings with people or companies in other countries.

Job Opportunities in Europe

If you are thinking of getting a job in Europe, you need to have a set of skills that are in demand, because you’ll need to explain why you, a foreigner, are the best applicant for the job. You are fortunate if you are fluent in English or if English is your first language, because it is a valuable asset in many positions. Having languages on your CV is very useful in Europe, particularly European ones. Obviously, communication is essential in all jobs. Whether it’s France, Germany or Poland, if you speak their language well, then the jobs that are available to you are extensive, especially if you have your own language as well. The situation regarding working visas in Europe or even visas in general is changing all the time. Very soon it might be as difficult to get a working visa for Europe as it is to get one for America.

This article has provided a few simple and sometimes lucrative job opportunities you can do pretty much anywhere. They’re testament to the fact that you don’t necessarily have to wake up at dawn, leap out of bed into the shower and leave home while it’s still dark to make money. You can take it easy, sleep until lunch-time if you like and clock-in when you’re ready. Life is there to be enjoyed so why not enjoy it.

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