There are dog tricks and then there are cool dog tricks. If you have a dog, it definitely is your best friend. Why? Well, there are many reasons as to why your dog is your best buddy. Contrary to popular belief, many Chinese love dogs and have them as beloved pets.

First, you spend a lot of time with them and they can be great adventure companions. Secondly, your dog will always be loyal to you no matter what. Lastly, once you teach your dog some unique dog tricks, you will always have ‘someone’ to play with during your leisure time. Did you know that people who have dogs as pets live a happier and stress-free life than those who don’t?

So, how do you train your dog? Training a dog advanced dog tricks can be challenging depending on the breed and your lifestyle. On the other hand, some cool dog tricks such as high fives are not that hard to teach. It’s important to note that training your dog will make things easy for you and everyone else in the household.

Naturally, a dog wants the approval of his best friend (you). Most of the time, your dog wants to please you. Unfortunately, it can’t do that if you don’t teach it what you expect. This article contains tips on how to train your dog and some of the best dog tricks ideas.

Dog Tricks

How to Train Your Dog:

Preparation for Dog Training

The first step to take is choosing a dog that fits your lifestyle. Not all dogs will fit your specific needs. For instance, if you love relaxing, go for a bulldog that prefers to cuddle on the couch all day rather than a Jack Russell Terrier which is always energetic and constantly barking.

You should be honest with yourself about the compatibility of the dog you want with your lifestyle. For instance, don’t go for a dog that needs a lot of activity just because you want to cut down some pounds. Keep in mind that if you can’t keep up with exercising a high-energy dog, you will end up frustrated.

How you name your dog also matters. Choose a name that the dog can easily learn. This makes it easy for you to capture his attention during training. It should be clear and carry some hard sounds that the dog can recognize. Use your dog’s name often when petting him, playing, training him or when you need to get his attention.

The Actual Training

During training, you should manage your mood and expectations. Not every training day will be perfect. Don’t take your frustrations out on your dog. Therefore, you should adjust your own attitude and behavior to encourage your dog’s confidence and ability to learn.

Different dog breeds learn differently and at different rates. Some will challenge you constantly, while others will bend over to please you.

Never forget to give immediate rewards. If your dog learns a new trick, give instant rewards to reinforce that behavior. If you wait too long, he will not associate the reward with the cool dog trick you just taught him.

Always be consistent. Your dog will not understand what you really want from him if the environment around him is not consistent. For instance, if you don’t want him to jump on people, don’t let other household members (especially kids) allow it to jump over them. Also, the dog doesn’t understand your language; hence they can’t tell the difference between ‘sit down’ and ‘sit’. Using these terms interchangeably will just confuse him.

Dog Tricks

Some Cool Dog Tricks Ideas:

High Five

This is the easiest trick to teach your dog. If you really want to impress young children, this is what your dog should learn. Just start off by commanding him to sit and reward him with a treat. Then, hold a treat in front of him but a little further from his reach.

Now, say the command ‘high five’ while gently tapping one of his feet. There’s a high chance that he will raise his foot to paw at the treat in your other hand. As soon as he makes contact with your hand, give him the treat. Keep repeating these steps until your dog raises his foot automatically each time you give the command.


This is another cool dog trick that aims at encouraging your dog to have self-control. He will know that he gets a rewards only when he remains calm and waits for permission. This trick makes your dog at least appear completely obedient to other people.


This trick ensures that your dog barks on command. It’s useful as you can also teach him to remain quiet.

Turning off the lights

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to turn off the lights but the switch is just too far? Well, if you have, then you should train your dog how to turn off the lights. There’s no need to move from your comfy and warm spot. For small dogs that can’t reach the switch, use a platform or chair so that they can jump on. Don’t forget to give him a cookie and a pat on the head.

Army Crawling

This is another advanced dog trick which focuses on improving your dog’s physical fitness. Some dogs will start to crawl without training while sneaking onto the couch or licking up crumbs from the carpet.

Begin by training him to lie down. Now hold a treat firmly between your fingers in such a way that your dog can smell and lick it but cannot take it from your hand. Hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose and drag it slowly along the floor. As soon as the dog crawls, praise him and give him the treat. If he stands up to take the treat, quickly take it away and start over again.


This is a cool dog trick for smaller dogs. However, larger breeds can learn it with some gentle encouragement. If your dog is overweight, don’t teach him this trick as he might develop some problems in their rear legs.


There are hundreds of cool dog tricks that a dog can learn. To teach your dog some of the advanced dog tricks, ensure that he knows basic dog training commands such as stay, come and sit.

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