Are you struggling with balancing your life with your work? If yes then you should know that you are not alone, there are so many individuals all over the world who are also struggling to get a perfect work life balance. The working environment has become so competitive that many individuals are forced to dedicate much of their time working.
Whether you are working at a blue chip company or you own personal business, you always find it difficult to balance your life and work. In fact, most individuals are so taken by work that they do not differentiate their personal life with work life. You will find individuals with their eyes glued to their personal computers or smartphones at home, replying to emails or consulting other colleagues on work related issues instead of having a good time with their family.

Lack of a perfect work life balance has a lot of negative effects in individuals lives, which include marriage issues and poor child-rearing, among other family issues since you do not spend enough time with your family. If you have been struggling with balancing your work life, you do not have to worry anymore since the following these tips have been proven to help many individuals like you solve their problem.

Be organized

Becoming organized is the first step you should take towards having a well-balanced work life. You need to know what to do and when. This will help you to allocate enough time for everything, including personal and work life. When allocating time for your activities you should ensure that you spare enough time for your personal life.

If you think that you have a lot of things to be done on the same days at work, allocate their time next day since it is clear they cannot be handled the same day. Organizing your work will also help you to determine whether you are efficient, or you need to make some improvement to boost your productivity.

Avoid taking work home

Taking some work home means that you have not stopped working, you have just shifted the place of work. When the time to leave work comes, note down all the outstanding tasks, shut all the working devices and head out. If you cannot stop thinking about work get some like-minded friends to spend time with you and you will forget about work before you know it. The act of switching your working devices, and closing files and diaries trigger the mind to prepare for other activities that are not work-related.

Do not add to the to do list

Most individuals are very good at following their timetable but things go wrong after they accomplish what they had planned and start adding other activities to their to-do list. After finishing handling all the stuff on your to-do list never under any circumstance and some more tasks, instead take the day off or look for something fun to do that will make you relax.

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Always do what you love

If you do what you love then your entire life will be fun. I am sure you have heard of individuals who have made a fortune by turning their hobby into a business. If you always feel irritated when you have to wake up to go to work, then it is high time you find something else to do. Individuals claim that they remain in their current jobs due to the high rate of employment. However, this belief makes you a slave to your work since you always live with a fear of getting fired. If you can be able to stand for yourself, then you have control of your life.

Always look forward to something

Why do most people work? The major answer is to make ends meet. However, if you cannot enjoy life then why work so hard. It is good to look forward to doing something exciting like playing football on Sunday evening, going for a movie on Friday and even hiking on Saturdays. You can also be looking forward to your birthday party which an exciting feeling.


Meditation is an art that has been practiced for many centuries all over the world and has been confirmed to relieve stress, relax the body, as well as nourish the soul. You do not have to be a meditation master to benefit from meditation. If you have never meditated before, start taking some meditation class, and you will be amazed on your improvement. Mediation helps you to listen to your inner voice, thus allowing you to control your life. Individuals who meditate are usually able to calm their nerves quickly and are always focused on whatever they are doing.


Sometimes we find ourselves working since we do not have something else to do. Spending most of the time behind your desk has a lot long term side effects, which includes frustration and stress build up as well as poor health. In fact, lack of exercise has been the major causes of many health complications such as weight problems, heart diseases, blood pressure, and blood sugar among other health complications. If you want to balance your work life, develop a habit of jogging in the evening and enjoy nature. You can also subscribe to a gym where you make new friends; as a result, you will find life to be more fun.

Learn to say no

Do not be the good Samaritan at your work. You should learn to tell your boss no whenever you are required to do something that does not fit in your life, such as working too many extra hours. Remember your life is more important than anything else. Let everyone around you know that you value your personal life and they will respect it.

The idea of balancing your personal life with work life is to allow you enjoy life. If you get addicted to working you will never enjoy life. In fact, when you start enjoying your personal life you will be amazed how amazing life can be. If you follow the above tips, you will be able to get a perfect work life balance.

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