You want to pay a visit to countries bordering China that don’t require a travel visa. You are in China right now, so you do a search: ‘Countries bordering China map that don’t require visas’. And you probably won’t find one!

If you are a US passport holder, you have many travel pluses. You are probably used to having access to 160 countries you can visit without a travel visa. Some countries that offer this access include Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, France, Italy and Ireland. But a lot of countries do require a visa – especially the ones bordering China.

This article takes a look at three of the countries bordering China that offer visa free access to US citizens!


The country of Kyrgyzstan covers an area of 198,500 km. It has a population of 5,213,898, and the main languages spoken there are Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz and Russian.

One of the biggest upsides to visiting Kyrgyzstan is that its visa free access is not limited to residents of the United States. Kyrgyzstan offers visa free access to citizens of 44 countries who want to stay up to 60 days and enjoy the climate that varies from polar to subtropical.

Things to do in Kyrgyzstan are virtually endless! You could shop or wander around the Dordoi Bazaar (the largest market in Central Asia), do some water sports in the Issyk Kul (the second largest high altitude mountain lake in the world), observe the traditional nomad lifestyle in Son Kul, and take a motorbike tour of 1-14 days through some of the country’s most beautiful mountains.

Kyrgyzstan is an absolutely beautiful country that is often overlooked, but tourists are starting to get over there for the skiing too.


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Nepal has one of the most vibrant ancient cultures on our planet and is home to over 26 million people. It too offers access to the country without a visa. However, it is worth mentioning that Nepal handles things in a different way from Kyrgyzstan. Unlike the maximum of 60 days Kyrgyzstan provides, visa free access to Nepal can involve a stay of up to 150 days! While that may seem a lot, you might have a hard time squeezing everything in!

Places to visit here include Upper Mustang, Dolpa, Kumari, Lumbini (the birthplace of Buddha) and – of course – Everest! Everest is one of the wonders of our world, and you don’t even need a visa to experience this amazing natural beauty. And hey, if that isn’t enough for you, you can go trekking, zip flying, mountain biking, bungee jumping, and create traditional crafts with your own two hands.


While Vietnam may lack the big and loud tourist scene that attracts so many to countries like Nepal, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Nepal is great if you want to visit one of the world’s most highly-traveled destinations, but what if you’re looking for something more remote? Vietnam perfectly fits that description. Vietnam’s population is way bigger than Nepal’s: 90.5 million people live here.

In regards to how the country handles passports, visas are issued on arrival – but with one exception. You must have ‘pre-approval’ which means you apply to an embassy beforehand. If you’re all good on that front, get ready to experience the amazing things Vietnam has to offer.

Writer, Iain Stewart, is a frequent traveler to the country. He writes about the quaint and solitary mountain passes that are less-traveled and away from the crowd, and lovely little beach coves that are found all over the country. The country also has the largest artificial sea in south-east Asia which is inside the Bình Dương tourist complex.

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In 2011, Michael Jackson’s father went to a function in Long An Province to promote the construction of one of south-east Asia’s largest entertainment complexes. This project, when completed, will include an amusement park called Happyland that is expected to attract 14 million tourists a year. In April this year the Motor Sport Park, Happyland held its first auto-racing circus. So Vietnam is set to become a major tourist destination – get in quick before the crowds.

Cuisine in countries bordering China

There you have it folks. The three best countries to visit that border China and offer visa-free access! Traveling is, in itself, entertaining and an eye-opener. But we all need to eat, right? So what are the types of foods you will find in these three countries?

Kyrgyz food is mostly meat-based, with mutton, beef and horse meat. You will find yourself eating broths with your hands, as well as flat breads, fried breads and noodles. They also have meat-filled steamed dumplings they call ‘manty’. This traditional cuisine is hearty and warming.

Nepal is more suited to the vegos out there. You can find vegetarian as well as meat spiced curries. Traditional Nepalese cuisine is filled with the aroma of spices that make your mouth water. The country is also known for its steamed vegetable dumplings called ‘momos’.

Vietnam has one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, with a lot of fresh ingredients. Traditionally fish was used a lot more than meat. In this country, food has to include all five tastes: spicy, sour, bitter, salty and sweet. So you will find some main meals include palm sugar, soy sauce, tamarind and spices.

Our world has so many attractive destinations, and the three we have talked about today are very popular. We know you’ll have an absolutely unforgettable time as each of them has something unique to offer. Between the exquisite bazaars, towering mountains, water sports and delicious food, there is definitely something to keep everyone happy during their stay.

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