There are literally hundreds of content marketers around. If you visit any of their sites or forums, you’ll find many people consider themselves experts in this field. But these co-called experts make mistakes in content marketing too.

Content marketing demands practice and experience, as well as knowing what works and what doesn’t work. In this article, I’ll talk about the main mistakes even expert content marketers make. Feel free to use any of this information and improve your own content.
Some common, and bad, content marketers mistakes

1. No research

A lot of the time articles are not researched enough to be published. Even well-known content marketers make the mistake of not researching their articles thoroughly before submitting. This is probably because they are just trying to generate traffic, and they use articles to do this. But people in the know will recognize when the content is wrong.

Having content published with the wrong information, or no research, is infuriating for the online public and will often lead to angry responses in the comments section. If you’re not too familiar with a subject, do the research first. Your objective is to show you’re an expert in the field.

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2. Ego

Thinking about your ego first is a common mistake. A lot of experienced content marketers write bad articles and that’s a fact. Since they are successful within their market and well-known, they let their egos get in the way.

They may skip the introduction, write huge paragraphs, not focus on keywords or promote themselves in the copy. They think that because they have a name in the market, they can get away with writing junk. Some arrogant content marketers rely on their reputation over their content.

When you write, you are marketing to new readers as well as readers who have heard about you. Treat every article like you’re writing to impress and attract new readers.

3. Break-through information

Some experts suffer from severe writer’s block because they are trying to identify break-through information. But they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. With content marketing, there is no need to come up with whole new ideas. Explaining old, but useful, information is fine. Not everyone who reads your copy is knowledgeable. You need to target new readers as well.

4. Poor resource box

Again, this is related to the expert’s ego. Content marketers seem to use the same resource box for all their articles because they have been effective in the past. Your resource box should not be the same for all your articles. Each of these should relate to what each article is about. You still need to spend some time writing a good, effective resource box. This is what matters in the end.

5. Marketing

The work doesn’t stop when you’ve put out content. As a content marketer, you need to spend time promoting it. Try to generate as much traffic as you can to the articles you have online. Social bookmark them, tweet about them, put them on your blog and tell your list.

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This extra effort will add more clicks to your article, and this will attract more readers. If your article is one of the most read during the past 90 days, it will get displayed in a premium location which attracts visitors.

Content marketing is an art that needs constant updating. What works today, may not work tomorrow. We didn’t have Facebook and Twitter a few years ago, but now we can use them to promote our articles. You’ll get more mileage from your content marketing.

Content marketing through the internet

Internet marketing is all about selling your services and products in the online marketplace. Marketing through the web minimizes overheads and makes products and services available to global consumers at competitive prices. Whatever the scale of your business, marketing over the internet is possible. With minimal investment, anybody can start an internet business.

However, many internet marketers make the same mistakes that drag them under.

1. Building low content sites:

As a content marketer, you should know that content is central to internet marketing. Your website should be loaded with it. The more substantial your content is, the better your chances of being successful on the internet.

Don’t start out with a low-content website. It will get you nowhere. The weaker content sites don’t get noticed. So your content marketer talent won’t either.

2. Stop making false promises:

Making false promises will destroy your business relations from its roots. Don’t promise anything if you can’t follow through. The online business continues to exist with the help of the strong referral base that it gains. So, make only assurances on your site that you can follow through. You will get noticed very quickly as an experienced and honest marketer through genuine referrals.

3. Never ignore keyword research:

Appropriate keywords for your online marketing are critical to its survival. The more suitable the keywords, the more powerful your site will be. Research and find out what keywords your competitors are using. Also, check out which keywords are unique but popular for your type of business.

4. Don’t expect immediate results:

Have patience. This is one of the most harmful mistakes internet marketers do all the time. Never think of getting results without an appropriate marketing plan. You can’t become top of a competitive field overnight.

An honest attempt at building a strong website with a proper marketing plan will get your business to the next level. Of course, you need to research this so you get it right.

Don’t fall for these basic mistakes. Research what your business needs. Learn from the opinions of real specialists. Winning with content and internet marketing is all about getting traffic to your website, selling a product and getting referrals.

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