Technical Guidance In China CNC Machining

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CNC machining is a computerized manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer software commands movement in factory equipment and machinery. The method is applied in a range of complex machining processes, from grinders and lathes to routes and mills.

CNC stands for “computer numerical control” – pointing to the fact that CNC machining replaces manually or hand-controlled apparatus with a completely automated process. Once the machine is turned on, the specified cut is incorporated into the software and executed through the machine. With its fast and high-precision execution, CNC machining is used for the production of a range of products and prototype manufacturing materials.

Being the global leader in manufacturing, CNC machining China-based services have massively increased and gained significant traction. Today, these CNC machining companies cater to both local markets and the global manufacturing industry.

This article will introduce you to the landscape of CNC machining in China so you can become familiar with its scope and services, as well as how to choose the right supplier for you.

CNC Machining Landscape in China

China accounts for nearly 30% of global manufacturing, in large part due to its substantially lower production and labor costs, abundant workforce, and years of expertise. A substantial portion of companies are outsourcing manufacturing to China precisely because few countries can match its cost and efficiency.

Over the last 20 years, Chinese manufacturers have extensively increased the application of CNC machining on a global scale, allowing China to become increasingly dominant in the manufacturing sphere of CNC machining and rapid prototyping due to the distinct quality of its production services.

Lower labor costs in China should not serve as an indication of lower quality execution. In fact, nearby countries such as Vietnam and Taiwan have emerged as lower labor cost alternatives for machining, but Chinese manufacturers typically deliver superior results. This is partly due to better supply chains and logistics but also high levels of skill in the Chinese manufacturing sector, especially in CNC machining.

CNC Machining Services in China

China is known as the leader in the production of various products and parts that use materials such as aluminum, plastic, and metal. Applications of CNC machining are abundant and are found across industries. Some of the major ones with CNC machining applications include transportation, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction machinery, and healthcare.

Although CNC machining companies are spread throughout the country, China’s industrial zone, where most manufacturing plants are located, includes Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, and Hebei Hunan.

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