Job seekers usually ask themselves: What are good questions to ask in an interview? At the end of the interview, you’ll be asked if you have any questions, this is a crucial part of the process. The questions that you ask may give off a good impression, which you have thought about the position you are applying for and shows the interviewer you are well-informed about the company. Interviewers like to ask you questions, as it filters the excellent candidates from the weak ones.

Here’s a quick list of some good questions to ask in an interview.

1. From the information, I’ve given you about my work background, do you think my talents and skill sets will enable me to serve you and your company well in this role?

good questions to ask in an interview

The answer to this question will be a good indicator as to what essential skills the hiring manager expects you to be able to do while hitting the ground running. You’ll also get a feel for skills you may not be strong in, but can learn along the way, this gives you an overall idea of where you stand in the eyes of the hiring manager.

2. Can you describe to me some of the challenges you see for this position, especially in the beginning while getting familiar with the position and its’ responsibilities?

The answer will reveal what level of stress may be involved in this role, what types of activities you’ll be involved in to accomplish the short-term goals. Also, how much of a learning curve you can expect, and may give you an idea of just how long it may take you to get up to speed and feel comfortable in the role.

3. Could you tell me a little bit about the overall morale of the employees and the company culture?

If you want to know whether or not you’ll fit into the company’s culture and work environment, knowing how the current employees feel about their situation is a good starting point. Is it true that corporate people are high-strung and stressed out all of the time? Is it a more laid back environment, or more middle of the road?

4. Can you tell me about your leadership style?

It is important that you know up front whether or not you can feel comfortable approaching your supervisors or managers. Is the door always open, or is it more of a “figure it out on your” environment? Knowing whether or not you can feel comfortable working in an environment that fits your personality and style is important. For example, if someone’s management style is direct, loud, or abrupt, can you honestly deal with it every day if you’re a quiet and easy going person?

5. I am very interested in the position with your company. Could you tell me what the next step is in the interview process?

Whatever you do, don’t pass up this opportunity to end the interview by leaving a lasting “positive” impression on the hiring manager’s mind. It’s wise to use this part of the interview to show that you are interested enough in the company and position that you’d like to know what to do next, this demonstrates your eagerness to move forward.

6. What is the department’s pain points?

The information they provide here will prove invaluable on a variety of fronts. If you have the skill or ability to help the company overcome their pain point be sure to send the hiring manager and recruiter a follow-up, thank-you email. In the email mention one of the skills you possess that can help the department overcome their pain point. If offered the position put this information front and center in your effort to research ways that you can best contribute to the job.

7. What is the top skill you hope to find in the person that fills this role?

If you don’t have a lot of experience with the skill they are seeking it will help you understand why if they decide to go with another candidate or why it is taking them so long to fill the role. If you do have the skill they are seeking this is your chance to highlight and communicate clearly the depth of expertise you possess.

8. How is the team culture?

You will want to fit in within the culture. If it’s an advertising agency, you more than likely will not want to show up wearing a business suit and wingtips every day. If it is a close team culture that celebrates birthday’s or has Secret Santa exchanges during the holidays you won’t want to appear rude. Who was acknowledging your co-workers? Will you be interfacing with high-level white-collar clients? If so you will want to be well-groomed and use excellent manners and verbal communication skills.

9. What other positions have other employees moved on to within the company after holding this position?

Asking this question lets them know you are not interested in accepting a position in a dead-end role. This question implies that you are invested in and intent on growing your career options.

10. Does the company provide association membership or admittance to industry conferences?

This question isn’t so much about funds as it is the implication that you are constantly interested in learning and growing within your chosen career path.

good questions to ask in an interview

Having a series of questions ready to ask in an interview can help you fin out more “insider information” about the company, position and the actual responsibilities and activities you’ll juggle once on board. The answers help you determine whether or not the position is the best fit for you and the hiring company. It’s better to get as much information as you can ahead of time so when it comes down to a decision you make the best one possible.

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