An overview

The City University of Hong Kong is an educational institution based at the center of Asia’s most happening city i.e. Hong Kong. CUHK was started as in 1984 as a town Polytechnic but later was converted into a university in the year 1994. It is one of the eight tertiary institutes established under the supervision of the government. CUHK has received global recognition as the center for high-level education and research facilities. CUHK offers some 50 bachelor degree programs through its various colleges and schools.

University name:

The university is called the City University of Hong Kong, and it is also known as CityU.


The University of Hong Kong is based at 88 Tat Chee Ave, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

World ranking

According to QS World University, Rankings CityU ranks at number 57 in the world. As per the Asian university rankings, the university has been ranked at no 7.

Total number of students

A total number of students completing their education from CityU are around 9307. Out of the total number 30% students are completing their post graduation while 70% are completing their graduation from this University.

Total No of International Students

The total number of international students in the university is 3408.Out of this count, 76 % students are here to complete their post-graduation while 24% are completing their graduation from this University. The number of international students is approximately 36% of the total student count.

Total No of faculties

The total number of academic staff working with the University is 1352. Out of this amount count, 951 is international faculty while 1176 are professors who have completed their PhD. All the information has been gathered by the QS Intelligence Unit.

Academic reputation Of the university

CityU is famous for providing excellent quality education to its students which help them in achieving their goals. In the last 20 years CityU has grown from a small institution which offers nine academic programs at a university of international repute. CityU offers a variety of courses and programs which lead to high education degrees like associate, bachelor’s, masters and others.

Employer’s reputation

The faculty employed in the University are the best from the entire world, and each teacher is an expert in their field. The University boasts of having a human resources office which provides help to the faculty in case they are facing any problem or issues in their job here.

The human resource office works in tandem with all the departments of the office to ensure that the best talent is given a chance to work here. The human resources department takes care to ensure that all faculties fulfill their responsibilities well, and the mission statement of the university is upheld.

Research aspects

The research services department of the university takes steps to provide all kinds of support to students who are keen on pursuing their research-based opportunities. The University has more than 30 research centers which aim at providing good quality research education to all students.

The Areas of Excellence Scheme launched by the University in the year 1997 strives hard to provide a base to achieve international excellence in research by collaborating with many international universities.

Faculty and student ratio

The faculty and student ratio to this reputed university is around 12 to 1.

Extracurricular activities

The CityU’s student union was set up in the year 1986 and has now about 19 societies, 40 clubs, and seven resident associations. All these bodies organize functions which provide a lively atmosphere and makes the stay of the students all the more enjoyable. CityU has one of the best sports team in the region.

The Run Run Shaw Library was set up in the year 1984 but in 1989 was moved to its present place. The library claims to have more than 1,067,400 print books and about 2 million eBooks.

Best programs offered

CityU offers more than 50 courses through the various colleges in its jurisdiction in different fields like arts, humanities, management, science, technology, research, life sciences and social sciences. However, their social sciences courses have been highly ranked and rated at no 61 by the Times Higher Education Supplement of UK.

Opportunities for international students

The CityU offers scholarships to meritorious international students from their CGPA achieved during their years of study at the University. Many students are quite discontented with this approach however as they want a broader criterion for scholarships being awarded.

All students who are interested in studying at CityU have to complete the necessary paperwork with the authorities, and the CityU has an international office to take care of that. The university also agrees to become a local sponsor for the student as it is a necessity for an international student to have a local sponsor before applying for a visa.

Academics and research options

The high-quality educational facilities offered by the university take care that students can soar the skies of success. There close to 30 research centers are a haven for students who wish to come here for better research prospects.

However, before arriving at CityU, it is best to clarify all admission procedures beforehand as the university is considered to be very rigid regarding rules and any error on your part can cause you grave discomfort.

In conclusion, we can say that the CityU is a beautiful place to be concerning expanding your education skills as well as your overall development. Choosing the correct university for your education is a very tough job so make your choices wisely by keeping in mind all aspects.

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