Before you embark on the search for the perfect teaching job in China, you should ask yourself, why do you want to live China and not any other place. There are plenty of reasons why you’re considering to make the move. Some of the reasons are:

· Desire to learn the Chinese language

· An interest to learn more about the Chinese culture

· To earn more money than your current job

However, it is important to note that teaching in China is not necessarily a way of getting rich, though the salary should give you a comfortable lifestyle. You’ll also earn extra cash to save for future projects. Apart from working your regular hours, you can choose to work overtime if you want extra money. A regular teaching contract in China requires you to work between 20 to 25 hours a week. In the bigger cities such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, there are a lot of opportunities to work online as many people desire to take tutorial classes. The low cost of living and the fact that accommodation is usually provided, you basically have unlimited earning potential. But to maximize all of these opportunities, you need to find the perfect teaching job:

Choosing the correct city

Make sure you narrow down your search and choose the teaching jobs that are in 1st tier cities. You should consider the following factors when making a decision on the city you want to teach.

· The potential of earning extra cash.

·The weather in the city.

· How the city is going to suit you.

As much as weather changes can be a minor factor, you should be aware of temperatures as low as negative 30 degrees celsius in Northern China.

How much do teachers earn

A typical contract should provide you with round trip airfare, and a minimum salary of 10,000 RMB per month. You’re also entitled to holiday pay, in exchange for your commitment for one year. For those opting for six-month contracts, they’re only offered a one-way flight. This salary might sound a bit small, but it’s more than enough for a comfortable lifestyle in China. If earning more money is your motivational factor, then you should consider a teaching job in one of China’s 1st tier cities.

Applying for vacancies

Always send as many applications as possible to the places that you desire to work. Send your requests through email. Compose a brief introductory email about yourself. In the email, make sure that you have attached all the necessities required for such an application.

All schools will conduct some sort of interview, it could be online or through Skype. Once a school has hired you, you’ll receive the contract as an email attachment. Only sign and scan back to them if you’re completely satisfied. However, it’s best that you check with the school and reach an agreement to salary before you receive the contract.

Arriving and Departing

Before flying to China, confirm you have all the required vaccinations, insurance, visas, certificates and documentation for the employer. Make sure that you have scanned all the documents. Contact a friend or relative is recommended before your departure.

Make appropriate arrangements with your employer, relative or friend to receive you on arriving in China. Leave unessential thing at homes; jewelry and family heirlooms are not necessary. It’s a good idea to go through your wallet and remove all unnecessary items; library card, store reward card, gift card, etc.