Key Statistics

Chongqing University was on the Times 2016 Higher Education World University Ranking at 601-800th position, Asian University 2016 Ranking at 161-170th position and on BRICS and Emerging Economies at 137th position. The Student to staff ratio is 16:1.


Chongqing University (CQU) is a public, non-profit, higher education institution in the large city of Chongqing, South-West China and was founded in 1929. Chongqing University is an important national university and has “Excellence League” membership. CQU is among the universities under Project 985 and Project 211 and receives full support from Chongqing Municipal University, as well as the National Government, as it is developed into a first-rate, world-class university.

CQU’s Appeal

Founded in 1929 by General Liu Xiang, Chongqing University has developed into a comprehensive place of study, which offers competitive disciplines. Its main campus is strategically positioned in the newest municipality under the Chinese Central Government, which is the center for culture, transport and economy in South-West China. CQU provides a comfortable and beautiful learning environment, since it has the towering Gele Mountains to its north and the surging Jialing River to the east. Chongqing University consists of four campuses, which are located amidst beautiful scenery. It takes pride in being called the Garden University by the Chongqing Municipality.

CQU’s Approach

CQU offers a broad range of programs, research work and high quality education. It is among the leading universities in South-West China and has gained a very high reputation thanks to its huge contribution to the economic and social development of South-West China and China as a whole. The university puts a great deal 0f effort into developing creative minds and critical thinking, seeking excellence in teaching and research, developing an international course structure, cultivating the talents of a first class teaching outfit and improving infrastructure in research and teaching, so as to become a university that attracts the best minds. CQU is also focusing on fostering artistic and humanistic qualities in students.

CQU’s Philosophy

CQU is fully dedicated to executing the national strategy of creating a prosperous China. CQU’s philosophy is to ensure that the university is ‘taking root in Chongqing, finding a foothold in the South-West, facing the west, serving the whole nation, and stepping towards the world’. The university carries forward its excellent schooling tradition, strives for the realization of its goal of developing CQU into a first-rate, comprehensive, research university.

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

Currently, CQU has 26 colleges/faculties, a Graduate School, the College of Continuing Education, the City College of Science and Technology, as well as the College of Networking Education. The university also has 18 mobile stations for post-doctoral studies, sixteen preliminary level programs, 133 secondary level doctoral programs, 256 master’s programs, as well as 18 specialized master’s degree programs (MPA, EMBA, MBA and Masters of Engineering) and 89 bachelor’s programs. CQU has 12 state level, key subjects that fall under the project 211 as well as 80 ministerial/ provincial level, key subjects. It has eight core academic categories including liberal arts, management, education, agriculture, engineering, science, economics and law.

First-Rate Faculty Team

Chongqing University has 5400 staff and faculty members, which are made up 0f 2700 full-time lecturers, 1,700 professors and associate professors, three are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 12 contracted members from other institutions, four chief scientists of the National Project 973, six are members of the Subject Appraisal Team and of the Degree Committee under the State Council, four are state level experts with distinguished contributions and 500 are doctorate supervisors. The faculty members nurture all-round graduates who can compete on the world stage. The students are taught to work independently, as well as research methods that enhance their innovative and creative abilities.

Considerable Enrollment

Currently, CQU has an enrollment totaling 50,000 students, which can be broken down into 30,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 masters and doctoral students. The university is also very dedicated to creating a globalized university; hence it enrolls around 1600 international students on exchange programs, degree programs, language courses, as well as research fellowships. This facilitates interaction between domestic students and their foreign counterparts, as CQU values and encourages its unique combination of western and Chinese influences.

High Quality Cultivation of Talent

There are indicators which affirm that Chongqing University plays a major role in the development of abilities in China. Some of the indicators include high employment rates, as well as a high degree of job satisfaction among both graduate and undergraduate alumni. There is also a high pass rate for professional qualification exams among Chongqing University students. Students who graduate from CQU are adequately equipped with practical application and a strong theoretical knowledge.

Improvements in Education and Scientific Research Capacity

CQU has a national, first-rate architectural designing institute, a nationally important publishing house, as well as a first-rate institute for design and planning. The university has in recent years taken on 100 national scientific projects of different types. It has also won 40 Awards for Scientific and Technological Advancement, 13 National Awards for Invention, 968 ministerial and provincial awards, four Awards for Natural Science and 283 Awards for Teaching Achievements. CQU has a well-equipped library of modern facilities, more than 3.90 million volumes of books, 6000 types of Chinese and foreign periodicals and more than two million E-books. There is also the CERNET (China Education Research Network Chongqing Central Node) established in the library.

Global Collaboration

Chongqing University places a lot of importance on global exchange and collaboration. It has therefore developed inter-university collaborative links with more than 100 higher education institutions, in more than 20 countries, including England, France, Australia, Germany, the USA, the UK, Canada, Japan, Italy, Russia, the Netherlands, and South Korea etc.

Extracurricular Activities

CQU not only provides several academic facilities and aids to students such as the library, administrative services, study abroad and exchange programs, as well as financial aid/scholarships but also non-academic facilities and services, which include housing and sporting facilities and activities. The university encourages international students to join extracurricular activities, in order to develop well-rounded individuals, who can confidently compete on the global level. Some of the extracurricular activities include sport competitions, visits to major tourist spots, graduation parties, welcoming parties and New Year parties.

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