Chinese Work Permits for Americans

Chinese work permit applications are notably difficult to navigate, and the safest option might be to process it through an immigration expert. Immigration procedures are mainly processed at a local level, and each location requires its unique visa application process. This means that your application for a work permit will have to meet different conditions based on where you’ll be working.

When planning your visa and trip to China, you should have a thoroughly thought-out plan accompanied with simple expectations. Even though the Chinese authorities have made working and traveling to China far easier than it was in the past, to be eligible for a Z visa (employment visa), you need to fulfill several conditions. You need to obtain an official invitation to the country, together with a work license or special status as a “Foreign Expert”.
Why you really need a work permit

Do not take up a job with any other visa but a Z visa. Some foreigners who dream of working in China might decide to enter the country with an L visa for tourists, or even an F visa for business owners and then start working. My advice is not to risk this permit violation.

Firstly, there is just no guarantee that you will get a job before your visa runs out. Secondly, the longer you remain without a job in China, the more disenchanted you become because of the toll this will take on your finances: Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai, can become very costly for foreigners after a short time without a job.

The most important issue is that even when you do get a job, you will need to leave China to apply for the proper work visa from America. The Chinese government is not lenient in these types of matters.

FIN and Expat Assignments

Armed with your American qualifications you can start checking out some Foreign-Invested Enterprises (FIN) where a lot of Americans are employed. Getting a job in a FIN will mean an easy and straightforward work permit application.
Also, another way to ensure that your visa application is free of Chinese government bureaucracy is by getting an expat assignment from your current firm. This was a common thing for foreign workers in China. For instance, Siemens might send a few engineers with experience operating in the railroad building industry to oversee the specific development of a brand new high-speed train. These highly-skilled workers would stay back in China as project managers for a few years and Siemens will be tasked with the job of ensuring the visa and all documentation are handled by a department that liaises with the Chinese Consulate. In this case, the language barrier will not be a problem because these foreign workers are not required to know how to speak Mandarin.
Foreigners employment permit of the People’s Republic of China

A China work visa for US citizens is usually required for people planning to work in China regardless of duration. It is also issued to aliens who come to China for entertainment performance and is only granted if the applicant and their employer meet specific requirements.

  • First, the company should be accredited to employ foreigners.
  • The applicant has to meet all stipulated criteria.
  • The employer must also obtain a certificate that states you will obey the terms of the China Z visa requirements.

The most common job type is teaching English for which the minimum requisites is speaking English as a first language with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and two-year teaching experience. There are some situations where these requirements are overlooked- in a case where you get the employer to get your employment approvals on your behalf.

Applying For an Alien Employment License in China

Your employer will send you a China work visa invitation letter, visa notification letter, and employment permit that is necessary for your visa application. All family members accompanying you must apply for an S1 or S2 visa, with documentation to prove family ties.
China Z visa requirements 2015 are still the same in 2016. These conditions explain that your work permit is valid for only 30 days from your arrival date. Within this period, you and your employer must apply for a Temporary Residence Permit for the duration of your contract, which should fall between a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 5 years.

Requirement- China Work Visa for US Citizens

1. A valid international passport with a minimum of 6 months validity left before expiration and at minimum one blank page remaining in it.

2. one fully completed visa application form.

3. One current standard passport photograph attached on the application form.

4. China works visa invitation letter issued by an authorised Chinese entity.

5. A work Permit from one of the following:

  • Foreigners Employment Permit issued by the Social Security of the PRC and the Ministry associated with Human Resources.
  • Foreign Experts Certificate. This is a permit for International Experts issued by the State Bureau of Foreign Experts of the PRC.
  • A certificate of registration with the resident representative offices of foreign enterprises issued by the industrial and commercial administration offices in China.
  • An endorsement for commercial performance issued by the cultural affairs authority in China.
  • An invitation letter by the National Offshore Oil Corporation for offshore petroleum operations.

How to Apply

The best option is to visit the nearest Chinese consulates, embassy, or other diplomatic mission near you- best to do this in person for a well-informed visa application. You can also enlist the services of a visa or travel agency to act on your behalf. In America, it isn’t necessary to make an appointment, but if you reside elsewhere, you may need to call or book an appointment in advance.

China work permit processing time and visa fees

It normally takes about 4 working days for the visa to be processed. So if you send in your application on Monday, your visa will be available on Thursday.

The fee is as same as the fee for other types of Chinese visas. In general, the Chinese consulate will only issue single entry Z visas to aliens. For Americans, the fee will be $140 for American citizens and $30 for other citizens.

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