China is fast growing into a diverse global economy, a fact that has drawn many foreigners into the country. Being the culturally rich country it is, a good percentage of the population cannot communicate well in English. This creates a communication barrier between the locals and the foreigners; whether expats or investors. For everyone to understand each other better, there are language classes that are available to everyone. The immigrants can enroll in Chinese language classes while the locals can enroll in English classes. The English classes are also available to children, and you can get elementary teacher job descriptions online. If you have a passion for teaching and the thrill of adventure excites you, China teaching jobs are your perfect bet.

Teaching Opportunities in China

For those passionate about teaching and considering China for the first time, it is important to have a game plan. For starters, you need to research the teaching level, schools you want to teach in, the salary scale you prefer as well as the location among other factors. Check out preschool or elementary teacher job description against your qualifications. If it is your first time considering a teaching job in China, it is advisable to be cautious not to fall into the trap of unscrupulous recruiters.

Things to Consider When Thinking of a Chinese Teaching Job:

Type of School

Are you comfortable teaching in preschool, primary, secondary (public and private) schools, colleges or universities? Maybe you’d prefer private teaching lessons for people of all ages, or work with companies that offer in-house languages programs. The choice is yours.

Does SAFEA Recognise You?

State Administration must approve everyone who comes to China to work for Foreign Affairs, and given a Z visa and residency and work permits. Only institutions with SAFEA license are allowed to accept foreign teachers so you have that in mind when making applications.

Teaching Qualifications

SAFEA requires a foreigner to have a minimum of a Bachelors degree and 2 or more years of experience. This is the most widely known condition as an essential part of the English teacher job description. This is a rule that has been opened up for interpretation. However, it is accepted that Bachelors degree is the minimum requirement for a teaching job in China. You can browse around for teacher job description and a resume to get a clearer understanding of what it is you required. Most schools prefer bachelor’s degree holders, although you’ll find schools that prefer master degree teachers.

Chinese Teacher Responsibilities

Teaching opportunities are available at all education levels. Regardless of whether you have a Masters or Bachelors degree, a foreign teacher’s primary role, irrespective of the audience, is to facilitate the student’s speaking and listening skills. The technical aspects of the language are left to Chinese English teachers after the foreign teachers have laid the groundwork. This is because the professional levels require a deeper understanding of the Chinese languages, something that the foreign teachers lack.

Teaching Languages to Children

If you are passionate about education and do not have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply to teach lower education levels such as preschool and primary schools as long as you are a native of an English-speaking country. You can get the preschool teacher job description on many of the job sites to get an understanding of what would be required. You can also look at teaching kindergarten as well. Regardless of your qualifications, you must have a passion for working with children coupled with patience, creativity and strong communication skills in addition to the ability to plan and implement lessons.

Teaching Mandarin in China

Many foreign firms operating in China today enrol their workers for Mandarin classes. To meet the learners’ needs, Mandarin teacher duties mainly involve building a solid basis in local languages through structured and intense programs. These programs are purposely structured to equip non-Chinese natives in the language and culture so as to cope better with the social needs of working in a Chinese community. Most Mandarin teachers offer private classes to expats working in foreign-owned companies. Foreigners can enroll in Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese reading and culture courses as well as other programs.

Tips for Finding Your First Teaching Job in China

There are plenty of teaching jobs in China for all education levels; you cannot miss a spot. However, before you pack your bags ready to set off on an adventure, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Know Your Recruitment Agency

There are loads of fraudsters out there ready to pounce on you once they smell naivety. Therefore, before you enroll with any agent, do a thorough background check on them. Make sure you look at their credentials and go through the customer reviews.

Know What You Want

Browse around to get information on Chinese teacher job description requirements and qualifications and match them against your own. It is advisable to apply for jobs you qualify for. Your agency will assist you with your application.

Know Where You Will Be Going

When you apply for a job and get it, make sure the agency communicates all the relevant information such as the learning institution you are required to teach in, how much you’ll get per month, where will you stay, etc. It is common to get employers who arrange accommodation for their workers. Before you set off, make sure you get a picture of where you will be staying (and not an apartment just like it).

Know Your Embassy Services

Apart from renewing your passport and other official documents, your embassy will not be instrumental in solving disputes should they occur. It is important to know the limit of the services that your consulate will offer you and what you will be expected to handle on your own.

Let’s face it; moving to a new place has never been easy. It is especially stressful to go to a new country whose culture, language, laws, food and pretty much anything else is entirely different from what you are used to. However, it is exciting and fulfilling to learn new things and explore the world, especially if you are being paid for it. Before you make the big move, acquaint yourself with the culture changes, browse around and read about China so as to be prepared on what to expect and then head to China at worst you will have a good story, an insight into a different culture as well as being the envy of your friends.

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