If you have lots of Chinese friends or even just co-workers there’s no doubt about the fact that you would’ve noticed some incessant shouting and loud talking during normal conversations.While they mean no harm with their loudness, it tends to come off as rude sometimes.

Take a library, for instance. Libraries are supposed to be very quiet, but some Chinese people will probably still ignore those rules, why? Well quite frankly it seems to be a natural thing for Chinese people to talk loudly and while we may find it annoying sometimes, it’s more or less good fun for Chinese people. A loud talkers psychology is quite difficult to understand but even on that note, there are always some clear contributing factors.

talking loudly

Talking loudly on a cell phone in public is also something that they’re quite guilty of and who knows, they may even be capable of talking loudly in their sleep!

But the thing about talking so loudly is that it’s fast becoming a widespread phenomenon which some individuals have begun to embrace quite freely, but it’s fair to say that the Chinese take it to a whole new level.

The Chinese have been doing it for quite some time, a lot of people claim that the whole thing can be traced back to Chinese people from the past centuries who loved to express themselves in some ways and talking loudly was apparently one of them.

Chinese people are usually great and friendly, but it’s quite obvious that talking loudly is not generally accepted everywhere as it can throw your concentration of balance, could deter you from doing your work properly, or above all, it can just kill the peace and quiet in a given place. Just like in the example given above ( The library incident), Chinese people also talk loudly in restaurant’s and whist it can be annoying for some, it’s also quite funny as their spirited nature tends to send out positive vibes. It is just part of Chinese culture!


talking loudly

The same thing that fuels Chinese people to talk so loudly is probably the same factor that contributes to their eating habits. A number of Chinese people talk with their mouth full. Again, it is just a different culture!

The question of eating habits and the issue of talking loudly is constantly discussed on a plethora of forums due to a flurry of complaints of people about the habits of Chinese people. Going through a lot of these forums, the general idea people have is that, “Be it a cultural thing or a natural phenomenon we just want them to stop talking loudly in public.”

Loud talking is most definitely a natural thing which appears to have been passed down from generations of Chinese people, but surely there’s a better explanation than that. You’re probably keen on knowing why they talk so loud, well on that note, let’s examine some reasons why Chinese people talk loudly even in public places:

Societal Pressure

This factor often eludes the minds of people, but nobody ever stops to think that Chinese people express themselves in a loud manner due to societal pressure. Growing up in a country with a population of about one billion people isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s bound to be a large number of people talking at the same time and in that sort of situation, the average guy would have to talk loudly in a bid to have a real conversation in public.

Places like markets or parks will most likely have lots of loud talkers due to the vast amount of people that visit them, so looking at it from that perspective, when you talk loudly in public for a long time, it often results in you picking it up. That could be a contributing factor as to why Chinese people talk so loud.

The traffic also contributes a lot to it. In an event that you happen to be walking past a traffic stand-still with cars hooting and people yelling, you’re bound to talk loudly in a bid to effectively communicate with someone right next to you. And not just the usual car traffic, there’s always a large number of people out in China – so it’s only normal that the metropolis is noisy.


In all honesty, talking loudly in a conversation, especially about a fun topic tends to breed a lot of excitement and intrigue when socializing. For example, when you’re talking with your pals about a new video game or a movie you just saw, without even knowing you’re doing it, you may be talking loudly, everybody’s been in that sort of situation, even in public.

Chinese people love excitement and that fact seems to play a major role in their speaking habits, as talking loudly helps them express themselves better. Sometimes how loud you speak in a conversation can be an indicator as to how interested you actually are in the conversation for Chinese people. It comes across as a measure of respect and hospitality for some Chinese. So in that regard, talking loudly helps them to demonstrate authority or simply show interest in friendship, and as such, they aren’t moved by public criticism.

It’s seemingly strange for Chinese people to talk on a quite scale, talking loudly serves as a huge basis for self-expression amongst other things. It’s important to note that not all Chinese actually talk loudly but the ones who do, take it to a whole new level. In China, you’ll hardly get noticed if you socialize on a small scale.

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