Each and every culture out there has its unique types of food that is consumed and enjoyed. In fact, that is one of the most distinctive and exciting aspects about visiting different countries and experiencing their cultures first hand. While there are plenty of sites to see, people to meet, and works of art to take in, one of the best ways possible to get a real feel for a country and its culture is by experiencing a taste of the local food. Food is something that brings all people together. No matter who you are, what race you belong to, what country you were born in, how old you are, or whatever, we can all unite under the all-encompassing umbrella that is food. While we may enjoy certain foods more than others, and vice versa with foods we dislike, we can all rally together behind the fact that food is a way of bringing people from all over together.

Chinese people eat

Different Country, Different Food

One of the most exciting things about visiting a country you aren’t familiar with is the difference between their food and yours from where you grew up or live. In the United States of America, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chilli are prime examples of food that screams the culture of the United States. Everyone who grew up in the USA has eaten these foods multiple times throughout their life, and these are most likely the prime choices of food when at a family event or party of any kind. However, if you go to a country like France, snail and frog legs are typical food when it’s time to eat. Having snail every week for dinner in America sounds like a rather odd thing, and the same goes for having hot dogs on a regular basis for someone that lives in France. Food changes so much depending on the country you’re talking about, and that’s what makes it such a defining point for every culture out there. While several countries in the world have some mountain or body of water that’s wonderful to see and experience, only in America can you get at real Coney Dog, and only in France can you get some of the finest frog legs in the world.

Chinese People Food

With all of this in mind, we have to talk about the Chinese culture. China is perhaps one of the most fascinating and intriguing countries that our planet Earth has to offer. Between the rich history, beautiful works of art, and the vast assortment of people, China is one of the most culture-filled places to be if you’re looking for a country that has something to offer for everyone. When talking about Chinese culture, it’s impossible to mention it and not talk about the food that China has to offer. The list is incredibly long and flavorful, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular dishes that China has to offer:

Chinese people eat

. Jellyfish – Yep!

Those amazing, stinging creatures of the sea are frequently consumed in Chinese culture. Often referred to as “the glass noodles of the sea”, jellyfish is most often served cold and usually tossed together with toasted sesame oil and green onions. While you might expect this food to be slimy due to its nature, it’s quite crunchy when eaten!

· Peking Duck

When talking about Chinese cuisine, you have to mention Peking duck. This dish is one of the most popular in all the culture of the Chinese and is only served at fancy restaurants or for special occasions.

· Century/Millennium Eggs

Century Eggs are eggs that are preserved for a long period of time before being consumed. While often seen by many people as incredibly disgusting and hard to swallow, Century eggs can actually be quite delicious once you have acquired the taste for it.

· Phoenix Claws

While it may have a cute name, Phoenix claws, in essence, means chicken feet. Chicken feet are what you would expect actually, and are mostly made up of skin and cartilage. While this may sound incredibly unappetizing to someone from the United States of America, the Chinese consider this a real delicacy.

Will Chinese People Eat Anything?

When looking and reading through the food that we just talked about, your stomach might be beginning to churn a little bit. While chicken feet, old eggs, and jellyfish may not sound appealing at all to you, they are considered just as delicious to Chinese people as we find hot dogs and hamburgers to be delicious in the United States. It’s important to say this because people that are not from China often think that the people from there will eat anything. People event ask questions like “Do Chinese people eat cats” and “Do Chinese people eat rats?”. The answer is very simple – Chinese people do not eat everything! While the food they consume may be odd and different to us, it is simply normal and natural for people who have grown up and lived in the Chinese culture for all of their lives. While chicken feet may sound not exciting to someone from the United States, a hot dog may look incredibly unappetizing to someone that is from China. It’s not to say that Chinese people will eat anything, but that they will eat food that is relaxing and natural to them.

While it is understandable how it can be misunderstood about what Chinese people do and don’t eat, it is important to have an understanding that each culture out there has its unique set of tastes and flavours that they enjoy. The foods you like are different from the ones I enjoy, and the dishes you like to have are probably drastically different from meals that people in China enjoy having. While we all grow up on different types of food, opening up our minds and stomachs to trying out foods we are unfamiliar with can be a very exciting adventure. You aren’t guaranteed to like everything you try, but you could come to be the world’ s biggest fan of jellyfish. The thing is, you won’t know for sure until you try.

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