Chinese Culture -University is a private university situated in Yang Ming Mountain, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan. This is among the largest Taiwanese universities, and it offers a high-quality study environment which is peaceful, inspiring and healthy. This comprehensive university was founded in 1962 as the Far East Research Institute by Prof. Chang Chi-Yun but later on the late ROC President Chiang Kai-Shek called it College of Chinese Culture. Dr. Chang Chi-Yun developed the founding idea of Chinese culture- University, which is an integration of the advantages of the West and the East at the same time remaining up-to-date. He also laid down the university’s guiding spirit which includes, -temperament, -simplicity, -strength and tenacity’ as a way to intimate the importance of social and educational awareness in the university student’s life.

The university was recognized by the government’s Ministry of Culture and rewarded the institution of higher education title, and that’s when it received its current name- Chinese Culture University. The CCU has for the last five decades experienced remarkable growth and developments as well as played a leading academic role both professionally and culturally among the Taiwan Universities. At CCU, the Western and Chinese ideals of modern innovations and traditional values are combined into leading edge topics, meeting the demands of the globalized world as well as bridging cultural experience.

Key areas of education at CCU include Physical Education, Cross-Cultural Communication, Arts, Chinese Mainland Institute, and Architecture and Environmental design. Chinese Culture University offers programs and courses leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in several areas of study. The Ministry of Education granted CCU the permission to establish studies in Eastern Languages, Philosophy, French, English, German, Geography, Arts, drama, news, music, architecture, domestic science and physical education.

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

Chinese Culture- University is made up of 12 colleges, 62 departments, 59 undergraduate programs, 41 master’s programs and 11 doctoral programs. In the School of -Continuing Education has 11 bachelor’s programs and ten graduate programs. CCU has the highest number of programs compare to other universities found in Taiwan. Some of the departments have produced specialized manpower into the society. 70% graduates for the Department of -Great Atmosphere Science have been regularly supplied to governmental institutions. The Departments of Labor, Tourism, Urban Administration, Information Communication, and Mainland- China Studies have as well been providing a significant % of manpower to other related agencies.

Considerable Enrollment with First-Rate Faculty Members

Chinese Culture University has an annual enrollment of around 25000 students and 1600 staff and faculty members among them 161 Professors, 266 Associate Professors, 195 Assistant professors and 95 lecturers.

Inter-departmental and Global Curricular Collaboration

CCU reiterates the importance of inter-departmental collaboration design. For instance Culture and -Creativity program offers several cross –disciplinary courses such as communication, liberal arts, information, design marketing and advertising. Consequently, Chinese Culture Programs including Chinese Music, Chinese Opera, martial arts, and music keeps getting famous nationwide thanks to the support they receive from the prestigious faculty members who are masters in their own rights in their respective fields of -expertise in Taiwan. Globalization has made it possible for the possible future programs to meet the requisite social demands for cross-disciplinary professionals.

Also, CCU has developed a network of collaboration with over 200 sister universities from across the world and an intense Cross-Straits exchange.

CCU greatly values international and intellectual exchanges to enable their students to maximize their future professional perspectives, broaden students’ horizons as well as optimize their paths to successful careers.

Masters Programs for International Students

CCU has a number of special and innovative departments. It has the following masters’ degree programs exclusively taught in English for international students across the world. They include Journalism, Agricultural Biotechnology, Business, Digital Mechatronic Technology, Earth Sciences, Sports Coaching Science, English- and- American Literature as well as Journalism. Most of the faculties handling these programs have advanced degrees from overseas and are therefore well-versed with the requisite communication to use in providing guidance to the international students. Chinese Culture University also offers scholarships to international students and chance for the students to enroll for English-speaking programs.

Convenient and Beautiful Campus Life

CCU main campus has been known to be among the most spectacular campuses in Taiwan thanks to its spectacular Chinese Style buildings. Just a 40-minute-drive away from Taipei metropolis, it provides a healthy, convenient and scenic living and studying environment to its staff, student, and faculty. Also, CCU has another branch campus located in Taipei city while its School of- Continuing education is the most successful and largest in Taiwan offering degree programs across the island.

Extracurricular Activities and Facilities

Chinese Culture University’s library ranks 6th in Taiwan, and the University also has a unique University Museum- Hwa Kang Museum coming with exquisite Fine Arts objects. CCU is full of vigor, and its sports unit has been awarded 33 bronze, 30 silver and 41 gold medals from 2003 to 2009. The University has so many features to explore including a stadium- Da Xiao Building, which is greatly admired around Asia. There are also so many student organizations which hold various activities, and international students are encouraged to engage in social activities, learn how to contribute their part, communicate with collectives as well as learning how to support others in their interests. CCU also organizes workshops on themes such as arts, leadership, designs as well as recreational activities.


The international students are offered on-campus dormitory-style housing, and they get to enjoy a cross-cultural daily -life experience which is an easier way to adapt to the new Taiwanese way of living and studying. The hostels provide such a comfortable and convenient living environment and its well equipped with the necessities including wardrobe, book shelf, desk, internet access, fan and so much more. Students get to share facilities such as TV, Karaoke set, spin dryer, washing machine, drinking water dispenser and dryer.


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