Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for the year 2016 has been nothing less than bombastic. He has been in the news, most of the time for all the wrong reasons. He has come out and expressed himself in an outlandish manner, something that people have liked about him. Considering the latest news of 2016 presidential election results as an indicator of the things to follow, then there is a real paradigm shift. In the recent times, you must have seen or heard news features criticising the style of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for 2016.

Trump Targets China

To depict China’s opinion of Donald Trump, we should understand that he has always targeted China on his campaign trail; he pledges to put tariffs on most goods that are produced overseas and also bring other things like production of iPhones back to the United States.
With Trump at the head of the Republican Party, he could be elected to the White House. China criticised the United States election process as well Donald Trump, viewing him as a candidate who has opened a Pandora’s box in U.S. society.

Trump: the Orange Clown

China’s opinion of Donald Trump is that he was initially supposed to act like a clown  to attract more voters. Instead, he has attracted many uneducated and afraid voters, while for many of the Republican leaders he has become the party’s worst nightmare.

China: the Job Stealer

In campaign speeches, Donald Trump says China is to be blamed for stealing American jobs and breaking the rules. He criticised China for manipulation of currency and espionage. He also proposed raising taxes charged on China for any offences they commit. Donald Trump also rebuked the entire Government, specifically the State’s House for offering Chinese diplomats state dinners.

An opinion of Donald Trump on China trade during the first debate for the Republican candidates is no exception. He said the country is in big trouble; that the US does not win anymore and will always lose to China in trade. China’s opinion of Donald Trump is expanded by considering Chinese comments centre on Trump’s real estate business, his loud and big-mouthed commentary, his wealth, and certainly his hair. A Chinese social media user said that. “Trump’s hairs is so strange, at first sight, I even thought it was Photoshopped.” Naturally, China’s opinion of Donald Trump is focused on Trump’s commentary about China.

China’s opinion of Donald Trump is that what impresses Americans the most about him. Trump is not his unique philosophy of carrying out business, but his extravagant lifestyle and how he flaunts his wealth. Their opinion is that he has an unpredictable way of doing things, and a ‘big mouth’ personality. China views Donald Trump as quite a controversial person.

Fox Capital Partners: US Economy Will Be Weakened Under a Donald Trump Presidency

To further Chinas opinion of Donald Trump, we consider Fox Capital Partners, which is a successful, independent investment management practice with its headquarters in Shenzhen City, China. Fox Capital Partners: A source close to Trump’s campaign said that negative comments about Mr Trump’s policies were based on flawed assumptions that have not yet been fully decided upon. They also said that tax cuts and deregulation would provide the economy with greater stimulus when there is a slowdown in investment and industrial production in the US economy.

Chief Equities Strategist at Fox Capital Partners pointed out that Donald Trump should clarify his economic policies and provide more accurate details about spending cuts and the plans he has regarding taxation. However, Mr Trump said that voters don’t care about his lack of policy specifics and ridiculed the Clinton campaign for the premature revelation of its policy initiatives.”Moody’s proposed other circumstances that show more stifling effects on the US economy, given that Mr Trump’s schemes are slightly toned down.China’s opinion of Donald Trump predicts that there may be slower economic growth but that the US will not tip into recession.”

Fox Capital Partners projects that there would be a huge gulf between what he says he wants to do and what it will take to make the arithmetic work. Mr Trump’s tax plan would lower tax rates across the board, but his plan would cut federal revenues by $9.5 trillion and cost $10 trillion over the next ten years, even after factoring in much higher economic growth. Tariffs would raise ambiguity for businesses, which could easily lead to importers moving production to other countries. His proposed crackdown on illegal immigration would leave many positions unfilled, particularly in industries such as agriculture.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign News: What Has Surfaced

If you regularly follow Donald Trump’s interaction with media and the people of the US, you would know for yourself that some of the biggest news brands are trying to show him down. Why? Maybe their motive is different to what Trump is trying to achieve. In his latest interaction with the media, he out rightly accepted his unique way of doing things. He never shies away from a word or two of contempt for the people involved in the wrong, and that is what makes him different and someone who can be easily targeted. The real estate magnate has also accepted his association with the Republican Party before launching his bid for the president.

Trump has been very outspoken, and this is what makes him so different and someone who can be believed. People like the way he does things. He recently said that the people of the country are fed up with the ways of the government and want a change. He believes that he can provide them with that option; he can bring about the change that people are demanding. Time will tell who will be the winner. For China, the choice is Hillary, not Trump.

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