Did you know that China is the second highest in the economic field in the world? Also, the English Market is growing extremely fast.  It was reported that around more than 250 million are learning English. The English language is going to be compulsory for all students of the higher secondary schools.

The demand for English teachers is like a fever spreading across the nation. By attending the courses, and completing a CET (College English Test) educated professionals can cater to this great need. Approximately 10% of students are graduating from university, and they are working in a transnational corporation. They have spent more than ten years in learning English, but they are not completely prepared for applying their English skills to the workplace.

In China, there are excellent opportunities for the English teachers as the English language is growing very fast. It has emerged as the global language, and the Chinese are appointing foreigners to teach in private schools, and institutions.

Some benefits to choosing a career of teaching English in China include paid living facilities, generous salaries, and the cost of living in China is significantly lower.

Now what types of schools are looking for good English teachers?  Private schools are becoming increasingly popular. These schools will provide te best opportunities for potential English teacher candidates. These schools are looking for competent native English speakers who have passed the certification requirements. Also, a master’s degree would set one’s resume out from the crowd and potentially provide higher salary options.

What are some additional requirements for English teachers in China?After passing the teaching qualification: TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language),  the candidate must have at least two years of teaching experience and a minimum age of 22. Also, a letter that describes why you are suitable as an English teacher from a previous employer is a must. Attached to your letter of recommendation, should be a resume referring to your personal information, skills, experience, and degrees.

After being selected for the interview, there are various legal documents required to go further:

· A Passport valid for at least 12 months from the date of expiry.

· A formal letter from your school.

· A Foreign Expert ID that will be sent to you by the school through the post office.

· A-Z Visa that is the Employment Visa. A visa can be obtained by visiting a local Chinese consulate.

Now it is time to met in China!

After the teachers come to China and join the school, they would have shorter hours, but usually no weekends. The monthly salaries will range from 10,000 to 12,000 RMB, with free accommodation and other benefits. In addition, the teacher would be accommodated with a two bedroom living facility apart from their monthly salary.

Time is Money. A good way to take advantage of your time in China is by earning extra income on the side by using your English skills. Extra income can flow by working online as a freelance teacher, or a business teacher. By thinking critically, English teachers can take advantage of their time while living in China.

Do’s and Don’ts in Chinese Schools


· Start increasing your networking in the area of LinkedIn and get amazing opportunity after teaching experience.

· By studying Chinese, you’ll get great western professional experience when you travel home.


· No political or religious discussions.

· Teaching materials regarding the topics are not allowed in classrooms.

· Teachers are not allowed to respond to the student when they asked about the religious or any political topics.

· Topics like illegal drugs shouldn’t be discussed in the classroom

While teaching in China, be aware of some teaching scams. Often there will be English teacher recruiters who mention that no certificates or any degree are required for the position. This is a sign of a scam, and you should not talk to them. Also, recruiters might collect your personal information, in form of passport pictures, and resume copies. After getting this information, they will sell it on the black market.

What can make you a mean English teacher in China? By engaging in inequality in the classroom, you can be seen as unsuitable for the job. Even one’s private language should uphold equality for all students. Also, sometimes the teaching materials will not be written in your language of origin, so criticizing these books can be seen as offensive.
By saying that the parents are awful, because they don’t want their children to fail in any exams can also be seen as disrespectful.

All work no play – not in China!

A common misconception is that the people in China don’t have time to have fun during the day.  O the contrary, Chinese culture values hard work, but the people also value recreational time, communication with friends, and relaxation.

In conclusion, China is the fastest growing economy, and the demand for English teachers is growing with it. By following these guidelines, native English speakers can have a wonderful experience working in such a rich culture.