China has an immediate need for foreign specialists, especially those from English speaking countries. Over the years, China has grown popular among foreigners. The actual average number of Americans that now call China their home has reached record peaks of 110,000. Over 10% of the Hong Kong workforce is employed by 1,100 American companies as well. Since 1994, Americans have found China to be an ideal location for finding the right job. There are many opportunities available since Chinese employment is on the rise. Some jobs that are in particularly high demand are for those experienced with computers or those that can teach English. Working in China is an extremely rewarding experience that allows English speakers to immerse themselves in culture and comfort.

There are many different types of companies within China that specifically look to hire foreigners. Diversity in the workplace is important to any business’s culture, allowing the need for businesses to expand with the help of foreign employees. There are many benefits to working within a company that hires foreigners. For example, some Chinese speak English however, their English can be poor.

When you are employed in China, you can offer experience and knowledge of your own culture. Large Chinese companies, such as Lenovo, Tencent, and Xiaomi are working to develop their “global branding”. By hiring foreigners within their businesses, they can align their marketing strategies to make more sales abroad.

China’s economy is constantly on the rise. It seems as though the Chinese people are continuously in the news for their new business startups and large successful companies. So, how do you begin your business in China? There are many steps to starting a business. The first step to starting a business in China is to perform research on what business you are planning to operate. You need to look into the Chinese market and make sure that what you are selling, or the service you are providing is marketable to the Chinese people. Once you have determined your business plan and market, you need to register your business with the Chinese government.

There are several business entities to choose from, similar to other countries. The most common type of business entity for any foreign-run business is a joint venture. However, this business entity requires that you partner with a Chinese citizen. The second and third type of business entities are representative offices and wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Each type has its own set of pros and cons however; you will need to research these to see what is the best option for you.

The Chinese government prefers that you submit a business plan to them before operating. It is highly recommended to create a business plan that covers a time period of 5 years or more. The reasoning for this is because your business plan specifically discusses how your business will operate, what it will sell, and so on.

If you alter anything within your business plan, for example, you decide to sell something new, the Chinese government has the right to stop your business from doing so. After you create your business, develop your business plan and are properly register with the Chinese government. Only then can you begin operating in a location of your choosing.

The biggest piece of advice for opening your new business in China is to take it slow. Make sure to continuously document everything. Make liaisons with foreign councils and network. It is not easy to create a new business and run it successfully, but there are plenty of planning steps to help you achieve your goal.

Throughout China, there are plenty of startups that are dreaming of making it big and grow on a worldwide scale. China has a history of large firms starting up in China. Working for a startup has its negatives and positives, similar to other large businesses.

Working with a startup company in China can be exciting. You could be taking part in a micro business that ould soon launch into stardom. Startup companies allow you to work more freely than corporate atmospheres, which allows you to push out more ideas and be creative.

When you work within a startup company, you are taking a risk at long term employment due to the fact that new businesses have a large percentage rate for failure within the first two years. Another negative factor may be the lack of employee benefits or a low budget to work with.

When you are a foreigner looking for a career in China, there are several skills that you need in order to land the proper job. However, how do you even start to find a job? For foreigners, it is recommended that you look online first. There are many different job boards specifically looking to hire foreigners. These job boards can point you in the direction of available careers that you may be interested in. Some of the most accessible jobs are for English teachers, jobs that require a specific skill (engineering, specialized technical, etc.), sales, and marketing.

Businesses in China are looking for English speaking foreigners who can help their business become more diverse and grow abroad. It takes time and dedication to land a job within the Chinese market. Although they have a large population, China has a very large job rate. The unemployment rate is routinely low, meaning that many jobs are available. Use online job boards or network throughout the area you will live in for job opportunities.

There are two sides of every job story. Sometimes, working in China can bring legal issues for foreigners. The same as working in other countries, the law provides certain rules and restrictions to allow foreigners to be employed. In order to become employed, you will need to apply for an employment visa. This can be done at a Chinese embassy or visa office. Check their website to find the document checklist.

Your residence certificate is only valid as long as your work permit is, so make sure to notate the expiration date to avoid any potential problems later on. Years ago, the Chinese Labor Contract Law was put in place to provide security for workers, foreign or not, within China. You must have a labor contract in place with your employer to be legally employed. Note that the contract is not allowed to exceed five years, but it can be renewed later on.

When you first arrive in China, you are going to first be amazed by a number of people, culture, and languages spoken around you. China is full of diversity, businesses, and attractions. There are different areas to consider relocating to; from coastal cities to modern metro areas. Don’t be afraid to immerse yourself in China’s culture! China contains a vast amount of different ethnic groups, restaurants and people.

As a foreigner looking for employment, one of the first things you should do is look for a prospective apartment near where you may want to work. Sometimes this can be a difficult task, however, finding the right location is key so you can also plan your transportation. Apartments in China may seem smaller in size than you have seen traditionally if you are from America. If you have already relocated to China due to a contract with a large firm, they may take care of finding an apartment and arranging your living quarters for you.

Working in China can sometimes bring culture shock to a foreigner. With a foreign work environment surrounding you, you may long to see familiar surroundings. Adapting to Chinese culture can seem like a large task when you are surrounded by Chinese who are often unfamiliar with speaking English.

When working inside an office, you must remember that people work differently in China than in Western parts of the world. While most English-speaking people are trained to complete tasks quickly, Chinese employees emphasize patience and working properly to achieve goals or tasks. Watch fellow employees and try to follow their examples and routines. Inside and outside of the office, work on your relationships and networking skills. Building relationships with others will help ease any feelings of culture shock in the foreign work environment. One relationship that is very important will be the relationship you have with your boss. In Western environments, this is a concept that is not widely performed, so it may take some getting used to.

Dealing with potential culture shock can be avoided if you are prepared. Before you make the move, look into Chinese food. What kind of meal may you expect for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Make sure you have the proper clothing for the extreme weather in some places as well as to look professional in your workplace.

Dress in the workplace varies from company to company so always ask before the first day. The Chinese work hard to maintain a professional atmosphere regardless of their clothes. Prepare for your big move and you will experience less culture shock than you may think.

For some jobs, the Chinese salary and pay scales can compare to English speaking countries. It is even noted that over the course of the past five years, Chinese salaries have increased. Corporate and salaried jobs seem to offer the highest level of pay in China while minimum wage jobs leave much to be desired. Blue collar type jobs, such as skilled management or tradesmen, are continually rising in salary amounts.

Studies show that consumer prices throughout China are 56.84% lower than prices throughout the United States. This includes China being 60% lower in rent than the United States and similar Western countries. While a fast food meal may cost $11 on average in America, it may only cost $3 on average in China. Transportation is more affordable than Western areas, although some prices at the local market may fluctuate between the two. The cost of apartments is generally 40% higher than in American areas. When living in major cities in China, expect the cost of living to be much higher than if you were living outside the city.

In multinational corporations, colleagues are very used to working with foreigners so they will usually be helpful. It is best to always be polite and to ask when you are unsure of something. Colleagues will want to build a relationship with you, and you should be open to that as well. Building relationships and networking is essential to integrate yourself properly within the Chinese workplace.

Sometimes, being a foreigner can come with benefits. Be warned that Chinese culture values light skin and individuals can sometimes be prejudiced towards people with dark skin. Foreigners are typically treated well within Chinese areas. However, at times, you may encounter people that want to take advantage of the things you do not know. This is very common inside of Chinese markets and sometimes within businesses.

When visiting a local Chinese market, be prepared for vendors who work hard to sell you their goods. They will offer prices and sometimes expect negotiation. However, this is where scams can take place. Do not be fooled into purchasing something for more than it is worth. Another area where scams happen to foreigners is within the workplace. While Chinese are known for their great work ethic, they are also known for their patience and calm work atmospheres. Do not be fooled or tricked into working extra long hours that are not within your contracted agreement, or for changes in your salary that were not previously agreed.

All in all, there are many benefits to working inside China as a foreigner. The Chinese government has specific rules and regulations that must be followed in order for you to gain employment, and there are plenty of new cultures to immerse yourself in. You will find that working within China will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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