Invest in Your Future, Travel to China

Exploring another country can be challenging and fun at the same time. There are many things to see and experience when traveling abroad. You get to learn their dialect, their cuisine, their culture and about geography as well. There are many things to learn as one travels to another country. It is an experience that is worth remembering.

One of the best countries to travel to is China. Before getting to know what the country has to offer, it is best to get to know the country itself.

Getting to Know China

Part of the Asian continent is China or also known as the People’s Republic of China. It has a population of 1.37 billion as of the year 2014. Their national flag is colored red with five yellow stars located on the leftmost corner of the flag. China is located in the middle and East of Asia. There are two types of climates to experience when in China: temperate and the tropical. Chinese people are also divided into four geographical sections which are made up by the Han Chinese and about 55 other ethnic groups. There are also six religions: Buddhism, atheists, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism and Confucianism.

Since China is the second largest country in the world, there are many things to explore. There are a lot of reasons to travel to China, for one they have many things to offer to tourists. Beautiful sites to travel to is what invites tourists to the country.

One of the few things to learn about China is their rich culture. The Chinese culture is the oldest culture there is that is traced back thousands of years ago. Since there are a lot of cities and provinces within China, there are corresponding cultures attached to it. Part of their culture is their architecture, martial arts, visual arts, religion, ceramics, literature, cuisine, and philosophy.

With regards to their values, the Chinese people believe in the concept of rebirth or reincarnation. Reincarnation is believed to be a soul rebirthing in a new body. Regarding the business culture, the Chinese people believe that relations are more important than rules or what is referred to as guanxi in the Chinese language.

Martial Arts and the Chinese Culture

Martial arts can be synonymous with the Chinese culture. In general, martial arts is also known as kung fu. Kung Fu was practiced more for survival and later on was recognized as an art. Different weapons are used in various forms of martial arts.

China has many things to offer which is why many tourists are traveling to the country on a regular basis. Some even consider staying for good in the country. There are also those who prefer doing business in China as it is also popular for its rich economy. Students, on the other hand, travel to China for internship purposes. It will give them an opportunity to experience the life in China and how it is surviving on a daily basis in one of the richest, largest and progressive countries in the world.

China and the Internships they Offer

Internships are work opportunities given to students or undergraduates for the purpose of gaining experience, learning and to earn all at the same time. They can gain credits and experience that are required of most firms, agencies or companies.

There are firms that offer internships even to international students. The purpose of China internship programs is for interns (students or undergraduates) to experience what China has to offer and to invest in their future. They get to learn how the Chinese people does business, work and how they relate with people whether a local or a foreigner.

China catapulted to popularity in 2008 because of the Olympic Games that was held in Beijing. The Shanghai Expo, which is widely visited, has also contributed to China’s popularity in the international scene.

In 2008, internships increased with participants from other countries. Official websites are created to provide data of the numbers of participants and their respective nationalities.

Internship Programs in China

Since China is known for its economy, there are internship programs designed for individuals who want to learn the business culture of China. It will be a hands-on experience for interns and to experience China as well.

Learning the rich Chinese language is also part of the internship program. The Chinese language is the widest spoken language in the world and learning the language offers many opportunities. One can always learn from a course in the Chinese language or one can enroll in an online class that offers the Chinese language. However, it will be different if you will be traveling to China and learning their language first hand. You do not only learn it in the four corners of a classroom but as you communicate with classmates or locals that you meet along the road. You will put what you have learned to practice.

Part of the Chinese internship program is the opportunity to travel. Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzen are just some of the sought after places within China. Other cities can also be traveled with no problems as there are different modes of transportation to choose from depending on your destination.

Since interns are undergraduates, they are not only welcomed as interns, but they can also study in China. Choose a credit-based course wherein it can only take a couple of days and earn credits. This will give you an edge especially if the time will come that you are going to apply for an actual job.

There are four basic steps to follow when applying for an internship:

1) Learn about the programs that they offer and choose which one you prefer.

2) Check out the details of the program that you chose.

3) Read some blogs or articles posted regarding internships.

4) The last step is the application process.

When already working as an intern, some tasks have to be fulfilled. There will be a different set of tasks or responsibilities depending on the firm that you will be working from. There are also set of requirements that have to be submitted by interns depending on what is set by their employers.

Here are some basic requirements that are expected of an intern:

1) Be professional. You are trained not only in the skills that you possess, but you are also trained of your attitude. Being professional means coming to work on time. Being on time speaks highly of your professionalism and your attitude towards work. Wearing the appropriate clothing also speaks of professionalism. Wear appropriate clothing for the respective industry that you are working for. There are instances that the office that you are working for has a dress code that has to be followed. Follow what is required and you are good to go.

2) Communicate with superiors. Communication goes a long way. It will allow understanding and avoid miscommunication along the way. Talking with your superiors or your co-workers will require respect and must be clear to avoid problems along the way.

3) Submit tasks on time. There are instances that you will be required to do tasks that are time sensitive. Be sure to submit them on or before the given deadline. If you are done earlier than the given deadline, have it double checked for errors.

4) Welcome variation. You are working in industry, and there will be other employees working with you. Be mindful of different characters, attitudes, personalities and even beliefs. Be sure that you respect them and be sensitive to your words or actions to avoid having conflicts. Creating conflicts with co-employees can create a bad impression on your character, and you do not want to make that impression on your employer.

5) Respect rules and regulations. An organization is productive if there is order and order is achieved if one follows the rules and respects the regulations. There are instances that the set rules and regulations are opposite your beliefs, if this is the case, communicate with your superiors and see if there are solutions that can be made.

As what was mentioned, working in a different country with a different set of rules and regulations will require one to be prepared. There will be challenges along the way, and it is unavoidable. Always accept the fact that there will be diversity, changes, and challenges. Once you accepted these, facing them will be a lot easier, and adjusting is also made easy for you.

Setting Your Mind for an Internship in a Different Country

Though there are promising results when traveling and doing an internship in China, there can be challenges along the way, especially that it is a different country with different culture and a different living setup. To help you cope with the challenges of working and living in China, learn about the pros of the experience.

The Pros of Living and Working in China

1) Food – We all know that China has a rich cuisine. Another Asian cuisine can also be tasted when in China such as Korean and Japanese. This will give you a happy tummy and satisfied taste buds.

2) Language – Since China has a different culture to offer, there are also diverse dialects to choose and learn. Mandarin for one is a popular dialect widely spoken in Beijing. Traveling and working in China will give one an opportunity to learn the dialect fluently.

3) Work opportunities – China, aside from its rich culture is rich regarding technology. This will give more job opportunities not only to foreigners but locals as well.

4) Affordable – Traveling to China is affordable that is the reason why there is an influx of tourists on a regular basis.

5) Meet people – You do not only meet Chinese people in China, but you also get to meet people from different countries since what was mentioned previously that there is a great number of tourists traveling to China regularly.

6) Learn values – Each country has their values to be proud of. China is a country that is rich in values especially in handling money, dealing with people and respect for the family. There are values that can be learned from the Chinese people that are very useful for everyday living.

The mentioned are just some of the many pros that one can gain from traveling and working in China. It is more than just learning experience and making money; it is more of embracing a rich culture that is worth practicing.

Preparation and having the right mindset will help one adjust to the changes and challenges of working as an intern in a different country like China. For one to be able to adjust to the challenges and changes, just accept the fact that it is a different ballgame. It is not going to be the same as one is going to school and learning new things. Your future is at stake when we talk about working as an intern. It is your preparation for the real world, the real corporate world.

Your character will be molded, and there will be times that giving up is not an option. All you have to do as an intern is to accept the challenges and always look at the bright side if things. Read through the pros of living and working in China and you will be guided.

Traveling, living and working in China is an opportunity that should not be missed. Always take it as an opportunity more than just a requirement that is given to chosen individuals.

Of course, there are other countries to choose from, however, it is wise to choose a country that you do not only experience what it’s like to work in a different setting, but you get to experience what the country has to offer as well. This is what living the quality of life is; experiencing what life has to offer right now and using it to benefit the future. Why wait? This is the best place for you to visit and invest in!