There aren’t many rewards while working an internship. However, there are still benefits such as the people you can meet, the connections you can make; the experiences had that will prepare you better for life and work, and the possibility of a job offer. It is important to work hard and make a good impression throughout an internship. You should work your best all the way through your internship. The last day is the day when you want to make yourself memorable to your employer. We have put together some tips for the final day of internship etiquette. If you are interested, carry on reading below on last day of internship tasks in China.

If someone has a problem, but you do not have anything else to do, be helpful, and make suggestions as well as helping fix the problem. You should do this throughout an internship, but hopefully, the boss will see that you are working particularly hard to help make the company run and work in a ship shape condition, and they will reward you for your efforts.

The Benefits of an Internship Program in China, or Anywhere

When you leave an internship the dream is that they will offer you a job just before you exit the building; however, this might not happen, so don’t get your hopes up. No doubt there are other interns, and loads of other people they’d need to consider before hiring someone new. Remember they probably got an intern because they couldn’t afford to pay someone official to work there. So don’t expect anything from anyone.

Just because the internship is coming to an end doesn’t mean you shouldn’t concentrate or relax on the last day. It won’t be the last day of school. The last day of an internship that could lead you to better things if your employers see that you are all-in even to the last minute. Something that is not seen very often when so many other people are prepared to slack off for the last day.

Before You Leave an Internship

Before you leave, do something that your employers cannot ignore, and something that they will be very grateful for you for doing, anything that is related to the sector of work that will help you leave an impression. Do any projects, make that last little push count.

Before leaving you should ask for feedback, this way you will know how well you did and where to improve your work methods, but what your employer thinks of you. If it is positive, you could very well be on their list of people to contact at the next job opening.

Be Thankful for the Chinese Internship Opportunity

As you say good bye be sure to say, “thank you for the wonderful experience.” Properly thank them for the experience. Make sure you take down everyone’s email addresses and that they have yours for any potential job openings that they could send your way. You could even leave gifts, or a thank you card.

To back yourself up for any other job opportunities, make sure to ask for references from your internship. This way if you did a good job, they could highly recommend you for any other future employment.

Your employers can’t read your mind, be enthusiastic about the prospect of working at the company in the future so you boss knows that you would most definitely be interested. If they consider you as a potential future employee, then they would save themselves time and effort looking for someone new. You could let them know by sending out an email.

Ask for a letter of recommendation. If those references don’t get you a new job, a letter of recommendation most definitely will. Future employers will here in detail of your very hard work and will be more likely to hire you in the future.

Maintaining Good Relationships After the Internship

After you leave, stay in contact with your employer, your colleagues who could potentially let you know of any job opportunities that are within the company. Unrelated to work, you could also have made yourself some great friends along the way who will no doubt keep you informed of happenings in the business. You could even have some excellent last day of internship quotes with your contacts.

Finally, take your time to get out that door. Don’t just rush out making everyone think that you cannot wait to leave the company. Finish anything you have left off, make sure everything is in order. Congratulate yourself on a job well-done, and be thankful for the experience you had during this time.

If you follow these steps then you will be sure to have good opportunities coming your way in years to come, contacts and opportunities breed more contacts and opportunities. Make yourself memorable to everyone and show your work ethic that helped the company. These steps will help you move on to your next method of employment. We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will share it with all your other intern friends. Also, let us know if these tips worked for you or if you have any other tips for leaving your internship successfully.