China is a hidden treasure that will give a raw, and different experience in the most unusual ways that you can ever think of. There is a plethora of unusual attractions and things to do in China that are mind- blowing, awe-inspiring, spectacular and exactly what you need to do after a long- tiring week at work. These are the kind of things that you need to do when you want to clear your head, learn more about China, and do something different from the usual entertainment expat spots most foreigners tend to throng. They include:

Visiting Hanging Temple of Hengshan.

The hanging temple is found 60km Southwest of Datong, Shanxi province in China and it’s probably one of the forgotten wonders of the world. It was built in the 5th century during the late Northern Wei Dynasty by Liao Run, and it was built on a cliff. It clings to Hengshan mountain and apparently, it is defiant of gravity, it has 40 room which is linked together by passageways that can be dizzying. The temple is a site to behold, actually something beyond human comprehension and it was restored in 1990’s. It is dedicated to all the three renowned religions in China including Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Three Natural Bridges

There are three natural bridges remaining post-sinkhole, and they include Black Dragon, Azure/Green Dragon and Sky Dragon. They were originally caves until the ground collapsed leaving such beautifully stunning natural stone bridges that can only be found in China. This place is still undiscovered and such a great place to visit since there are no swarms of tourists there yet. Usually, when you go to this place, you will be given a ride in a glass elevator, a treat that will save you the trouble of walking to the bridges.

Red SeaBeach

A visit to the world’s largest wetland area will be all worth it since you will be able to see how the whole area looks like and has been occupied with “red weed.” The rare plant Chenopodium, which is a member of Amaranthaceae, has formed a unique landscape and the area is also home to some endangered bird species. There are installed wooden walkways that tourists can use when visiting this unique treasure.

China wonderland

This is a rational version of Beijing Disneyland although it is now very much abandoned. It is just 45 minutes from Beijing, a project that was started as an amusement park but halted along the way due to money matters. This fantasy-land is quite fascinating though not open to the public and pretty much abandoned. Travelers have a chance of exploring this spectacularly strange ruin and it is one of the unusual places you should visit while in China.

Riding through Beijing in a Sidecar

It can be quite fascinating to take a trip down Beijing in an open-air sidecar which will give you a great view of the skyscrapers juxtaposed along back streets and winding alleys that are quite ancient. With this tour you will be able to navigate among siheyuan courtyards which are mainly shared by Chinese families. You will be able to meet some nice and interesting people, have refreshments and meals with them and just get to appreciate how the Chinese people live. Such trips also come with additional packages such as discovering some historical sites including Tiananmen Square, Bell and Drum Tower and Houten and also see modern attractions including the mega-structures recently build which will make you appreciate China’s architectural talents even more.

Riding a camel Across Dunhuang Dunes.

Dunhuang is a city found in Gansu Province quite near Xinjiang border and it’s surrounded by camel rides, sand dunes, Mogao Caves and it is a less traveled area in Western China but with such a rich experience. It is renowned for its camel rides which people use as a fun way to travel around this beautiful landscape

Visiting Huashan Teahouse

This is found at the mountaintop and offers a fine cup of tea for the visitors who have luck at surviving the journey. It is found in the southern peak of china’s Holy Mountain Hua, and it’s a Daoist and Buddhist temple that provides refreshments to anybody who is bold enough to reach the peak of one of the World’s most dangerous hiking paths. The Chinese government has now provided stairs to make the journey safe hence you can take the challenge.

Cooking Dumplings in A local Kitchen

There are several gigs run where you can take dumpling-making lessons and at the home of a local. She’ll just teach you how to put the filling and roll out the dough. It’s quite hard and requires patience but ultimately one of the most fulfilling and fun things to do in China. The beauty of this tour is not only in getting a look at the traditional Chinese cuisine but also at the homes and lives of everyday citizens in a real neighborhood and of course, you get to eat what you’ve cooked.

Go Karaoke

This is a staple of the Chinese social fabric, and the locals adore them. The venues are all along the streets or in hotels and are labeled KTV. Pay for a private room with microphones, audio-visual equipment, a TV and couches and bond with fries over music, drinks and food.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

This is located under the Iconic Oriental Pearl Tower, and it gives you the most mind-blowing experience of your life. There are flashing lights and colors and a soundtrack and some English words in between. It only lasts five minutes, but the whole awe-inspiring experience has a long-lasting effect.

Drinking Oil Tea with Ethnic minorities on the Rice Terraces near Guilin.

Regardless of whether you are an oil tea fan or not, the experience will be quite eye-opening as you will get to enjoy a whole different way of life. Walking through the beautiful Longsheng cultivated terraces and tasting the local food and drinks can be quite fulfilling. It might not be the typical way you spend your weekend or holiday but just the perfect way to learn more about different cultures and people.

China is a vast country with so many people and different things that you can do. There is just so many places to visit and things to do, some mainstream such as visiting the Great Wall and some unusual such as enjoy a ride in a sidecar but at the end of the day, the time might never be enough to experience all that China has to offer. Start by living like a local and doing some of the unusual things that you only get to do in China that are fun and resourceful and not just the common hanging out at expat bars and clubs on Fridays or after work. Expand your networks and incorporate some of these unique experiences into your schedule.