Cultural Peculiarities You Should Keep in Mind Before Going to China

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China's Cultural Peculiarities

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China is the largest country in the East. It has a fast-growing economy, so the country develops fast. Even though the government is formed by only one party, it is not closed. Vice versa, foreigners are welcome to visit China. There are a lot of tourist attractions so that a lot of people arrive in this country.

Nevertheless, the majority of people come to China due to business purposes. They come to work, invest in local companies, and sign new contracts. It’s vital to keep in mind that China is a different country, and the locals have distinctive mindsets to establish many new connections and attain all the business goals.

If you don’t want to waste all your efforts, you have to learn all the cultural peculiarities of Chinese people. It will help you stay safe from awkward situations and not offend your potential partners or employers. So scroll down below and learn the main things you should remember before going to China.

Chinese Society

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The main difference between China and other western countries is the way the societies are established. For instance, people who live in the US, Canada, or EU are self-reliant. They tend to focus on activities that bring them profit or any other benefits. They don’t expect to share their success with communities or other people.

On the contrary, Chinese society is group-focused. According to the ideology used by local companies, many people have to work hard to attain the primary goal. Indeed, all companies are focused on gaining success and earning money. However, the impact of their businesses on society is always taken into account. If your offer is lucrative for a company but affects society negatively, it will likely be refused.

Meanwhile, there is a solid hierarchy in Chinese society. In the US, workers can easily interact with c-level executives, founders, and other people. In most companies, the structure is flat. However, most employees in China don’t expect to have a conversation with a CEO, for example. Instead, they discuss any possible problems with their managers only.

Attitude to Business

All people tend to work hard to gain their businesses and achieve great results. However, the attitude to work and business is entirely different in the US and China. For example, people in western countries value their time. Most of them strive to achieve work-life balance. To achieve significant results and earn a lot of money, they tend to increase their productivity. Most people in the US don’t compromise on their evenings and weekends to achieve business success.

In China, people value work more than their personal lives. Therefore, they tend to work hard 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Moreover, workers and people in business in China tend to compromise on their time to lead their companies to success. For instance, they can spend the entire weekend with their partners to gain their business. Also, they tend to have business lunches and dinners over their working schedules. Therefore, don’t expect to be free every evening and weekend, working or doing business in China.

Locals are also hard learners. Like all Asian students, undergraduates in China are taught to study all their spare time while in college. They don’t read the Write Paper For Me reviews on the Internet to find paper writing services and delegate their assignments. Instead, they cope with all the academic challenges by themselves. Therefore, all people in China are taught to work hard from school.

Nevertheless, the main perk that you have to remember is that people in China always strive to build long-term relationships. This is because they are not interested in making a profit fast and spend a lot of time establishing business connections with other people. Therefore, if you want to achieve success doing business, you need to showcase that you’re looking for partners who will work with you on a long-term basis. In such a case, you will be able to get a great offer that may exceed your expectations.

Style of Conversations

It’s not a tough task to find common ground with people from China. Most of them are interested to learn as much as possible about western culture. Therefore, they are active listeners and will be able to maintain an interesting conversation. However, there are some cultural peculiarities that you have to keep in mind before going to China.

Unlike people from the US, locals are humble. It’s hard to make new connections with people and talk about everything, being met for half an hour. It’s extremely hard to surpass the border between being an acquaintance and a friend. It’s also hard to become a close person for locals and get into their communities.

There is an offensive term used by locals. People who come to China working in the advertising niche are often called white monkeys. This term describes white people who work in China but have zero valuable expertise in anything. Therefore, locals may often ask personal questions to learn more about new people, which is not common in the US. For instance, Chinese people can ask you about your family or income while meeting you first.

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