The Most Demanded Careers for Americans in China

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Popular careers for Americans in China

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China is a beautiful and vast state. It’s been rapidly developing over the past three decades. Its suffering economy in the 1990s has completely transformed over the years. Now it is one of the most economically prosperous countries with plenty of opportunities for professional and career growth. This is why many foreigners, including Americans, often come to China to work. There are many popular in-demand careers for foreign workers in China. Most specialists are glad to take those positions while also exploring this majestic, oriental state. Let’s see what specialists are most likely to find a job in China in no time. Here are some of the most demanded careers for Americans in China.


Americans often come to China to work

Of course, we simply must start our list with this career. Good teachers are in high demand all over the world. Yet, American teachers have a great bonus to them. The majority of them are native speakers! Hence, these teachers are always a perfect fit for English classes. Needless to say, the English language is an important asset to any specialist in any career. Hence, most schools are trying to give children the best by bringing native American speakers to their schools.

Moreover, American teachers are also very popular in Spanish classes. Spanish is the most spoken first language in the world. Therefore, there is a growing demand for learning this language. As a result, China is very welcoming to American Spanish native speakers, too. However, you don’t have to be a language teacher to seek a job in China. You can teach your subject in an English-speaking school, which is becoming rather popular in all parts of the world, including China.


Media or pretty much any type of writing job is in high demand in China right now. Anything from journalism to copywriting and the best essay writing services will be on top of the list. There are several reasons for it. First, the Chinese economy is rapidly expanding to the Western market. Hence, Chinese businesses need specialists to appeal to Americans in their language. However, you don’t really need to move to China to be a content creator for a Chinese company. Fortunately, these days remote work is more than possible. On second thought, whether you want to deprive yourself of the rare experience of living in a foreign country is already up to you. Also, the time difference may get to you eventually.

Also, you can simply be a travel journalist or a blogger who lives in China and writes about it. China is opening up to the world. It’s quite common for Chinese media to have English versions of their content. English news sites are also becoming very popular. Hence, there is always a need for high-quality content in English where Americans are always more than appreciated.


American IT workers in Beijing, China

Overall, IT specialists are in demand all over the world. However, American IT workers are in particular demand in China. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. US universities offer some of the best education and opportunities when it comes to the tech industry. Moreover, the entire tech sector in the US is among the strongest ones in the world. Hence, US IT specialists are in high demand not only in China but all over the globe.

Yet, China has a lot to offer to the American tech guys in terms of career growth and opportunities. The Chinese IT sector develops incredibly fast. Now, it is one of the biggest industries in the country. Moreover, it is also very competitive. Technology plays a huge role in most businesses and industries’ success. Hence, Chineses employers are always on the lookout for fresh blood. So, American IT specialists may find better work conditions, benefits, and salaries. However, be ready for a very demanding market and tough working hours.


Tourism in China is on the rise. The majority of the world is only starting to open up its borders to tourists. Well, China was ahead of the game here. It has become quite a popular travel destination over the past decade. Even the global pandemic didn’t do much to slow it down. After all, China has so much to offer to travelers. Its rich history and culture are the biggest reasons people get interested in seeing the country for themselves.

In addition, rapid industrialization, great shopping experience, delicious cuisine, and great nature attract thousands of people to China every year. And many of these tourists are Americans.

The tourism and the hospitality industry, in particular, are among the most demanded careers for Americans in China. Hospitality specialists can work as hotel managers, receptionists, tour guides, travel agents, etc. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts, this field is still highly underrepresented. Hence, even without much experience in the industry, many Americans can use this opportunity and get work in China. As a foreign employee, your main task will be to accommodate fellow Americans and other foreign tourists.

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