Our Bodies Are Changing Every Nanosecond

Change isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to encounter in our everyday lives, but it is unavoidable. We are all constantly changing. Our bodies are changing every nanosecond. It’s pointless resisting it, so why not embrace it. Keeping an open mind in this matter in a broader sense is essential in the modern world, as change may be just what you need. For instance, the situation in your office may leave you wanting more, regarding challenges in your daily tasks. You may have lost interest in your work, or the relationships with your colleagues could have fallen flat. If this is happening to you, then maybe you should take a look at job opportunities in your spare time and start thinking about a career move. The period between the end of your old job and the start of your new one is known as a career transition.

Don’t Forget About the Recession

At a time when a recession is eating away your resources and professionally you’re on shaky ground, it is best to soberly assess your circumstances and the repercussions of making a career adjustment. Who knows. Maybe the recession has been kind to you and your bank balance has never been healthier. As everyone’s circumstances are different and generalizing about the effects of economic trends is futile, you need to look at the pros and cons of quitting your current job for another one before you make a decision.

Are You Happy?

Appraise every aspect of your current job like salary, your duties, the work setting and the opportunities for progress and development. Are you happy where you are and will a career move make you happier? Perhaps you can make adjustments somewhere in your current job. If your boss is approachable talk to him or her about it. If you’re certain your current job is the problem, look for job opportunities elsewhere and evaluate whether they offer better benefits, better work conditions and whether or not you’d be happier there.

Next, take a closer look at yourself, your abilities and your goals. Evaluate how your academic background and any additional training and qualifications you have acquired in your working life, can guide you to pursue a career in a totally different line of business. Think about whether you need to update your skills, study something or get some more training.

Timing is Everything

A serious career transition must be carefully planned, particularly if you have a household to support, and there are other people to consider. You have to look closely at the consequences, especially if you’re thinking of quitting before you’ve secured new employment. Timing career transition is important. You might want a week or two off or maybe economically you can’t afford not to finish on the Friday in your old job and start on the following Monday in the new one. With plenty of research, good timing, determination and career coaching, you can find the best choice to suit your needs.

Help is a Call Away

Career management services, delivered by experienced career coaches with extensive backgrounds in the industry, can provide you with all the information you need to take control of your career, cope with the difficulties of life and work, and show you how to make it through these troubled times. Whatever your needs, a career transition can be negotiated successfully with guidance from an expert in the field.

Ideas For Making a Successful Career Transition

Think outside the box! Now more than at any time in history you have to think outside the box to make a successful career change. Why? Because the playing field has not only changed, it’s gone! The elite are making the rules up as they go. Scary? Only if you let it get to you! Look for the openings that are being created and capitalize on them. A good example is the explosion in home based internet businesses.

Don’t panic is the order of the day. Keep a cool head and your path will be clear. Remember, even in these chaotic times, you can make a successful career transition.

Network: This is the time to make use of friends, family, and anyone else who could be of assistance in a successful career change.

Research: Let your mind go blank and start researching on the net. See what’s out there, and if any dominant themes seem to stand out. Keep an open mind as you surf. Maybe it’s time to turn that passion or hobby into a successful new career. Stay positive. If you refuse to give up, you will succeed.

Mistakes To Avoid When Making A Career Transition

Switching careers without having a proper plan. Do not dare change your career without having a detailed plan in mind (this includes finances, strategy and the training that will be required, among other things already suggested). Without a proper plan, anything can happen. You see those tramps you pass on the footpath on your way to work. That could be you.

Don’t succumb to outside pressure. Nobody, be it your parents or your spouse, should be allowed to pressure you into a career you don’t want. It is you who has to live with the consequences of that choice on a daily basis. It’s you who has to be somewhere you don’t want to be upward of 40 hours a week. If you change your career because you let others pressure you, you might find that you hate your new career, along with the person who pressured you into changing.

Without Regret

What you do for a job is probably the most defining feature of your life. It’s probably the most important thing in life, equal with a happy marriage. If you’re happy at work, your chances of being happier at home are much greater. Our bodies are changing every nanosecond. Don’t be the old man or old woman who looks back at their life with regret.

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