You are a movie enthusiast and an avid visitor of theaters. You are also in a career that in one way or another lands you in China. You have always been at the right place and at the right time when the blockbuster movies have been released. Your stay in China also coincides with the anticipated release of a number Hollywood blockbusters, and you don’t want to miss these great occasions. So you ask yourself, how can I watch these great Hollywood movies in China?

movies in China

First things first, you start your research on Cinemas and Movie Theaters in China, and you find out that a majority of them are found in Hong Kong. Lucky you because you probably rent an apartment in Hong Kong or another massive Chinese city that has many Hollywood movies. Being a big fan of AMC Networks, you find it interesting that they have the AMC Pacific Place Cinema in Hong Kong. Famed for its screening of the famous Hollywood blockbusters, you then check your calendar and mark out the screening times so that you never miss the moment to become part of the major release.

China is the most populated country in the world. According to The Diplomat, China’s film market is the second largest in the world, growing by around 35 percent annually. The Chinese people enjoy Hollywood blockbusters. The theaters are usually fully booked during the blockbuster releases making China one of the largest contributors to the movies’ gross revenues. This means that it will be easy to come across movie theaters where Hollywood movies are screened.

Some of the Hollywood blockbuster films that have grossed highly in China include Furious 7, Avatar, Interstellar, Kung Fu Panda, and sequels such as Transformers, Captain America, the Avengers, Mission Impossible, X-men, and Iron Man. It goes without doubt that these movies that have been enjoyed in China are also in your list of all-time favorites.

Action-packed movies, thrillers, and adventure-themed films appeal to a great number of theater-goers in China as can be seen from the list above. For example, Furious 7 which appeals to middle-class obsessions with owning a car, has been cited as the most successful and highest grossing Hollywood movie in China. Adventures and thrillers such as Transformers, Avatar, and Interstellar have entertained a large group of theater-lovers as it inspires them to think out of this world. It is surprising to note that these entertainment-packed movies sometimes fare better in China than in Western markets!

Being a big fan of Hollywood movies and a desire to try something new, you are probably aware that there are certain films of Chinese origin that have been screened to audiences in Hollywood and other Western countries. These movies have enjoyed immense success and with them, you are motivated to find out more about the Chinese culture. You are probably a westerner, as the Chinese like to call people from the countries located in the Western world.

As you await the release of the blockbusters, you start to find ways of streaming movies in China. One of the factors that push you to search movie streaming sites may be your interest in learning more about the Chinese culture. Some streaming sites available contain a lot of movies that portray the Chinese culture. A large number of these movies have also been screened in Hollywood too. At one time, you probably bump into which has a great library of Hollywood movies and regional libraries.

Regional films such as the Ip Man Sequel which introduce you to the life of Yip Man who was a great martial artist tutor famed for teaching Bruce Lee will probably make you fall in love with the culture of the Chinese people. As you dig deep into, you will come across a number of great Hollywood movies which will make your stay in China feel like home.


movies in China

You may want to visit new regions and cities in China. You may want to enjoy your Friday evenings watching great movies from Hollywood in China’s cinemas and theaters. In your visits to other regions of the country, you then find yourself in Shanghai. In this City, stories about the Grand Theater is common among the people who enjoy movies. In one of the weekends, you may take the time to visit the place, or you may visit the Cinema Place which houses six auditoriums.

You may also visit the Galaxy Cinema located in Guangzhou or even the Cineteatro Macau Movie Theater found in Macau as you visit the different cities in China. As you continue your exploration of China it will be important to note that during the Lunar New Year holiday period, Hollywood and other foreign-based films are usually barred from distribution in China. This may affect your viewership, especially if this time finds you in China. So it is better to be aware in advance of such restrictions.

As China aims to be the world’s largest film market by around 2018, you should not be worried about how you will be able to view Hollywood movies in China, especially if you are a foreigner from a Western country. Hollywood has always been used as a reference point for determining the success of many films that have been released to the market. A film’s success in Hollywood in terms of gross profit is often used as a benchmark in determining if it will be successful at the box offices in other parts of the world. So don’t fear! China has you covered when it comes to Hollywood movies.

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