Teaching English in China is a great experience, and you can earn great money. You should know where you can earn more profit by teaching English if you are at all interested in teaching English.

Most of the other countries do not accept foreign English teachers, but China welcomes them. You can earn more than 30,000 RMB by working 25-30 hours a week. Your earning depends on your work experience, city tier, and other qualifications. So if you are planning to go abroad and earn money by teaching, there is no place better than China.

Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen are some cities where people are paid the highest for teaching English. If you want a high paid job in Shenzhen, Shanghai or Guangzhou you must have a degree, you should be a native English speaker, have experience and in some cases, should have a certificate of teaching English.

Your income depends on what are your qualities and in which type of school you apply for. There are different types of school are they got different qualification requirements. You need to choose a school according to your qualification.


teaching in an international school will pay you 15000-30000RMB+ monthly and with great benefits. These schools only take the superlative ones for the jobs. For teaching here you need to have a teaching license from your native country, a degree, a rock bottom experience of 2 years, should be native English speaker and TEFL.


teaching English in universities is not a grueling job to do. You have work for 13-16 hours in week. You will have housing on campus and not have no have office hours. But all this relief will be balanced by the cut in your salary. You will cut down from 15000-30000RMB to 5000-8000RMB. The universities in the south should be preferred more as they can offer you more income. There should be a pay increase of around 1000-2000RMB. But not universities are alike, some may offer you great deals.


Most of the public schools have the same teaching hours. The classes are 30-45 minutes and weekly. It’s clear that teaching hours are extremely low and office hours are not customarily required after the short apprenticeship period. This is also a reason that your salary ranges from 8000-12000 RMB. You may be provided with a housing allowance of around 2000RMB or maybe not; it’s the matter of your luck. There are some possibilities that you may be purveyed to live on campus. Additionally, there are less complications regarding your degree or qualifications.


The advantage of getting a job teaching English in a training or language center is that you are paid at high rates. These centers are privately owned and are money motivated. This is the reason for your higher salary. Here office hours are obligatory, and so are the promotional events to hire more students. An estimated salary that you can get is 1000-15000RMB. Your salary for teaching English depends on hours worked, bonuses, and students retention. Your salary can be increased with your upgraded qualifications. Here not only your qualification but also your hardworking nature will help to make money.

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