The space agency NASA released a few days back a few retro recruitment posters which advertised future job positions which we need to fulfill soon. These show job openings are for teachers, surveyors along with many other occupations. These are being used by the agency to transport people to an imaginative future where they can easily get a chance to work in the Outer space too.

NASA has always been a workplace where great minds meet and ideas implemented to achieve what has always been the impossible. A career with NASA is not only very exciting and creative, but it can also be very demanding and competitive.You may be surprised to know that NASA has many exciting job opportunities available for the right candidate. So how easy can it be to get into this prestigious organisation and what are the things we need to consider when applying is what we are going to tell you in this article.

Learning about different opportunities

A job in NASA is not only about being an astronaut. The truth is that there are many different opportunities available at NASA. These can ultimately give you a jump start to a rewarding career.So you have multi openings available in the following streams.

· Medical doctors, nurses, and mental health care professionals.

· Researchers, engineers, geologists, microbiologists, and physicists.

· Writers, human resource specialists, and communications professionals.

· Computer programmers and IT specialists.

Understanding your academic skills

If you want a serious career with NASA, it’s best you start figuring out your academic skills as soon as you can, to help in understanding what kind of job opening will suit you best. Try to ask yourself the question What subject are you best at in school? For example, if you like Physics and enjoy solving its problems you could aim for a job in the Applied Physics field. Furthermore, understand that selecting the subject which you are passionate about will help you in the long run as working in NASA can be quite intense. So if you are doubtful about which subject to pick, think about the one which you love pursuing.
Plan out your Studies

Once you have figured out that you wish to work with NASA, it is best to outline the subjects you will need to take to achieve your goal. Keep in touch with your study advisor so that you can get the right guidance regarding subjects chosen. Choose the best school, research on all college and universities that provide science, mathematics, technology and engineering courses and take an admission into the best one.

Needless to say, you will have to study very hard for getting a job at NASA so don’t lose focus and the perseverance to get this job.

Go through the resumes of current NASA employees

If you want to travel a new path, it is best to find out how others have tread it before you. The best way is to go to NASA website and read the bio data of some of the individuals who are already working there. Also, pay close attention to where they completed their graduate and post-graduate studies and whether they completed internships or any fellowships.

Develop yourself fully

It is imperative that you go for a complete development of your skill sets. So if you are working on developing yourself academically, make sure you also take care of your personal skills (leadership and people). You will also have to work hard to keep your body in perfect shape and health.

To achieve that make sure that despite your busy study schedule, you create some time to participate in extra – curricular activities. For example, you could join the science club or the volleyball or soccer team of your college.
Gather Information about the NASA Employment Program

NASA offers a program (Pathways Program) which provides a couple of ways to begin working with them.This program is for current college students as well as people who have already entered into a similar education stream. If you are selected for this program, you can do paid work or go for an internship in the agency and easily get an opportunity to enter into the final workforce.

One thing to keep in mind is that this program has some requirements which need to be fulfilled by the applicant so complete them before taking the final plunge. All these are mentioned against the particular internship position.

Applying without the Pathways Program

You can also apply for jobs in NASA through their website. It will lead you to the USAJOBS website where you can easily use the search option to find out jobs matching your qualifications. You can also sign up for their notification service which will inform you of all the new openings by email.

While applying be very careful that your resume is up to date and all previous relevant work and education details are included. Even though NASA accepts hard copies of resumes, it is best to apply using their USA JOBS website. You can create more than one resume to match each skill that you are good at, based on the requirements of the opening can choose the best resume to use while applying.

Keep checking on the status of your application

You can easily go back to the website to check the status of your application. It will also inform you on what stage your application is.It could be under review or could have been considered eligible, or you could have been selected for an interview or the opening could be filled or cancelled.

While working with NASA can be an enthralling experience these few quick tips are handy when it comes to achieving your goal of finding a job with this prestigious organisation. You may not achieve results easily, but hard work and dedication always pays and be sure that very soon your dream will also be fulfilled.Just be positive and don’t take your eyes off the target.

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