So you have successfully set up your company, and it is up and running. The company is still in its early stages of growth. You are deeply concerned with the need to carve out your company as a brand and so you go out of your way to find out the most successful and sure ways of building a brand. Being a young company, you want to minimize costs associated with developing a successful brand. What’s more challenging is understanding the brand building and management process.


building a brand

First Steps

Before implementing the $0 marketing strategies aimed at carving out your business as a brand, you need to learn a few tips that will help you to implement branding successfully for your business. You will need first to define your brand. You can only define your brand by reviewing the product or service that your company offers. Remember that the character of your brand should serve to promote your business while differentiating you in the market. What follows brand definition is uniqueness. As a small company, you are probably looking to emulate the most successful business in your line of operation. If you want to carve out your business successfully as a brand, you should avoid attempts to mimic the look of your competitors. Being unique will help your business leverage your status to attract customers who are usually in search of something that is authentic and also aligns with how they perceive themselves. Another tip crucial in building a successful brand name will be to think of your brand as a person. Just the same way that we as individuals have characters made up of beliefs, values, and purposes that define who we are and who we associate with, your company should also set itself apart that courtesy of how you choose to brand it on the same breath.


As a business owner looking to build a brand the smarter way, you need to be aware of some few concepts in branding. It will be important to understand how a brand name differs from a brand image. You should also be able to define what brand identity is. A brand name is a name that is assigned by a maker to a product or a range of products for example Coca Cola. A brand name is more or less the same as a trademark. A brand image is the impression of a particular product that is held by the existing customers of a business or even the prospective customers. A brand identity is how the company wants to be perceived by consumers. In order for you to successfully carve out your business as a successful brand, you will need to consider these three branding concepts when developing and implementing a branding strategy. Having demystified the different concepts in branding, the next step would be to adopt the successful marketing strategies which will ensure that you build your business into a brand.

You will need to develop a more personalized way of marketing. Yes, you need to get personal! The best marketing is more of brains than money. Do not start worrying about where and how you will get money to implement your marketing strategy successfully. Instead, think about who you are going to attract, the values that you are going to offer to prospective customers and how you can successfully put your product and/or service in the context of their life. This is just one of the sure ways of building a brand name with very little or no cash at all.

The use of top executives such as the founders and CEOs of the company is another marketing strategy that will build your business as a brand at no fee. Founders and CEOs are the faces of the company. Therefore as a company, you should shun the notion that implementation of marketing and branding strategies is the work of the sales and marketing team. If you want to build a brand without no cash at all, make use of your company’s top executives, period!

With the advent of social media, using it to build your business as a brand is another marketing and branding strategy that requires no cash. Furthermore, there is no need of setting up a marketing team as a single person can be in charge of managing the company’s social media pages. However, your social media pages need to be properly managed in a way that reinforces your brand’s name, image, and identity. Ensure the accounts you follow are those that influence your company in one way or another. For example, if your company deals in cosmetics, be sure to follow other companies operating in the same industry as that of your company, ladies who are interested in your products and those who are already your customers (that is if they have social media accounts). Engaging your existing customers and also potential customers on social media will surely build your company as a successful brand without you even needing to spend a single cent.


building a brand

These are just some of the sure ways in which you will be able to establish your company as a successful brand without having to spend cash. Remember that as your business grows, a time will come when you will need to hire a branding specialist the reason being that some brands can’t simply survive without an expert’s eye. But this should not be a cause for worry. Be proactive by getting ready for that time. You do not want a scenario where you will be caught flat-footed with no ideas to maintain your brand name. Moreover, another sure way of building and maintaining a successful brand is being ready to take up new roles that come with your business being recognized as a successful brand. For example, a company’s CEO and/or founders can take up the role of a publicist. Once in a while, they can tweet about a major issue affecting the industry in which the company operates; they can also compose posts that promote the company’s products and services. This leaves a lasting impression about the company in the minds of the existing and potential customers.

The bottom line therefore is, building a brand is not a complicated process as long as the company makes use of creative and more resourceful strategies and methods such as the ones discussed above.

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